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Monday 3/31/14 7th Grade Science Objective: Students will gain more experience identifying the various types

of rocks, by examining samples of metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks and recording their observations in the table. I Can: tell the difference between a rock and a mineral. Thought to Ponder: Why do hot dogs come in packs of 10 but their buns come in packs of 8? Leadership thought of the day: You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading today. Abraham Lincoln Warm-Up: Look at this Rock (Show picture of rock) Describe the color, grain size (can you see the grains? Are they individual or are they blended?) layers, crystals, and anything else you observe. Instruction: *As students walk in the grab the rock table observation sheet and glue it into their science notebooks. Now that we have learned a bit more about the types of rocks we are going to look at these rocks again to see the differences between the three types more clearly. When we look at the rocks we are going to be looking for the same features that we talked about in the warm-up. (Go over the table with the students so they know what they are looking for). Pass out groups of rocks- each table will have one of the three types of rock. You will be given ten minutes with each group of rocks. Feel free to talk to your partners about what you are observing. We will talk about what you saw at the end of the period. Questions for Discussion: What did you notice about sedimentary rocks? How are those rocks different from igneous or metamorphic? What are the grain sizes like for(Sedimentary, Igneous, & Metamorphic)? Why do these rocks look different? What features helped you distinguish between the rocks? How does this help you tell the difference between a rock and a mineral?