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Scene Scene Soene Scene Scene Scene Scene Scene Soene Soene Scene Soene Scene Scene ‘TIME: il: ar 3: 4 5: 6: 8 10: i: 12: 13: i4: SYNOPSIS OF SCENES Shortly before end after World War I. ACT _ONE Fanny's Dressing Room New Amsterdam Theatre Backstage - Keeney's Music Hall In Front of Keeney's Music Hall Backyard - Fanny's Neighborhood On stage - Keeney's Musio Hall Backstage and Chorus Dressing Roon Mrs. Bricets Kitchen Backstage ~ The New York Theatre On stage - The New York Theatre In Front of Follies Curtain Henry Street Interior of Mrs. Brice's Saloon A Private Dining Room - Baltimore Baltimore Railroad Terminal Scene Scene Soene Soene Soene Soene Soene Scene Scene i: 2: By at 5: rT 8: 9: SYNOPSIS OF SCENES - (Cont'd) AGT Two The Arnstein Long Island Mansion Mrs. Brice's Saloon Backstage - New Amsterdam Theatre (Ciroa 1920) Onstage ~ New Amsterdam Theatre Fanny's Dressing Room Study - The Arnstein House Backstage ~ The New Amsterdam Theatre Onstage = The New Amsterdam Theatre Fanny's Dressing Room The New Amsterdam Theatre “FUMNY GIRL" is based on incidents in the life of Fanny Brice shortly before and after World War I. The action takes place in various theatres, onstage and backstage, on liew York's lower East Side, in Balvimore, and on Long Island. MUSICAL NUMBERS AGT ONE seseeees Orchastra Orchestra Mrs, Brice & Mrs, Strakosh Mrs, Strakosh, Brice, Meeker and O'Malley Eddie, Heokie - chorus (2 Workmen, Gard Players, Keeney Group) 1. Overture..eseseeeee 2, Opening Act One.... 3. Poker Chant No. 1..... a If A Girl Isn't Pretty . 5. I'm the Greatest Star. + -Famy 5A, Change Of Scene.... Orchestra 5B. Reprise: I'm The rea te: + a oeee Foamy -Bddie (Whistles) 6. Eddie's Fifth Encore.. 6A, Chaser - ....... 7. Cornet Mans..... TA. Comet Man Chaser 111! 8. Nicky Arnstein No. 1.. 9, Change Of Scene...... 10. Who Taught Her Everything OA. Change Of Scene....s..+++ 10B, End Of Scene 8 ... 11. His Love Makes Me Tenor Solo & Chorus & Fanny 11A. Change Of Scene........+. Orchestra 12, I Want To Be Seen With You Tonight.....Nick & Fanny 13. Nicky Arnstein No, 2....+.++..Fanny 14. Henry Streets.... 1.006 ++.Chorus 4A, Musio Under Dialogue... Orchestra 15. People seseseseeerenre Fanny 15A. Poker Chant No, 2.. Mrs, Brice & Mrs. Strakosh 16, End Of Scene 12. ++,Orehestra 17. Incidental...... ++-Orchestra 18. You Are Woman, I”Am Man... Nick and Fanny 18A, Change Of Scens...... Orchestra 19, Dontt Rain On My Parade. Fanny Orchestra Fanny ' Chorus (Dancers) Orchestra Panny Orchestra Eddie and Mrs, Brice Orohestra Orches tra