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AL DIMEOLA Q guide to Chords, Scales, & Aroeggios by AL DIMEOLA & BOB ASLANIAN ter: Classes « AL DL MEOLA a Qquide to Chords, Scales, & Aroeggios by AL DIMEOLA & BOB ASLANIAN Produced by JOHN CERULLO Cover Art and Design by J.J. FLANNERY Type Ecliting by CAROL FLANNERY All musical excerpts are Copyright by D) Meola Music. Inc, All Rights Reserved. Any use of this material without the permission of DI MEOLA MUSIC, INC. or 24st CENTURY MUSIC PRODUCTIONS, INC. is a violation of Copyright laws Book Copyright 1985 by 24st CENTURY MUSIC PRODUCTIONS, INC. P.O. BOx 1816, Wayne, NJ 07470 Distriouted by HAL LEONARD PUBLISHING CORPORATION BOB ASLANIAN Bob Astanian has been playing guitar professionally for thirty years. He has spent good part of that time teaching the guitar, as well as playing in big bands, small combos, and presently in solo per formance. He has recorded two record albums and has worked fre- quently as a studio musician. He is now living in New Jersey, playing and teaching the guitar. AL DI MEOLA Al arrived as a powerful and influential force in music on his own terms, playing a brand of music that cannot be categorized. This blend includes elements of rock, jazz, Classical, and Latin rhythms woven into beautiful melodies played on acoustic and electric in- struments. His early training with jozz guitarist Bob Astanian emphasized reading, picking technique, and technical proficiency, as well as the ability to appreciate and play many types of music. Since that time, Al has had a most successful career. Besides his continuing success as one of the worlds greatest solo artists, Al has played with some of today’s most talented musicians. From’his early days with Barry Miles and Chick Corea’s Retum To Forever, to his most recent work with the Trio of John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia, and himself, Al is still growing as an artist. His recent work on solo acoustic guitar is proof of that, He owes much of his past and present success to his taking the time and effort to develop a good base of musical knowledge and theory. Al has said, “by not developing good musical and technical proficiency, a ‘guitarist is not giving himself the chance to become tne best that he or she can be. So it is my hope that people will Use this book that Bob Aslanian and myself have developed as a tool that will give a person the chance to become a good musician. All one needs fo do is work hard.”