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Jana Cantos EDEL 453 Professor Powell February 10, 2014

Discussion Question #1: Getting to Know You

1. What do you think of when you hear the words "social studies"?

When I hear the words social studies I think of history and the community. I think about the holidays and the community workers, and the communities we live in. 2. Describe your elementary school.

I went to George E. Harris Elementary School located on the east side of Las Vegas. When I went to the school it was amazing. The Principal ran the school like a private school. There wasnt a GATE program or AT program, as it was called back then. The entire school was expected to perform at top levels. Im not sure how many classes per grade level we had or even how many students were in each class. The area was predominately middle class at the time, and most students came from two parent middle class homes. 3. What do you remember from your elementary school social studies experiences?

In elementary school I remember doing a LOT of work out of textbooks, the end of chapter questions and teacher created questions that we had to use the book to find the answers. I remember going on the same field trip every year. We always went to Anderson Dairy. I also remember doing a project on giraffes and one on a desert plant that flowered. I mainly remember these because my mom still has them. They contain a cover (illustrated by me with construction paper), table of contents, the report and a bibliography. 4. Share a little about yourself.

I could go on and on about all of my experiences I have had, as I believe it is the little things that make the biggest impact, but I can honestly say that it was my amazing mother that makes me the wonderful person I am today. She was a single mother that raised four successful girls. She instilled amazing values and good morals in us all. I believe that my moms example made me the person I am today. 5. What do you want to learn or improve in this class?

I would like to be able to not only teach social studies effectively to my students, but I would like to learn how to teach them in a fun way. Learn a way to teach the students so that they will learn and absorb the information.