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FoodStock 2014 Sponsorship Opportunities -To Entertain, Educate, and Nourish Hays CountyAbout FoodStock

The mission of FoodStock is to entertain, educate and nourish the people of Hays County through world-class performances, generous food and monetary donations, as well as educational programs to enrich our community. Working side by side with the Hays County Food Bank, a 501(c)3 organization, festival prots benet those in need of assistance throughout Hays County. Now entering its third year, FoodStock is a series of free concerts beneting the Hays County Food Bank. With each event we create an opportunity for your business and others in our community to have a real impact by providing a free and wholly unique forum for music, art and public outreach. FoodStock delivers an eclectic combination of incredible musicianship and hospitality in the distinctly beautiful setting of the Courthouse lawn at the center of the San Marcos Plaza. This wonderful location affords us a space for deep interaction between artists, businesses, volunteers, other non-prots and the community. Please join us as we grow these efforts.

In 2012, according to the Hays Consolidated Independent School District Nutrition Department, 52% of children qualify for free or reduced price breakfasts and lunches. More specically, in Hays County 24,000 people are food insecure to date. Food and funds donated directly help local families in various states of need ranging from lay offs to those on a xed income. The need for community action has been growing throughout recent years. In the last ve years alone, we have seen a 44% increase in the number of times people receive food. In 2007, the Food Bank distributed food to individuals an average of 6,943 times per month. By 2011, the average had climbed to 10,919 times per month.

Our Impact
As stated above festival prots benet those in need of assistance throughout Hays County and are presented to The Hays County Food Bank. FoodStock would love to have you be a part of our team. By sponsoring you're not only further developing a diverse audience for your brand but also providing an extremely important role in our event. By reaching out through your booth, be it selling your wares or advertising yourself, we are creating stronger ties between the community and the local businesses and artisans that make Hays County such a unique place to call home.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsor packages allow your business to participate in an exciting array of social and performance events with a wide variety of options to increase brand visibility along with other promotional opportunities before, during and after Foodstock. Customized sponsorships beyond those listed below are available, as well as unique yearly opportunities. Whether you are looking for a unique way to increase brand awareness, a perfect spot to launch your new offering, or a interactive promotional opportunity, Foodstock can help you reach your goals in an effective manner. Furthermore, as a direct afliate with a 501(c)3, FoodStock is an excellent way to simultaneously get a great return on your investment, give back to your community, all while receiving tax benets.

Sponsorship Packages
Appetizer $250-$500 ! ! ! ! ! ! a. Announcements from stage by Master of Ceremonies throughout event b. 10x10 space w/ table for on-site advertising, product sampling, demonstration or sales. Requires white tent. c. Media/Advertising ! ! Access to FoodStock fans via Facebook, Twitter and other social ! networking outlets such as e-newsletters, blogs and email campaigns

Brunch (5 spots available) $501-$1000 In addition to everything in the Appetizer level, the Brunch level will also include marketing exposure in all Foodstock print media. ! Print Advertising in the University Star, the San Marcos Daily Record, the ! ! Community Impact Newspaper, and more Entree (3 spots available) $1500 In addition to receiving everything in the previous levels , this level will also include banner placement at the event near the main stage. The Kings Feast (Presenting Sponsorship ) $2500 In addition to receiving all the onsite and print advertising we can offer, this sponsor will be honored with their company name listed as presenting sponsors on stage to our event on all advertising and media. Additional Participation Opportunities Booths- 10x10 space with table (must supply white tent and chairs) ! $75 - Basic Booth ! $50 - Non-Prot Booth w/ sales ! ! *there will be no charge for a Non-Prot Booth w/o sales Volunteering- Foodstocks success hinges on community involvement. There are many ways to be involved ranging from individual volunteer efforts including planning before, helping with the show and contests go on during and getting ready for our next FoodStock after. There are also opportunities for entire businesses with the Can-Do Food Drive and the Salsa Competition. Become a part of our community efforts to help everyone be on even footing in the food department. Volunteer Contact: Jenny Leidecker -