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Class: French 3 Instructor: M.Wood Textbook: Discovering French Nouveau!

Rouge 3 Week: 23 Day: B Duration: 45 minutes Learners will be able to: -maintain appropriate control of conversation -function according to context w/ prior knowledge -improve listening skills and flow of conversation They need: -to recognize tu vs vous -information on verbal cues in conversation as well as body language -practice natural speech -ensure understanding w/ pronunciation+grammar Duration: Time: 10:00 8:288:38 9:219:31 11:5612:06

Objectives/Functions: -recognize and integrate necessary forms of politesse -demonstrate proper use of vocabulary with feeling -respond accordingly to inquiry/argument/other conversation

They know: This lesson intends to create as much of a natural and authentic communicative situation as possible among the various members of the simulated community. Students will pull on their own experiences to create a logical interaction between players, and then linguistically it will be necessary for them to observe appropriate register, use pertinent vocabulary, maintain a conversation in the necessary tenses and resolve their issue. Activities, Procedures, and Outcomes:

1. Opening exercise: une conversation normale (students watch an episode of Un Gars, Une Fille--once theyve gotten past just how fast their speech is, they can try listening for those little conversational extras that will help if they need to stall or enhance the flavor of their conversation) **Handout with examples: Euh Bof Ben alors tu vois? 2. Brainstorm/Map and Record Partner Dialogue (pairs will be created at random and students instructed to create a logical scenario between their characters; dialogue will last 1 minute *approx. 12 sentences* in order to mirror natural progression for AP-level performance; partner pairs will match up with neighboring group to video record and email to teacher; nothing should be written ahead of timeonly brainstorming) **Ppt with exhaustive list of possibilities for interpersonal interaction: complaint, how-to, planning trip, first date, etc...


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3. Group analysis (taking a good look at the rubric together, teacher will first ask students what they believe I am looking for--typical mistakes, for examplethen we watch together and offer feedback) HMWK: none


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Materials/Technology needed:
-teacher laptop+Smarboard for YouTube video, Ppt and show -handouts: conversation helpers, project rubric -student characters on index cards to draw from hat -pencil+paper for conversation outline -(optional) cell phones for recording purposes

Rationale/Alternatives: After having attended the AP Institute this past summer, I would really like to increase the amount of focus we put on building up to AP-level performance in the lower levels. I have created a vertical table to show just where a Level 3 student should be in interpersonal conversation, and 1 minute or 12 sentences seemed accurate. I appreciated feedback from colleagues about not making this a memorization drill but allowing a little more freedom and room for improvisation. I think the students will benefit from a little pressure knowing their video will be shown and offering constructive criticism. If the video recording aspect seems as though it will be too difficult or less convenient, they can have the same prep time limit but use the Group Analysis time to perform live.