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Read the article about young people in Nazi Germany






Produce a transcript of a conversation between a teenager now and a teenager in Nazi Germany explaining what their life is like.

Decipher the crack the code activity outlining what life was like for teenagers in Nazi Germany.

Categorise the effects of Nazi groups for young people on the four dimensions of wellbeing.

List the negative and positive impact Nazi Policy had on teenagers wellbeing

Demonstrate your understanding of the similarities and differences between life now for teenagers and life for them in Nazi Germany. To do this you can write an interview transcript, essay or a series of diary entries. Create three tasks in which you can measure how suitable a Compare and contrast the young man would be for the Hitgroups people belonged to in ler Youth. You should include Nazi Germany with activities that one physical challenge, one menNZ teenagers do today. tal and a code breaking activity. Investigate the role of the media in Nazi Germany and society today. Choose three activities teenagers took part in in Nazi Germany. Survey the class on how often they take part in these activities. Create a graph with the results. Create a brochure that outlines both the negative and positive impact of Nazi Policy on the four dimensions of wellbeing.



Research three forms of entertainment that existed for teenagers in Nazi Germany. Draw three examples of entertainment that is popular with teenagers today but wasnt around in Nazi Germany.

Investigate the short and long term consequences of Nazi Policy on teenagers in Nazi Germany.


Create a poster that advertises the changes that the Nazi Party made to the school curriculum. Complete three tasks teenagers were expected to be able to complete in Nazi Germany

Create a graphic novel outlining THREE issues facing teenagers today and what steps teenagers can take to overcome these issues. Include all four dimensions of well being.


Create a play or puppet show about the similarities and differences between your life and life for a teenager in Nazi Germany. Explain what types of music teenagers listened to in Nazi Germany and how and why this has changed over time?


How did teenagers access music in Nazi Germany compared with how music is accessed today.

Explain how music was used to enhance social wellbeing in Nazi Germany.

Write a song or rap about the similarities and differences between your life and life for a teenager in Nazi Germany.



Why were the Jews persecuted in Nazi Germany.

Write and illustrate your own Nazi Children's Story. Remember it needs to have a moral.

Evaluate the impact role models had on teenagers in Nazi Germany compared with now. Create diagram that evaluates both the positive and negative impacts on the wellbeing of teenagers in New Zealand and Nazi Germany

Rank what do you think were the most destructive policies of the Nazi Party on the wellbeing of people


Imagine that you just found out that the New Zealand government was using propaganda and censorship to get only their opinions across to the public. Explain three strategies or actions you would take on this issue and why. Write a advertisement for a job outdoors in either Nazi Germany or NZ. In the ad explain how the job will have a positive effect on the four dimensions of wellbeing.


Investigate and draw a picture of a teenager in their natural habitat now in NZ and in Nazi Germany.

Write down the four dimension of Hauora.

Create a comic strip that outlines how the activities that you take part in affect the four dimensions of your wellbeing.

Spiritual wellbeing is about beliefs, values, morals. What impact does being forced to do something you dont want to do have on peoples wellbeing.