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Pamela Maat STUDENT TEACHING GRADE: A COMMENTS: It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Brittany Bootka. Brittany completed her student teaching for learning disabilities at Pine Creek Elementary, a part of the West Ottawa school district in Holland, Michigan. Brittany had experience working with students that are ESL, AI, CI, LD, OHI and TBI. Brittany is a sensitive, friendly person. She demonstrated competence in her ability to teach in an elementary resource program that included push-in support in the general education classroom. Professional Dispositions and Teacher as a Person: Brittany demonstrated maturity and responsibility. She was both dependable and confident in carrying out all responsibilities placed upon her. Brittany evidenced initiative and was a strong team participant with her staff. She evidences a passion for special education and learning in general. Effective Communicator and Collaborator: Brittany is approachable and communicates a strong desire to improve and reach her potential as a beginning teacher. She listened and reflected on input received from both her supervising teacher and me, and worked on strategies to increase her effectiveness. Her interactions with staff, parents and students are professional, yet pleasant. She evidenced genuine care and concern for her students. Curriculum Developer: Brittanys responsibilities were with both push-in support in the General Education classroom and working with pull-out groups. Brittany demonstrated the ability to design plans with her general education partners. She was thorough in her planning and chose activities that motivated her students. Her students were eager to work with her. Problem Solver and Decision Maker: Brittany evidenced growth in her ability to manage students. She will continue to develop increased behavior management skills with experience. When students exhibited challenges to her, Brittany implemented techniques to address the challenge. Brittany is respectful towards her students and requires respect from her students. She understands the importance of her role as mentor and teacher in the lives of her students. Overall: Brittany is a hard worker; she is very organized and determined. She developed a strong working relationship with her mentor teacher, the school staff in general and with me. Brittany has grown in her confidence throughout this placement. She will be a valuable asset to her future teaching staff and to the teaching profession. I confidently recommend Brittany Bootka to the teaching profession. Signed: Pamela Maat Title: College Coordinator Date: December 23, 2013

In accord with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, this form is considered part of an open file and hence is accessible to the student.