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Kiana Dabay ESL Block 4 March 11, 2014

Macbeth Mood Analysis (Draft 1)

In Act I, scene VII, Macbeth talks to himself but probably his conscience is listening to him. The context of the situation is that Duncan had arrived in Macbeths castle. Lady Macbeth had an excellent idea to take a risk to kill Duncan so that Macbeth could be the next king. Also knowing that the prophecy could come true, from the witches. In lines 8 through 29, Macbeth was confused about whether he should kill Duncan or not. Also Macbeth think of something that if he kill Duncan then it might happen to him too. Only his ambition to be a king could make him kill Duncan. The audience can infer that Macbeth is not murderous at all, but Macbeths selfish ambition pushes him to do things he doesnt want to do. In line 28 Macbeth says, but only vaulting ambition, which oerleaps itself and falls on th other. This shows that only ambitions could push someone like him to do things that they dont want to do just to get what they want. Act 1, scene 7 shows that Macbeth is a confused and an ambitious man.

In Act II, scene III, Lennox describes the night as chaotic. The context of this scene is that Duncan just died. Before we analyze this part of the text, we need to know that Lady Macbeth called for the bad spirits to support her to kill Duncan so that he would be the king. The night before this scene Duncan visited Macbeths castle, then the murder happened. Shakespeare made Lennox say that, People are saying they heard cries of grief. Lennox also says, Strange screams of death and terrible voice predicting catastrophes. The words cries of grief and screams of death make the audience feel fearful because it is uncommon to hear cries of grief and scream of death during at night, especially if many people from different houses heard it.

This description gives the scene a fearful mood. This mood is important for the play because all the good times might be over and now people of Scotland might have a dark future.

In Act V, scene I, Doctor describes the night as mysterious. The context of this scene is that Lady Macbeth was confessing about what she and Macbeth have done during her sleepwalking. Before we analyze this part of the text , we need to know that Lady Macbeth smear the blood in the guards faces the night Duncan was killed. He says, I have known people who sleepwalked and werent guilty of anything. He also says, People with guilty and deranged minds will confess their secrets to their pillows as they sleep. The words guilty and sleepwalked make the audience feel dread because something might happen to Lady Macbeth such as loss of sense, getting killed by someone or even killing herself. This description gives the scene a curious mood. This mood is important for the play because since Duncan was killed Macduff had been curious about Macbeth about the murder and that in this scene Lady Macbeth confess about what they have done.