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Classroom Management Plan 1.

Creating a Safe Learning Environment To create a positive learning environment I feel that I would use Skinners behavior modification as well as Kounins discipline and lesson management theory. By combining these two theories I will be able to encourage my student by providing positive feedback and hold the students accountable for their own actions when they misbehave.

2. Behavior Rules Class rules -Respect other students opinions and personal space -You can do anything you want as long as it does not cause a problem for someone else -Listen to all instructions -Participate in all activities -Have fun Consequences -Student will remain with teacher throughout class period -Teacher will verbally warn student -Student will have one on one talk after class with teacher -Note home to students parents -Student, teacher, and administration meeting about behavior Good behavior -line leader -pick activity at end of month for reward day -letter home to parents Conflict Resolution -before bring the problem to the teacher you must always express your emotions and why or how someone or something is bothering you

3. Motivation In order to keep my students motivated and engaged I feel the first thing I must present in my teaching is a positive and energetic personality every day. By doing this I hope to show my students how fun the different activities can be and teach them to remain active throughout their lives. By also providing appropriate feed back during activities I will motivate my students to continue to work hard and improve in their skills.

4. Group Activity Expectations When it comes to selecting groups in class the most important thing is to make it a smooth and fast transition into the next activity. By wasting time on picking partners or small groups you are taking time away from keeping the students active and can cause students to become unfocused and off task. When my students enter for class they will always have a certain line or spot that they will sit or stand on to begin class. From there, they will do a warm up or I will select a way to split them into groups. If an activity only requires two teams the easiest way would be for the students to pick a partner and then split the partners up. For different activities a variety of ways can be used as long as it can be done fast and try to have the teams remain fair. While the students work in groups I expect them to work together as a team to complete the task set in front of them. Even though I might as assign a leader I would still expect the entire group to work together and contribute their own ideas to complete a task.

5. Non instructional Methods When entering the gym I will have assigned spots for every student to sit, most likely on a certain set of lines on the floor. Having them go to the same spot every day will also allow me to take attendance quickly and easily. As soon as the students enter they will know to right to their spot and start some kind of warm up that we do every day or one specific to that days lesson. When leaving the students will always line up in the same spot near the door before the classroom teacher or myself leads them out. To start and stop class I feel that I have a loud enough voice to say freeze or go, however because I will be talking so much though out the day and some days I might be sick a whistle will become my best friend. I will instruct the students that when I blow the whistle they are to stop what they are doing and listen to me for further instructions. In order to remain active in physical education allowing students to leave and get a drink must be done on a limited base. For certain higher energy activities students will need to get a drink but it should always be supervised by myself to make sure that it is done quickly and no horse play happens near the drinking fountain.

6. Equipment use If equipment is ever available for specific activities I feel that it should always be used as long as it is safe and practicable for that age group. However if Im going to use some bigger equipment that has to be set out before class starts I must always be aware to put it away from where I have my students start class and remind them as they enter to not play on it so they dont get hurt. When putting thing away at the end I will always have students help pick up cones or polly spots and other small things but for bigger and heavier equipment I will put it away myself or pick a responsible student to help me if it is too heavy and I know they will be able to without hurting themselves. If I find something that is broken I should never use it in a lesson to keep my students safe from injury and always repot it to the correct administration to try and have it fixed or replace as soon as possible.

7. Safety In the case of a tornado and my class is inside the building we will immediately line up at the door and leave the gym to the assigned safe area. This will most likely be the locker room, bathroom, or a hallway depending on what is closest. Once there, I will take attendance to make sure all of my students are present. If my class is outside and a tornado warning or watch occurs I will immediately try to get my class back inside and to the nearest safe zone. However if we are unable to get to the school in time I will instruct my students to remain calm and take them to the lowest lying area to remain safe, I will also call the appropriate administration or 911 to let them know where we are located. For a fire inside I will lead my students out the designated entrance or the fastest and safest exit of the school. If we are outside for a fire though I will lead my students away from the fire in the safest way possible. For a serious injury in my class I will instruct a responsible student to go to the office regardless of if we are inside or outside and treat the injury to the best of my ability using first aid or CPR until a more qualified person, such as an EMT arrives.

8. Communication with Parents In order to inform parents on their childs progress in my class I will send home not only letters in cases of severer misbehavior but also for good behavior or vast improvement in an area they might have struggled in the past. I will also provide information about what we will be doing though out the year in the monthly school news letter.

Reflection I feel that after finishing my classroom management plan I have a pretty good understanding of what I will have to do in order to run and affective classroom. I feel that by positioning myself with theories and practices that fit my personality best I will be more successful when teaching and allow my students to feed off my positive energy. I decided to use a variety of very general and basic rules for my class room that allows the students to remain active and have fun well also remaining safe and accountable for their own actions when they do misbehave. I also decided to remain active in the disciplinary process until it does go to an administration official well still taking steps to try and solve any problems before they get to that stage. Also when I am using cues and instructional material I decided to keep it very general and common to what other teachers use, I feel this helps keep familiarity for the students and they will always know what to do when I ask them. Safety and equipment use I feel are also very general and will be followed by every teacher very similar. Many times in these situations the school district will already have set guidelines that all teachers will have to follow to remain safe however refreshing them every year is a great way to practice so you are always ready for an emergency. Finally communication with parents is a great for new teachers to the district to start a relationship with the community. This will help in the long run with discipline as well allowing the parents and teachers to work together for students that might misbehave.