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Lesson Plan* rd Class / hour / period: 3 hour Spanish 3_Unit:_La casa Language Learning Objectives

1) SWBAT demonstrate oral classroom language by acting out movements of vocabulary words and drawing pictures during the listening activity in the correct place. 2) SWBAT to demonstrate understanding of written classroom language by interpreting the reading chunks about Frida Kahlo and writing their opinion during the Blue House activity using "la casa" vocabulary words. 3) SWBAT to express their opinions by writing about their favorite place in Frida Kahlo's Blue House and why using vocabulary and subjunctive grammar.

Cultural Objectives
1) SWBAT compare what they used to think about Frida Kahlo and her blue house from a surface perspective to what they have learned about her from the reading and taking a virtual tour of her house to arrive at deeper level of understanding. 2) SWBAT to compare their idea of items/ rooms in a house should look like with the Frida Kahlo's Blue House's examples to give them an authentic way to visualize vocabulary in context to promote retention of vocabulary words. 3) SWBAT practice authentic Spanish language through singing the song and have a musical context to remember vocabulary and grammar points that coincide with previously learned and current unit topics.

MiWL Standards 1) 1.2.M.R.a Demonstrate understanding of written

classroom language in the target language on familiar topics

Previous Learning
1. House vocabulary, subjunctive, impersonal expressions to set off the subjunctive. 2. The class has designated movements for specific vocabulary words that they all know and have practice together previously. 3. Students have learned some background information about Frida Kahlo in Spanish

2) 1.2.N.L.a Demonstrate understanding of oral classroom

language in the target language including directions, commands, and requests

3) 1.1.M.SL.f Share a detailed description of places and

things beyond their immediate environment or in the target culture 4) 1.1.A.RW.d Share in writing a detailed description and analysis of physical appearance, character, and personality traits of historical figures and characters in literature, TV, film, and the arts in the target culture

Activity 1 / Warm - Up Materials / resources needed 1. Vocabulary words written up on board 2. Song- Ojal que llueva caf por Juan Luis Guerra Procedure: 1. Words are written on the board of vocabulary that students have previously created movements for as a class. 2. Teacher will ask students to close their eyes, repeat the vocabulary word she says, and do the motion while saying the word.(TPR) 3. Teacher does this for 10 words. 4. Teacher plays the song. 5. Teacher checks in homework during the song. 6. Teacher awards the class a point if class sings, if they have not sang, no point is earned. Formative assessments 1. Whole group - Teacher will see active involvement of students doing correct movements of vocabulary words. 2. Whole group - Teacher watches to ensure that all students are singing. If they do not earn enough points within 10 days, a song quiz will be given. Activity 1 Materials / resources needed 1. Casa Loca sheets Procedure: 1. Teacher introduces the activity thats called La Casa Loca.

Lesson Plan* - Teacher has a student read directions aloud. - Students are going to receive a piece of paper with a floor plan with different rooms of a house. -Students have a house with certain rooms labeled. The teacher will read some statements that the students will have to draw into their houses. She will read her sentences aloud and students will have to draw what she says. -For example: The teacher might say that the sink is in the bathroom. The students would then draw a sink in the bathroom. The teacher is not grading on artistic ability, but what the students are drawing. Students will be turning this in. 2. The teacher then reads the statements aloud, giving students time to draw each, and repeating the sentences as necessary. 3. After finishing the sentences, teacher draws an empty house on the board and asks for volunteers to draw the objects from the sentences that she read aloud. 4. Teacher goes over the different places and objects located in the house. 5. Collects sheets Formative assessments 1. Individual - Teacher will collect sheets and grade the placement of students' drawings. 2. Whole group - House drawn up on the board, various volunteers drawing placement of objects Activity 2 Materials / resources needed 1. House Layout sheets 2. Projector for Frida Kahlo picture 3. 3-2-1 Bridge Sheet 4. Computer Lab for virtual tour 5. Previously shared Google document with students with Blue House Virtual Tour link

1. Teacher then presents a picture of Frida Kahlo in front of her blue house and passes out the papers "3-2-1 Bridge". 2. Teacher asks students to write in Spanish, 3 words about what they see, 2 questions and 1 metaphors or simile. 3. Teacher asks for volunteers to share some aloud. 4. Teacher counts students off in 6's and explains that they will be doing a reading in groups. They should try to translate their paragraphs and be prepared to share aloud with the class after 10 minutes. 5. After 10, teacher brings groups back together to share responses 6. Teacher explains class is going to computer lab to take a virtual tour of Frida Kahlo's blue house. They are to explore the house and on a separate sheet of paper, they should write down all the vocabulary words that they see, including the room names. They should then choose their favorite room and in Spanish explain why in a few sentences using subjunctive and vocabulary. 7. Once they have fully toured the house, they should go back to the 3-2-1 bridge to complete the second box with new Spanish words, questions and metaphors/similes. They also should complete the bottom part about "how their thinking has changed" about Frida Kahlo in English. 8. Students finish this sheet for homework. Formative assessments 1. Students present their interpretations about the Frida Kahlo reading. 2. Teacher collects papers of students' exploration of the blue house where they wrote down their vocabulary and which room was their favorite and why. 3. 3-2-1 Bridge sheet explains how their thinking has changed. Summative assessments
Final House project where they will design a house with two mismatched celebrities, and take on the role of real estate agent, using the subjunctive to persuade someone to buy the house.

Homework & Extensions 1. Finish the 3-2-1 Bridge Sheet