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BM-B, Group-6: Aalok Sanghvi (B09062) | Abhishek Dassani (B09063) | Divya Agrawal (B09078) | Marshal Sonavane (B09089) | Megha Bhatia (B09090) XLRI, Jamshedpur


Table of Contents

Executive Summary




Market Analysis




Corporate Objectives


Divisional Objectives





SWOT analysis


Competitor analysis




HUL’s Fair and Lovely-Menz active


Category Factors-Porter’s five forces


Marketing Mix


Marketing Research




Strategy - Product


Strategy Marketing Programmes





Garnier plans to foray into the men cosmetic segment as if has huge untapped potential. The Launch of the “Garnier Men” range is a measure in this direction with the first product line as Garnier PowerLight. Garnier PowerLight aims at targeting the “fairness cream for men” segment by launching three products. India has been chosen at the launching ground for the product which shall later be expanded into the other countries. Thus a large onus for the success of the Garnier Men range falls on the performance and acceptance of the product in India. The company has clearly defined objectives which it intends to meet. It aims at establishing a strong foothold in the fairness- for- men market while being on a constant lookout for the new untapped markets. It wants to intensify company’s effort to develop products that women and men need and want for skincare. And also, the company aims at producing drive for increased margin through better products and necessary awareness.

The reason for our choosing this project lies in the fact that Garnier PowerLight, being in the nascent stage, offers a wide scope for analysis and strategy formulation. The success of this product will rely heavily on the socio-cultural norms and the consumer behavior for the kind of the product. So, while analyzing the existing market and existing environmental factors, the project work aims at addressing these two core issues. We have also tried to look in depth of these factors by conducting two surveys. This has helped us formulate effective strategies for the product.


L’ORÉAL is the global leader in cosmetics with 5 key expertises' in hair care, hair color, skin

care, make-up and fragrances. [1] Garnier is a mass market brand of L’Oreal (the world's largest

cosmetics) that produces hair care products, including the Fructis line, as well as skin care

products, notably the newer Nutritioniste line.

Garnier’s philosophy of taking care includes taking care of yourself, others and the world around

you. Continuing this philosophy, Garnier is launching Garnier MEN, a new range of products

designed specifically for men. Garnier Men will launch with the PowerLight range which offers

products enriched with brightening and anti- pigmenting ingredients providing natural energy for

male skin.

The three products under the PowerLight range are:


Garnier Powerlight Intensive Fairness Face Wash


Garnier PowerLight Intensive Fairness Moisturiser SPF 15


Garnier PowerLight Oil Control + Fairness Moisturiser


2.1 Market Size [2]

Moisturiser MARKET ANALYSIS 2.1 Market Size [ 2 ] The current market size of Men’s fairness

The current market size of Men’s fairness cream is 200 Crores. The early 2000s had witnessed an increased interest in personal grooming among men. According to a survey

carried out by Emami Industries in the early 2000s showed that 29% of the users of fairness creams were men [2] . The market shares of various companies which are in Men’s Fairness Cream Market are given below:

which are in Men’s Fairness Cream Market are given below: A distribution of contribution of various

A distribution of contribution of various parts of India is given below:

of contribution of various parts of India is given below: Growth The growth rate of cosmetics


The growth rate of cosmetics industry is seen to be 15% p.a. The fairness cream market is growing at the rate of 25% p.a. In India, Kerala has the highest growth rate of 40.67%. Gujarat and Bihar are the next two highest growing markets [3] .


Although the products can be used throughout, it can be predicted from the trend of revenue spent on advertisement of these products that the sales increase during summer.


Corporate objectives

To protect and improve Garnier’s position among top brands in Hair care and skin care.

Intensify company’s effort to develop products that women and men need and want for


Explore market for products specifically designed for fairness moisturiser.

Provide platform for company’s international market for men range in skin care.

To produce drive for increased margin through better products and necessary awareness.

Divisional objectives

Garnier Power Light Men’s range is a new entrant in the market of Men’s Fairness cream in

India. Few objectives that the company has for this range are:

The first objective of Garnier for this range is to develop a strong foothold in the existing

customer base of Men’s Fairness Cream Market.

Garnier is also targeting its existing male customer base of Hair Care Products.

Mostly, women buy such products for their male counterparts. Garnier would target its

loyal women product consumers to promote the men’s range.

The company is also on a lookout for the untapped potential markets in India.

Marketing objectives

1. Volume and profits

Loreal is aiming at following volume and profits ahead.

The company is looking for double digit sales growth again this year which it has been

achieving for last five years.

Achieve a net profit of more than 2 bn euro in fiscal year 2009.

L’oreal India is aiming to achieve about 40% sales growth.

The market of Men’s fairness cream in India is worth Rs. 200 Cr. The various companies already present in this market and their market shares are as follows: Fair and Lovely (53%), Fairever (12%), Emami and Nivea (5%), Fairglow (3.5%) and Himalaya Drug Company (2%). L’Oreal being a global giant has many advantages above the established companies. Garnier is known for delivering quality products and already has a brand image in India’s cosmetic market. Garnier Men is a quality product aimed only for men. It aims to build on the image of Garnier and create a pool of loyal customers. With the quality of the product and brand image of Garnier, Garnier Men aims to capture at least 5% of market share. In volume terms, the aim is to generate revenue of at least Rs. 10Cr. Garnier keeps a profit percentage of about 12-15 percent on its products. Thus, the speculated profit of this year is expected to be Rs. 1.3 Cr.

2. Time frame

L'Oréal's strategy is to evolve Garnier into a master brand, stretching across categories. Most

of the products are comparatively new and marketing strategy has been designed keeping small and medium timeframe in mind. Garnier Fructis has a medium timeframe strategy while hair care range has variety dealing with small timeframe strategy. Garnier men range has been a recent launch and expected to be a medium to long term timeframe strategy so as to come up with range of products for men starting with Powerlight.

3. Customer retention

Garnier Power Light Range in India has major competition from Emami, HLL and Nivea. On an average, Garnier invests about 12% of its total revenue in marketing in India. The same figure is 30% globally. The same marketing channels that Garnier has been using for its existing skin care products can be used for Garnier Men’s Power Light range. Also Garnier intends to increase the marketing expenditure ratio, thanks to the high competition in cosmetics industry. Market is shaping in such a fashion that it is imperative for all players to position their brand well. Garnier can do the following as a part of retaining its other customers for Power Light Range:

Flexible changes and innovations in product line to penetrate in different zones of market.

Effective advertising and promotional campaigns to create unique brand equity.












4. Intermediary retention The creative innovations and value offered by Garnier has proved effective in retaining the intermediaries in distribution channel. This relation also helps in easier negotiations with existing distributors. This is a huge benefit for Garnier’s Men Power Light range which is a new entrant. Garnier has a strong distribution network for its skin and hair care product range. The same channels are used for Power Light range. In March 2006, The Body Shop agreed to a £652.3 million takeover by L’Oreal which is the parent company of Garnier. The Body Shop, has 2,400 stores in 61 countries, and is the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world. This line is a strong distribution channel for Power Light range.


Garnier offers a number of hair and skin care product and Men range is the least venture. The uniqueness of the product is reasonable as this is for the first time Garnier is dealing with men’s skin care. Our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats) analysis is based upon the product Powerlight.

skin care. Our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats) analysis is based upon the product Powerlight.


Garnier faces competition from various competitors as mentioned below:

1. Other fairness cream companies

2. Skin Clinics

3. Ayurvedic Products

4. Homemade solutions (face packs)

The other fairness creams which are present in the market are as under:

1. Fair and Handsome - Emami

2. Nivea for Men

3. Fair Ever - Hindustan Lever Limited's (HLL)

4. Fair One - Shahnaaz Hussain (Elder Healthcare Ltd)

5. Kaya skin clinic

6. Products by international brands like Clarins and Shiseido.

7. Fair and Lovely Menz Active - Hindustan Lever Limited's (HLL)

8. Himalaya Ayurvedic Fairness Cream

We would analyze Emami and HUL which are leaders in the market. Emami Brand performance Emami, being the first mover or rather Pioneer in the Men’s Fairness cream category is the biggest competitor of Garnier Power Light range. Emami Ltd, the flagship company of the Rs 2000 Crore Emami Group, is a leading player in the personal and healthcare consumer products industry in India [4] . Currently Emami’s Fair and Handsome is the biggest player in the market of Men’s Fairness cream in India. Emami was the pioneer in the Men’s Fairness cream market. In fact, Emami single handed created the market in India. Company Performance

The financial figures for Emami for the financial year 2007-08 are (in Rs.) Net sales: 58,371 lakhs Gross profit: 10,493 lakhs Net Income: 9,275 lakhs

Emami like Garnier has a very strong R&D infrastructure. Innovation is Emami’s principle driver so the company continues to strengthen its R&D Infrastructure.

Also Being an Indian Company and a long presence in the market is an advantage for Emami. Emami has always given importance to maintaining good relationship with customer.

Emami being an Indian brand has an upper hand in terms of marketing in India. Emami’s marketing strategy includes Sponsoring popular TV shows like Mission Ustaad on 9X. Also, during the promotion of Fair and Handsome Emami went to over 100 colleges across the country, where it brought in dermatologists to explain its benefits. This shows the company has being innovative and aggressive in its marketing. Also it has huge resources at its disposal for marketing.

Emami has a Debt-to-Equity ratio of 0.13 which means that if need arises there is sufficient scope for leverage. The company also has a healthy interest cover ratio of 7.29 which means its operations are capable of taking on more debt in the future if the need arises. Hence any rise in expenses, be it for promotion or further development of the product will be possible for Emami to handle. Distribution Channels Emami covers all the states with 28 depots across India and enjoys a wide distribution network comprising distributors and a direct coverage of outlets [5] . To felicitate this distribution strength, Emami has 1200+ strong and motivated Sales Force including both direct & indirect manpower operating in the market. The Company widened its coverage through direct distributors, increased distributor strength to 2,700, sub-distributors to around 200 and van routes to around 450, resulting in a direct outlet coverage of 4,00,000 outlets. With the change of scenario in retail market the Company has drawn an extensive coverage plan for targeting customers in modern format outlets effectively selling in the market directly or through exclusive distributors. A specialized Sales Force has also been developed to service these ever growing Modern Retail outlets. By 2008 the Company was covering over 4000+ key accounts and expected to double the sales in 200809. HUL FAIR AND LOVELY Company Performance Financial figures for financial year 08 - 09 Net Sales: Rs.1647675 lakhs

Gross Profit: Rs. 239606 lakhs Net Profit: Rs. 211550 lakhs

Fair & Lovely (for women) was launched in 1978. Since then it has launched several products The Company is known for innovation in new products and continuous improvisation of the existing ones. This has been possible because of its well structured R&D department [6] .

HUL from the beginning has been delivering Quality service to its consumers. Over the years, it has internalized processes and systems which have helped the company achieve higher customer satisfaction levels.

It has developed customer management and supply chain capabilities for partnering emerging self-service stores and supermarkets.

The company already has all the resources which are required for marketing a Fairness Cream. The strategies might be different but the means and channels used will be the same.

HUL is a huge company with large reserves and Surplus of around Rs. 1843.52 crores at the end of financial year 2008 - 09. Hence it can finance new projects on a large scale. Its R&D infrastructure is well developed. Brand performance

Fair and Lovely Menz Active was launched in October

Indian Men’s Fairness Cream market after Emami. Fair and Lovely Men’s Active is scientifically tailored for men’s skin So now the product has to focus on attracting new customers. The market of Men’s Fairness Cream in India is now a 4 year old market. But there’s still a huge untapped potential. Hence HUL has to follow the policy of “Market Penetration” for this product. Distribution Channels HUL is using the point of purchase method for much higher level of direct contact, through in store facilitators, sampling, education and experience. It has developed customer management and supply chain capabilities for partnering emerging self-service stores and supermarkets. 2,000 suppliers and 7,500 distributors serve HLL’s 100 factories which are decentralized across 2 million square miles of territory. Also HUL is expanding its so-called go to market (GTM) initiative, which was first launched successfully in Mumbai, in an attempt to revamp its national distribution network and streamline its supply chain.

It was the second entrant in the






As the product is new and is also a late mover, it needs to indulge in research so as to create a niche for itself in the market. The research shall target various aspects of business. The company is already into intensive Research and Development. This includes the adoption of Bio Screening, a molecule screening method used in the pharmaceutical industry. Garnier employs 3,000 multi-disciplinary scientists & research staff to keep itself updated and abreast in the technological domain. Apart from the technological innovation drive, the company is also undertaking research to expand the market size, to know consumer behaviours, to analyze consumer demands and hence to formulate long term strategies.

We have worked through following steps for marketing research process.

Step-1: Define the problem and Research objective Fairness cream concept for men is relatively new. Also historically men are thought to be averse of beauty consciousness. From the product perspective, impact Garnier brand name and price range also needs to be identified. So, research aims at addressing mainly these two issues:


Identifying Socio Cultural factors for Men’s fairness cream


Impact of price range and brand name on the purchase of Men’s fairness cream

Step-2: Develop the research plan As a part of this step, we went through some similar data sources available for fairness cream product. We decided to opt for primary data sources as such a data source will add more sense to achievement of objectives. Due to time constraint, we selected online survey as the research approach. Please refer to Exhibit-1 and Exhibit-3 which provide questionnaires. Thus, we opted for following under this step:


Secondary Data Sources


Research approach: Customer surveys


Research instrument: Online Questionnaires

Step-3: Data collection Data collection was an easy job thanks to technological advancement. Table below provides a superficial overview of sample space available. Total of 66 people have responded to survey and

male being more than female has helped us leading to proper conclusions. Exhaustive list of data is not provided here but can be interpreted with the help of Exhibit-2 and Exhibit-4.

Sample space: Gender

No. Of respondents





Step-4: Analyze data Please refer to Exhibit-2 and Exhibit-4 which provide comprehensive analysis of collected data in graphical format. Both the exhibits provide analysis on socio cultural factors and product consumer behaviour respectively.

Step-5: Present the findings Analysis of data has provided us an insight of the issues we plan to address. We would like to come up with below findings as a result of our Marketing research activity.

Remarkable percentage of people does not believe in ideology of “Tall, dark and handsome” for men. This suggests potential market for Men’s fairness cream.

High amount of sample space disagree that fairness cream can be harmful to one’s skin and that provides an acceptability assurance to our kind of product.

Male still do not prefer using fairness cream as much as women do. Company can thus work on creating more awareness in male about the benefits of using fairness cream.

Price is an important factor while purchasing fairness cream to about 40% of people. Garnier can revisit price structure in order to deal with this.

Majority of sample space tend to brand loyal in case of purchasing fairness cream and this can be a big advantage for Garnier PowerLight range.

Step-6: Make the decision We do not possess the power to make decisions based on our findings. So we have provided suggested future strategies for Garnier Men powerlight range in one of the sections of our report labelled as Futures Strategies.


Part of the L’Oréal Group’s strategic plan is the marketing of their products worldwide. From the bloom of L’Oréal during its primary stage, the Company already catered to the demands of women worldwide and now men as well. In line with this, they are also well aware of the diversities of women around the world. Part of this strategy is to formulate products that suit other women from other parts of the world.

Through research and development of their products, the L’Oréal group has already covered most parts of the globe and still got high approval ratings from their clients. PowerLight is one more addition to the group and unique in its own way. First moisturizing fairness cream for men and launched in India, has been planned to move worldwide soon.

Customer Targets

The current target market for the fairness cream is about 1000 Crores consists of women

and men between the ages of fifteen to forty-five. The target market for men in India is about 250 Crores and is rapidly increasing. With Garnier Men range PowerLight, the customer target group is men between the ages of eighteen and forty.

Garnier Powerlight range also includes Fairness face wash and oil control moisturizer. Customer target group for these products also range in same age group.

Product is slightly expensive and is targeting men with monthly income above 20,000.

Competitor Targets

1. HLL Fair and Lovely Menz Active [6]

The cost of HLL’s Fair and Lovely Menz Active is Rs. 60 for 50gm. The targeted group market across competitors is also men aging between twenty and forty. The significant difference in price suggests that the company is heading towards appealing middle class and rural population.

2. Emami Fair and Handsome [4]

Emami has historically invested in mass appeal value-for-money products catering to the growing needs of customers in the middle and bottom end of the consumption pyramid. Emami Fair and Handsome is currently available in 30 ml for Rs 35. Capturing rural market has been their top priority from the beginning.

Product / Service features Garnier Men is a specific skincare range tailor-made for men with:

• The proven power of ingredients of natural origin

• Fresh and light formulae adapted to men’s skin

• The proven power of ingredients of natural origin

• Products tested and proven on Indian men

Core Strategy

I. Value Proposition: Garnier offers high benefits to its customers in return for their

associated payment. The products under the Garnier Powerlight range complement each other and provide better results when used together. Apart from this the other values offered are:

Use of natural ingredients [8] which do not have any ill-effect on the skin.

Garnier is an international brand and this adds to the value proposition.

It offers complete skin care.

Garnier is a brand that is young and edgy, emitting positive energy.

PowerLight has also got SPF15. It protects the skin when one goes out in the sun and prevents dullness of skin.

It has been categorized for different skin types (normal/oily skin types).

II. Product Positioning: In the cosmetics industry, positioning is basically carried out

through Advertisements. Garnier makes sure that their ads convey the below mentioned values (Quality, Technology) of the product. The company is spending heavily on endorsing the PowerLight range. The company’s main challenge is to get more and more people to try the product as this is a relatively new market. For this reason the company has roped in John Abraham as the brand ambassador [9] .

Garnier is a brand that has always been known for its Quality products. Garnier aspires to be a leader in Quality. In accordance to this philosophy, Garnier Men PowerLight has been focusing to establish itself as the Quality Leader in the market.

Garnier Men PowerLight uses contemporary technology (natural ingredients) to ensure best return on value to its customer. Hence it is working to be perceived as a forerunner in the technological domain.

The Company on the whole is works towards establishing good customer relations.

Strategy Marketing Programmes

a. Integrated Marketing Communication Programmes:

Loreal has been implementing integrated marketing communications process for majority of its products via a variety of disciplines like general advertising, direct response, sales promotion and public relations. Garnier men’s range being a new project does not carry many integrated marketing communication processes. Following is the analysis of current processes and suggested future strategies for integrated marketing communication processes.

Current Strategies

Carrying a new campaign for the launch of a new product. Garnier has aggressively

Launched its new campaign for men’s range and its first product range, Powerlight.

Bollywood actor John Abraham is the brand ambassador for television marketing in

India [9] . This strategy is appreciable as john is identified with youth and confidence.

Sales promotion has been a part of strategy as well. Powerlight sachet has been

distributed with a copy of a particular magazine in certain southern states of India.

Suggested Future Strategies

Garnier Men’s range should plan to sponsor some beauty pageant events for men likeMr. India for better public relations.

Garnier men’s range should launch its own website keeping videos of product so customer awareness as well as advertising revenues increases.

Measuring direct response for higher product awareness and getting feedback for further improvements in products in line for Men’s range.

b. Pricing Strategy: Garnier Men Power Light Range is a new line of products and

b. Pricing Strategy:

Garnier Men Power Light Range is a new line of products and hence Garnier recently worked on

its pricing strategy. Garnier had to decide where to position this new product on quality and



Selecting the Pricing Objective: Garnier had to decide where it wanted to position this

range. The clearer a firm’s objective, the easier ir is to set price. Garnier’s main objective is

Product Quality Leadership – L’Oreal aims to be the product – quality leader in the

market. It strives to make Garnier an “Affordable Luxury”, which would be characterized by

high quality, taste and status with a price just high enough not to be out of consumer’s reach [9] .

Thus, Garnier has positioned itself as a leader in quality, with a premium pricing and a very loyal

customer base. The new Garnier Men Power Light Range was priced on the same lines.


Determining Demand: The product is a new entrant and hence no clear information

about the demand is pre-available. The surveys have been conducted to get an insight into the

consumer choices and purchase patterns.

3. Estimating Costs: Garnier has been in the business of Fairness Cream for a long time.

Hence the new Men’s Range has not proved to be very expensive for Garnier. The major ingredients in the cream would be the same as that of its Female counterpart. Also the Garnier already has a very strong Distribution channel in India. These are basically the fixed costs of the company. The only major area of expenditure (variable cost) is the marketing and advertising of the product.

4. Analyzing Competitors’ Costs, Prices and Offers: The major competitors of Garnier in

Men’s Fairness market are HUL’s Fair and Lovely Menz Active and Emami’s Fair and Handsome. Both these companies target the rural and the low income groups. Hence their prices are relatively lower as compared to Garnier. These are those companies’ policies and Garnier cannot do much about it. Garnier just claims to offer high quality.

5. Selecting a Pricing Method: Garnier adopts the Perceived value Pricing Method

wherein the product is based on customer’s perceived value. Perceived value is made up of several elements such as the buyer’s image of the product performance, the channel deliverables, the warranty, quality, customer support, and softer attributes such as the supplier’s reputation, trust worthiness and esteem. Companies must deliver the value promised, and the customer must perceive this value. Garnier is a well established brand in India as well as the world. It has always been associated with high quality. Hence Garnier can afford to go for this method. Customers always perceive Garnier’s products with high value. Hence they would be ready to pay more.

6. Selecting the Final Price: The pricing method adopted by Garnier narrowed the range

from which the company selected the final price of the product. Garnier also took into account other factors like company pricing policy (premium range), other marketing activities, gain and risk sharing pricing. Finally Garnier decided on the following price for its products [10] .

Channel Strategy L’Oreal and Garnier are found in all distribution channels, from hair salons and

Channel Strategy L’Oreal and Garnier are found in all distribution channels, from hair salons and perfumeries to

hyper - and supermarkets, health/beauty outlets, pharmacies and direct mail. Garnier has

developed massive sampling and street smart initiatives involving direct contact with customers

in all countries. Garnier has a website which is presented like a real

house where you can visit each room and/or personally experiment with one of the Garnier sub-

brands. The branded house has constructed a virtual house in which all the brands in the family

in the brands in the family are brought together with a view to offering an intense produce

experience. Garnier’s (male and female) customers enter via the Garnier Hall from where they

can go to the Beauty Lounge, Style Room, Tonic Area or Game Zone and try out their future

looks, carry out personalized diagnostic tests or simply experiment and develop their customer

loyalty. Loreal has many self service or specialist stores and it adapts its policies according to the

decision making process of the consumers or the distribution channels.

Customer Management Strategy:

Garnier has worked profusely for the formulation of an effective customer management strategy.

The important aspects of customer management are:


Customer Expectations: L’Oreal and Garnier promise high quality to its customers. So

Garnier Men Power Light range is also a high quality product which would deliver

maximum benefits to its users.


Service Quality Management: L’Oreal and Garnier India have a strong distribution

channel and a large sales force which works to make Garnier products a memorable

experience for the consumer. Body Shop acquired by L’Oreal helps the customers in

choosing the right product for their skin [7] . This would ensure satisfactory service quality