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Pandora’s Apartheid Box

By Mike Smith

Compiled by the Author of

by the Author of Part 1 - Time to open Pandora’s Apartheid Box When we

Part 1 - Time to open Pandora’s Apartheid Box

When we were children, we could never understand what the church minister meant when he said that all sins are sins and all sins are equally bad. It did not make sense to us, because telling a lie is not as bad

as murdering someone

or is it?

Personally I believe that lying is far more dangerous than murder. Lying can kill entire civilizations.

You see


is an art. There are many facets to it, but basically successful lying works like this:

You start with a massive lie. Some idiots will believe it, some will be mildly skeptic and a few intelligent ones will dismiss it as hogwash. Then you tone the lie down a bit, and those mildly skeptic ones becomes believers and the few intelligent ones who thought they knew the truth start doubting themselves and think, “OK, some of it might be true, but it is mostly bullshit”.

And so it carries on


tone the lie down a little bit more until everyone accepts it as the truth.

See, people do not believe lies, because they have to, but because they want to

then there are statistics


then there is the truth. And that is what I profess to.

But there are lies and

And so the lie of Apartheid and everything about it was started as a massive lie until Apartheid was accepted as a crime against humanity on the 30th of November 1973.




a g e

Was it a Crime? A Crime against humanity? Or was it the fairest system ever created for multicultural societies?

These are the questions I want to explore in a series of articles.

“Why”, you ask?

This so called “Crime of Apartheid” is a demon released from Pandora‟s Box. It has far reaching consequences that were previously not considered. It has consequences and it is making people


nations are currently biting their nails


from international corporations, international church organizations to sovereign

What is the motivation to open Pandora‟s Box? Does common sense not tell you to rather keep it shut? Do you really want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? When it comes to “The Crime of Apartheid”, the only motivation is GREED. So who are these greedy people brave enough to open Pandora‟s Apartheid Box? They are called

Khulumani means “To speak out” in the Zulu Language.

So let us speak out. Let us not hold back anymore. Let us not pay 20,000 blacks R30,000 “restitution for suffering under Apartheid” like the ANC did after the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission”).

To understand it better I have to take you back a while to when us whites willingly handed power over to the Blacks in 1994

We thought we had an honest deal. The deal was actually simple. We wanted the international community to lift all economic and sport sanctions against us so we could play Rugby and take part in the Olympics. In exchange we asked the ANC to stop planting bombs in shopping centres and landmines on farm roads, we told the international community that we were willing to bury the hatchet with the ANC, provided they do the same.

We wanted to bury Apartheid and build a fantastic country all working together to make the country even stronger than what it was. We thought it was achievable, because we always got on well with our Black domestics in our homes or our black colleagues at work.

We knew nothing about the communist agitations happening in the townships. Most of us were political dunces at the time. Our political beliefs were very liberal after we left (brainwashing) school and entered the realm of Liberal activist student politics.

The reality was that when we buried the hatchet, the ANC continued the struggle. They have not at the

time, neither now achieved their ultimate goal, which is a total communist South Africa continue the struggle until there is not a single white person left in South Africa.

and therefore will

How did I realize that the ANC was continuing the struggle?

I saw it with the TRC, I saw it with the introduction of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. I saw that the ANC was not willing to let it all go. They were not interested in burying the hatchet. The ANC was not interested in “A better life for all”.

The ANC was only interested in making as much money for themselves and screw the rest of all South Africans, Black or White.

The ANC equals Greed. Nothing will ever be enough. You cannot bargain or deal with them because they will take everything you put on the table and demand more. It is futile to deal with these Marxist terrorists. Dealing with them will mean you will lose everything you have and they will not give up a single thing they have. You will keep on giving until you have nothing more to give, at which point you become expendable. That is when they will kill you. We as ordinary whites in South Africa are fast approaching that stage.

Along came the TRC who paid blacks in South Africa R30.000 each for their bullshit stories about how Apartheid oppressed them. The oppression and benefits will be dealt with in another article, but as far as I am concerned, when someone offers me R30,000 then I can also suck a brilliant story of oppression out of my thumb.

Make the sum people. R30,000 paid out to about 20 thousand black??? R600,million

is that enough?

So to take stock; we thought it was enough to hand over our country that we built with our money and our expertise. We thought it was enough to give them a first world country with a nuclear and space program. We identified every single black who supposedly suffered under Apartheid, we believed all their lies all 20,000 who came forward, we paid them restitution of R30,000 each

But let me tell you, it was not enough. It will never be enough with these Marxist terrorist scum. No, they

want blood. They want us to pay in blood


the very last drop


on that later.

They have started a court case in the USA against international companies who benefited from Apartheid. They name Land Rover (Leyland) and Mercedes who supplied vehicles to patrol the townships, they mention Oil companies such as Royal Dutch Shell who ironically donated their headquarters in SA to the ANC that is now called Luthuli House. They name Barclays Bank who withdrew from SA and at the same time changed their name to First National Bank and continued to fund the ANC. These same ANC scum now turns against their international masters and demands restitution

But what about countries that supported the previous National Party? We immediately think of Taiwan and Israel? Surely if you can claim restitution from international corporations who supported Apartheid then you can also claim restitution from countries that supported the Apartheid government at the time. See, what I mean about opening Pandora‟s Apartheid Box? The ANC should have left sleeping dogs lying, but no, greed has no brakes

So let us see where this journey takes us. Let us see how deep the rabbit hole goes. At the end of this series you will see that we never had any friends, nobody had any friends. Nobody is friends currently and nobody will ever be friends with anybody. Everybody lies about everyone else.

The biggest lie is the one that everyone believes about Apartheid.

These scavengers are all in it for the money and the power.

It is a dog eat dog world out there my friends, and we as White South Africans chose to be the EPOL biscuits.

Part 2 - What ―diversity‖ means in South Africa

Nobody can understand Apartheid unless they understand the diversity of the people of South Africa.

Let us start with the whites.

In South Africa there are several groups of whites. The two main groups are the Afrikaans speaking and the English speaking ones.

The Afrikaners are the descendants from mainly Dutch, Flemish, French, German and some other Western European backgrounds. The Afrikaners have a unique culture, their own language and they are mostly protestant.

The English speaking whites of South Africa are from mostly British background. They are made up of

English, Scots, Welsh and Irish descendants

English speaking Whites of South Africa can today not be referred to as British anymore. Very few hold British passports. They developed a unique accent and culture in South Africa and are fully South African today. Their forefathers came to South Africa long before there were any Whites in Australia or New Zealand.


well as a large contingent of ex Rhodesians. These

South Africa also has other large white communities such as the Portuguese (300,000), the Greek (+/- 100,000) and the Jewish communities (70,000). They all have their own religions and cultures. The Portuguese are mostly Catholic, the Greeks are orthodox Christians and the Jews are mostly orthodox Jewish.

Further, South Africa has a Chinese population who arrived around 1870 to work in the gold mines until Chinese immigration was stopped by an exclusion act in 1904. The South African Chinese community is about 300,000 strong.

The Cape coloureds are also diverse and complex from a wide variety of backgrounds. Today there are the two main groups, Christians and Muslims. There are about 4 million coloureds in total.

It is commonly understood by most foreigners and also amongst many South Africans, that the coloureds are a mixture of Black and White ancestors. This is false. The coloureds as a group existed long before the Whites saw any Blacks for the first time around 1770 in the Eastern Cape about 1000km from Cape Town. This was 120 years after the Dutch settled at the Cape (1652).

The indigenous people of the Cape were the Khoi Khoi(Hottentots). They were almost 90%annihilated by a smallpox epidemic at the Cape (1703).

The Dutch also imported artisans such as bricklayers, carpenters, etc from Malaysia and Indonesia. These were the Muslims or Cape Malay people. The KhoiKhoi and the Cape Malay also intermarried and interbred. A small percentage of Whites also married coloureds, but it was actually very rare. A large amount of the passing sailors frequented coloured prostitutes. Today the Cape Coloured features vary from dark brown to almost White or yellow and their hair vary from peppercorn curly to straight black. Some have KhoiKhoi features and some Arabic or Malaysian. Today the Muslim and Christian coloureds have distinct and different cultures. Some speak a dialect of Afrikaans and some English.

In Natal we find most of South Africa‟s Indian population. They total about one million and are descendants of indentured labourers (for the sugar cane plantations) and traders from India and Sri Lanka. They speak mostly English, but many still speak Tamil, Hindi or Urdu. Their religion is mostly Hindu but many are Muslim. So far I have not even started with the blacks yet.

Most foreigners believe that South Africa has one group of Blacks that speak one language and have one culture. Nothing could be further from the truth.

South Africa‟s Black population is not homogenous. There are several different tribes who all speak different languages and who have distinct and hugely different cultures.

There are main tribes such as the Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Venda, Ndebele, Sotho, Swazi and the Shangaan/Tsonga people. But it does not stop there, because these main tribes consist of smaller tribes. For instance the Xhosas are made up of Mpondo, Fingo, Thembu, Bhaca, Nhlangwini and Xesibe tribes. The Sothos are made up of North Sotho (Bapedi) and South Sotho (Basotho) tribes. The Tswanas are only a part of the main tribe known as the West Sotho. Other tribes that make up the West Sotho are the Kwena, Kgatla, Tlhaping, Tlharo, Rolong and Ngwato.

The Venda tribe is made up of mainly the Mphephu and the Lemba, but in total the Vavenda can be bordered off into 27 clearly distinguishable tribes.

The Zulus are made up of about 200 smaller tribes

The Swazis are made up from the Nkosi, Shongwe, Khumalo and Hhlatyawako tribes. The Northern Sothos are made up from the Pedi, Koni, Phalaborwa, Lobedu and Kutswe tribes

And so I can go on

innumerable dialects.


in all South Africa has nine official Black languages, with 23 sub categories and

Yes, these different tribes of South Africa all have different languages, cultures and belief systems. The Vendas for instance have a special affinity to crocodiles. The Zulus consider themselves as a warrior tribe and they do not circumcise their boys when they are initiated into manhood, they have to kill a bull with their bare hands. The Xhosas on the other hand do circumcise their boys and therefore Xhosas consider Zulus as mere boys regardless of their age.

When a Xhosa and a Zulu work together and they have words, the Xhosa will first and always accuse a Zulu of being a boy, thus not a man.

Another remarkable piece of information that very few people know about is that the Lemba people who form part of the Venda tribe are JEWISH.

No. They did not convert to Judaism after meeting some Jewish immigrants to South Africa. President Kruger found them already with their Jewish belief system going back more than two thousand years. They migrated from the Kenya or Ethiopian regions. South Africa‟s black Jews

I hope that the reader can see that South Africa is a palette of people, cultures and religions, but also note that I started with the white people who were leading in the atomic age into Africa and I ended with

Blacks who are for all intents and purposes still nomadic Negro tribes stuck in the stone-age.

With this background, is it really so unimaginable and difficult to understand that the way of “Separate development” (Apartheid) was the best and fairest solution for the problems of South Africa?

Part 3 - The violent nature of Blacks: The first rationale for Apartheid

Many white South Africans feel guilty about Apartheid, they feel as if they actually did something evil or bad, but that is totally wrong.

Ex president De Klerk apologised for Apartheid and so did the Dutch Reform Church Dominee, Swanepoel who also started pulling out his intestines about Apartheid and apologised on behalf of the entire church without any mandate from anyone of the congregation. Ds Swanepoel se derm uitgery oor Apartheid

So when such “leaders” tell us how wrong we were, then we tend to believe them. But let us look at the truth.

Anyone who knows the history of South Africa will know that nobody suffered more on the soil of South Africa, no one has bled as much as the Afrikaners and their descendants, the Boers. The Whites of South Africa and specifically the Afrikaners have nothing to be sorry for. In fact the Blacks owe them a tremendous gratitude and a gigantic apology for the way they treated Whites in the last 350 years.

The Afrikaners have a song that is taught to all Afrikaans kids from the crib and that every Afrikaner today knows. The name of this song is called, “Siembamba”. The lyrics are so heavy that I almost do not want to repeat it here. But it goes like this,

“Siembamba, mama se kindjie, Siembamba, mama se kindjie --draai sy nek om, gooi hom in die sloot; trap op sy kop dan is hy dood.”

For our international readers I will freely translate and then explain.

“Siembamba, mommy‟s little child, Siembamba, mommy‟s little child, --Wring his neck, throw him in the ditch, Step on his head, then he is dead…”

Believe it or not…this is a song Afrikaans people sing to their children while rocking them to sleep!

It records the brutality of the Xhosas who would indiscriminately kill white women and white babies during the nine Kaffir wars. Black men are mostly cowards who are only brave when in packs. They actually seldom engage in head on confrontation with White men. When they attack it is always in groups, while people are asleep. Their preferred targets are the elderly, women and children.

A common myth amongst foreigners and South Africans alike is that they think that before the White man

came to Africa, Blacks lived in peace and harmony with nature and with each other.

This harmony with nature is not entirely wrong. It is the perception of “In harmony with nature” that is misunderstood.

People want to believe that nature is pure and good and that the lion lies with the lamb, but reality is far removed from that. When one sees how hyenas tear a live animal apart, how a praying mantis bites the head off her mate after copulation how the Streptococcus bacteria can destroy human flesh, one is left with a feeling that nature can be very cruel.

Nature amongst African blacks have always been very cruel. Blacks who supposedly lived in tune with nature were regularly eaten by lions, crocodiles, bitten by snakes, stung by scorpions and their numbers controlled by insects like the mosquito (Malaria) or the Tsetse fly(sleeping sickness). Yellow fever and Cholera were other forms of nature to control the numbers of Blacks

But it has to be said that before the white people came to Africa, the most effective way Blacks controlled

their own populations were with genocidal tribal wars

and cannibalism.

Let me point out some of the psyche of the Blacks in order to try and understand their petty jealousy and envy.

Amongst the Black communities it is not allowed for individuals to show ingenuity or individualistic prosperity. The moment one Black person starts to rise a little above the others, he will be the first one to be hammered down by the community like a nail in a wooden floor. Those who do prosper are ostracised by their black tribes and it will be said of them that they are not real blacks and that they are whites with a black skin

That mentality still persists to this day, but this petty envy is accompanied with an inbred, inextinguishable, brutality that the whites of Africa came face to face with and learned about the hard way.

Ever since the white man set foot on South African soil, he has been shocked and horrified at the brutality of the blacks. No matter how much the whites wanted to believe in the “equality of man”, they were sadly confronted only with the brutality and reality of Stone Age savages.

Blacks of central Africa sold other blacks they had conquered into slavery to Arabs, other black tribes and also to whites. The moment one tribe had a bit more than the others, they would be prone to a nocturnal raid by neighbouring tribes who would kill all the men, rape the women and children, steal the cattle and incorporate the women and children into their own tribes.

Tribes who were not strong enough would flee the area. In sub Saharan Africa it meant that nobody wanted to flee north, because they knew it was a desert where they could not survive. So the only way was to flee south. The weakest of the weakest tribes were right in the front, followed by a slightly stronger tribe, followed by ever increasing stronger tribes further north, driving the weaker ones south.

Roundabout the same time that whites first settled in South Africa, black tribes first entered South Africa. They were contemporary settlers of the area now known as South Africa. In some areas whites were the first and in others, blacks were the first.

Blacks moving South and Whites moving north looking for better grazing for their cattle eventually met at

the Fish and the Kei rivers around 1770

the Cape of Good Hope in 1652. To put it into perspective, it was about the same time as New York was

founded in the USA.


120 years after the Whites first (permanently) settled at

Who were these Blacks they met at the Fish River? They were the Xhosa. The Xhosa were fleeing from

the Zulus who murdered them en masse. Even until today the word or name “Xhosa” in Zulu is synonymous with the word “coward”.

The animosity between the Xhosas and the Zulus goes back hundreds of years. Mandela and Mbeki, the two previous presidents were both Xhosas, but the current president, Jacob Zuma, is a Zulu. Zulus and Xhosas hate each other more than they hate whites and that says a lot.

But why do the other Blacks of South Africa hate the Zulus? It goes back to “King” Shaka. Note I put

“King” in inverted commas. Blacks can never be kings of any kind first be a MAN.


one can be a King; one should

Shaka was a sadistic psychopath who committed genocide on a larger scale than Rwanda has ever seen. The Zulus wiped out entire tribes, entire cultures in what is today known as the Mfecane or Dfecane (Annihilation). Shaka‟s terror was so great that Mzilikazi, the chief of the Matabeles fled BACK



the direction where Zimbabwe is today.

Amongst all this chaos arrived the White man in the region of the Xhosas. They fought nine “Wars” against the Xhosa between 1811 and 1879. The Frontier Wars, Kaffir wars or Xhosa wars

Everytime, the wars were about Xhosas stealing cattle and other livestock, burning down homesteads, killing not only white farmer families in the most horrific torturing ways, but also the coloureds who worked for the whites.

It was at the time of the sixth Kaffir war that Piet Retief decided to trek with the other Voortrekkers.

Piet Retief and his party thought they could negotiate and buy land from the Zulus, but they were massacred on a hill at the kraal of the Zulu King, Dingaan, when they respected the wishes of Dingaan to leave their weapons outside.

Every man and boy - around 100 in total were clubbed to death. Retief was the last to be killed, so as to witness the death of his comrades.

Dingaan then ordered all Voortrekker laagers to be attacked along the Bushman‟s River. An orgy of violence started. Families were camped at Bloukrans, Dorinkop, Moordspruit, etc. Cowardly blacks would attack them during the middle of the night, killing everyone in the most horrific ways. Women were brutally gang raped and pregnant women were cut open, their babies killed in front of them while they still lived. Small children and babies were picked up by their feet and their heads smashed against the sides of the wagons.

Among the Voortrekkers, 41 men, 56 women and 185 children were killed. In addition another 250 or 252 Khoikhoi and Basuto that accompanied the Voortrekkers were killed. A girl called Johanna van der Merwe (12 years old at the time) sustained 21 assegai wounds, but managed to survive.

The Voortrekkers built the town Weenen (meaning wailing) at the site.

Throughout the following decades up until the present day the whites of South have experienced this petty envy and brutality at the hands of blacks. Examples are legion. Boers retaliated at

Makapansgat where blacks savagely murdered whites in the most horrific ways. Hermanus Potgieter was tied down to a rock bed and skinned alive like an animal while still conscious. He died while the blacks ripped his organs out.

More recently, we saw the brutal black on black murders with the necklace method . We saw blacks storming into white churches with AK 47‟s and hand grenades, opening fire on the unarmed congregation such as at the St James Church massacre. We have seen everything from brutal Muti murders to the evil torture preceding the brutal killings of White farmers and their family members in Rhodesia, Namibia and also in South Africa, most of the time nothing stolen. More than 3000 White farmers and family members murdered to date since the ANC took over in 1994.

It is necessary to reiterate that this violent nature of blacks are not directed at whites only, so the black behaviour apologetics who claim that this behaviour is retribution for wrongs committed by whites against blacks, have no leg to stand on, because most often than not this black violent nature is directed at their own kind as we have seen with Shaka‟s defecane, Muti murders and necklacing.

No, this brutality, this murderous, stealing and other anti-social behaviour of Blacks could never and can never be reconciled with the behaviour of the deeply religious and pious Boers of South Africa.

This violent behaviour of blacks was one of the rationales for Apartheid. The other was cultural differences. More on that in the next edition. For now it is important to realise that whites in South Africa never wanted to rule blacks. Whites wanted to separate from blacks and stay as far away from blacks as possible.

Part 4 - Black culture and customs: Second Rationale for Apartheid

- Black culture and customs: Second Rationale for Apartheid I find it rather amusing that the

I find it rather amusing that the cultural relativists wants to tell us that all cultures are equal and that no culture is better or higher than another, but these same primitive cultures they want to make equal to our White Western culture, rejects the notion of equality outright.

In South Africa we observe this amongst blacks on a daily basis. Again the examples are legion, but let us start with the way the African black treats his women. I said women (plural), because Black men are polygamous. They can marry as many women as they can afford.

When a black man walks down the street, his wife is lucky if he allows her to walk five paces behind him. Most of the time he tells her to go walk on the other side of the street and a few paces behind him. You see this all the time in South Africa, but we who grew up in South Africa just accept it as “it is just the way blacks are”.

Although black women can vote in official government elections, on a tribal level they have no political say and are not allowed to even sit amongst men least raise an opinion.

I said that a black can have as many wives as he can afford. That does not mean that he has to work and look after his wives. Quite the contrary. Traditionally the women do all the work in black culture.

Black men buy their women and pays for them in cows in a system known as “Lobola”. It starts with five cows and then the two families barter a price. The price is dependent on her social status, whether she is still a virgin or already has a child, what education she has, etc. The daughter of a chief is worth around twenty cows, but normally the price is kept down to between five and ten cows for ordinary women.

Once married the woman is chattel and becomes the possession of the man, to breed and beat as he feels fit. The Xhosas practice what is called, uKetwala (the hunting down of a young girl and raping her to make her his wife)

Missionaries from Europe have tried to convert the Blacks to Christianity ever since the whites first set foot on African soil. These missionaries came across savages who believed in the powers of their dead ancestors, rather than that of a deity. Just about all civilisations had deities of some sort, but it was absent amongst blacks in South Africa. Believing in an almighty God and abstract thoughts such as time infinity takes intelligence that blacks lack.

These missionaries saw the results of intonjane (female initiation) and ukwaluka (boy‟s circumcision and initiation into manhood) where some boys were lucky to live after their penises fell off due to gangrene, etc. They saw the licentious behaviour and customs of the blacks, but none of their efforts could ever win the blacks over.

They struck up compromises in the hope to later convert the blacks, but even after their best attempts the best they achieved was that blacks accepted Christianity as an addition to their tribal religions and beliefs, not as a replacement. Blacks continue to practice their traditional beliefs in parallel with Christianity up until this very day.

The bible says in Mathew 7 verse 6:

“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

In Mathew 13, Jesus said to plant the seeds on fertile soil only, because the rest will only produce thorns and weeds.

But let us explore the weed and thorn infested soil of African customs.

To us whites the initiation rites of blacks are horrific and barbaric practices that are still practiced to this very day. No Xhosa will ever be accepted as a man if he as a last resort to save his life, went to a western hospital during the circumcision period.

The Zulus initiation into manhood is called ukeshwama. A group of boys have to kill a bull with their bare hands. They pull out his tongue, stuff dirt down his throat, squeeze his testicles till it burst and then finally wring his neck by gripping the horns until his neck snaps. They also have to tear meat from the carcass with their bare hands and eat it raw. This is all in the name of “Culture”.

But the most horrific practice amongst blacks in South Africa and Africa in general has to be “Muti- murders”.

One just has to make an internet search or a search on a news site like IOL for “Muti-murders” to be shaken to the core at the brutality of the black man. Muti means “medicine”. It is made from plants or animal organs, but the most powerful muti is made from human body parts, harvested while the person is still alive.

Everything from sexual organs to hands, lips, ears and other organs are cut from victims of all ages while they are still alive, including young children and babies. Some will say that these are a few dissident Sangomas (traditional healers) who practice “muti-murders”, but the shear amount of these killings tells us that there are huge markets of believers amongst the black communities which drive these killings.

Blacks further believe in the “Tokoloshe”, a hairy goblin-like creature with a huge penis, who is sent by the Sangoma to attack them if they have done something wrong. One can literally write volumes on the evil practices and beliefs of black South Africans.

In more modern times new “cultural beliefs” of blacks have emerged that shows their primitive mindset that no amount of education or conversion to Christianity has been able to change.

Blacks believe that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. This has resulted in horrific rapes of babies as young as six months.

Black men rape lesbians, to “correct” them. It is called by the media, “corrective rapes”.

How can any cultural relativist ever be able to convince us that these practices, customs and cultures are the same as ours?

The problem is that people who do not know Africa, or more specific, South Africa, will never believe anything I wrote above, yet it is all true and only a fraction of the truth about the blacks of South Africa. The information is today freely available on the internet and in books.

Cultural relativists should first go and try to preach their “equality” and “relativism” to the blacks of Africa, before they try to convince others of it. The whites of South Africa learned the hard way from observing the black man in his natural habitat over

hundreds of years since they first settled on South African soil in 1652.

Despite all this evil, never, not once, did it cross the minds of the Whites to annihilate and obliterate the entire black populations of South Africa, although they had every reason to do so. The whites were too pious and despite all the evils committed against them during the nine Kaffir wars, at Bloukrans, at Bloodriver, at Makapansgat, etc, still believed in “Peaceful co-existence” with Blacks.

The whites acknowledged the nature of Blacks, with all their evil customs, cultures and superstitious beliefs. The whites did not want to change any of it like the missionaries attempted (and failed) to do. No, they just wanted to separate themselves from such evil as far as possible.

In the end the piousness of whites would mean their downfall. What they should have done was to extinguish this evil.

Part 5 - Black cognitive ability: Third Rationale for Apartheid

Long before studies like “The Bell Curve” or “Race and Reason” were published, before IQ tests were invented, we whites of Africa knew the mind of the black man intimately.

Nobody had to prove anything to us. We knew the limitations of the African black and his capacity to break whatever he touches. We knew his strengths and his weaknesses. From simple, obvious and uncomplicated examples, the white man drew his conclusions about black‟s cognitive abilities.

The white man noticed that the blacks from South Africa never invented the wheel. Blacks never had any written languages. They had no dug-out canoes, let alone ships. Their dwellings were nothing but single roomed shelters that resembled poor imitations of inverted bird‟s nests, made from sticks and grass. They had no woven cloth and were wearing animal skins. They had no maps and no borders. They had a primitive belief system and their tribal laws were held and changed by “elders” at will after drinking their tribal beer/brew.

They were nomadic cattle herders that never permanently settled in one place for too long. They hardly grew crops and if so, it were small patches of subsistence maize introduced by the whites who brought it back from South America, the only place where it grew and existed.

Yes that is right. Maize, which is today the staple food of all Blacks throughout the entire Africa, comes from South America and was introduced to blacks by white European settlers. Blacks today cannot even imagine a life without maize, yet they say that whites never brought anything good to Africa. As I said before, blacks needs to go down on their knees and thank the Lord for sending the white man to their evil

continent. Because as far as providing for themselves

Blacks have proven that they cannot farm. They hardly understand the principle of irrigation, let alone ever building any dams. When a slight drought occurs one year all their crops fail and they starve.

they are useless.

Whites in South Africa developed commercial farming into a science and built universities such asElsenburg at Stellenbosh


who have worked on white farms for their entire lives, for generations, never learned a thing and

every white commercial farm that was handed over to blacks failed, even after vast amounts of money

was thrown at them, training was given and the most modern implements bought for them by the government.

This tragedy is documented in a book by Dr. Phillip du Toit called, The Great South African Land Scandal . Dr du Toit has made his book available online, free of charge. Liberals and cultural relativists will be quick to point out that there are many blacks today who are academics, medical doctors or lawyers.

They will tell us that the environment determines IQ. They somehow believe that a black child raised in a white household, who went to white schools and who had all the opportunities as a white kid would magically become equal or better than a white child.

It is only the simpleminded who believes this. Eskimos live on the same parallel as Northern European Whites, but have never been able to reach the same level of development and ingenuity as Whites from Scandinavia, Russia or Germany. Blacks who live in Tropical conditions have never been able to build the structures of the Incas, the Mayas or even anything resembling the beauty ofAngkor Wat in Cambodia.

Besides, the Australians tried it. They took Aborigine children away from their communities, raised them in

wealthy white households, sending them to only the best schools, etc. The results were that these Abbo children reverted to the same behaviour and sometimes worse than that of their traditional communities. Today we refer to them as The stolen generation

So what about those clever blacks you ask?

Anybody who has ever taught blacks anything, lectured to them or tried to jerk them into the twentieth century will understand what I am about to say?


ones who are doctors, etc


I have to tell you a little story here.

When I was at school in South Africa I had a friend. Let us call him “Manie”. Manie was a hyper intelligent young boy. At the age of eleven when we had the “Rubik Cube” craze, he

was solving the puzzle in 50 odd seconds. Later on in high school, Manie produced straight A‟s, he could play several musical instruments including the drums, guitar and trumpet. He played Rugby and was also

a martial artist of note. Manie became a dentist and is currently practicing in the UK.

While he was a medical student I once asked him how difficult the course was. He said to me that to become a doctor is not difficult. It is a SHIT load of work to study, but it is not difficult as in Engineering or Physics. I asked him why he opted for Dentist. He told me that when he wants to drive a Porche, he wants to go out there and buy him one. He was honest. He did not become a dentist, because he had

some calling in life


did it purely for the money.

So for blacks to become medical doctors is actually not that difficult. The black (Zulu) historian and Shaman, Credo Mutwa talks about this in his book, “My People” (1969).

Credo says that blacks never had any written language so they have no written history. Their history is passed down orally from Sangoma to Sangoma. See, the Sangoma is not only the traditional healer, he is also the preserver of the oral history, the tribal laws and the ancient rituals and customs of the blacks.

He explains that blacks have an excellent memory that they drill from childhood through stories, rhymes and songs. To remember detail they use what we would call “memory association”.

For instance, Credo Mutwa says that the blacks have a huge respect for the late president of the ZAR, Paul Kruger. President Kruger had an ability to mimic the sounds of all birds through whistling. Even till this day the township of Mamelodi east of Pretoria, capital city of the ZAR and South Africa is named after Paul Kruger, the whistler. His statue stands on Church Square in Pretoria.

When one teaches blacks, it is not uncommon to find that they score well to very well in tests or exams where they have to repeat what they were taught. In fact it is almost well known amongst educators that blacks are better at this than whites.

But when it comes to applying knowledge

skills, blacks fall by the wayside. They just cannot do it.


it comes to using logic, faultfinding and problem solving

A black can pass all the theory exams to become a pilot, but put him in a simulator and subject him to

crisis situations where he has to think rapidly, then one sees the cogs of the black cognitive system start

flying all over the place. And I am talking about the one percent

only good to dig ditches, provided they do not break the pick or spade.


best of the best,. The other 99% are

The proof is in the pudding. It is not as if the world is over run by Nobel Laureates for hard sciences like physics or chemistry. How many black astro or nuclear physicists do you know?

Today much is being said about Black education under Apartheid, but the truth is that in 1987 at the height of Apartheid, six million black children were at school, a new record for South Africa at the time. In the previous year 1800 classrooms for secondary education were built by whites, with white money for blacks. About 130 new schools were built. If one considers the schools burnt down by blacks at the same time the education standards of blacks could have been even higher.

At the time black South Africans had the highest literacy rate amongst other blacks on the entire continent. Blacks had eight universities in South Africa producing lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc of world standard. None of those people would say today that their education and degrees are of an inferior standard. Quite the contrary, they are extremely proud of their education they underwent during Apartheid. Telling them that their education was “Sub standard” would be insulting them.

As I have mentioned before, South Africa was a world leader in medical science during Apartheid and established a unique Medical university called MEDUNSA which produced amongst others on average 200 black doctors per year. MEDUNSA also trained nurses and other medical staff.

The most amazing thing is that no matter how well Blacks are educated, they never let go of their

superstitious believes in the Tokoloshe, Muti witchcraft and ancestor worship. Blacks who hold high

positions today such as ministers in parliament or judges

witchdoctor on a regular basis. Blacks still run around and attack everyone, including their own with pangas.


who are engineers, still consult the

No amount of western education will ever be sufficient to change the African black savage into respectable human beings. They are what they are. We have to be honest with ourselves and with blacks and accept them them for who and what they are. We have to realise that our cultures will never be compatible.

Just as the Boers never wanted to rule over the Blacks, the Boers will NEVER accept blacks ruling over them.

The previous National Party government was not stupid. They never took any decisions without

thoroughly investigating all options. They studied the Swiss Canton system and the Belgium model with

the Flemish and Walonians

Apartheid was not the only option. There were others to consider like the Stalinist option of just exterminating all opposition in their millions. But BJ Voster asked us to accept the reforms, because the other options were just too ghastly to comprehend for the pious Whites of South Africa.


sytem could be compared to the unique South African situation.

Part 6 - Other rationales for Apartheid

So far I have only scratched the surface and told the reader about the more common practices and customs of Blacks that whites know about and find abominable such as Lobola (buying wives with cows), the initiation rituals of boys and girls, witchcraft, superstition, muti-murders, raping babies to cure AIDS, etc.

superstition, muti-murders, raping babies to cure AIDS, etc. There are so many more rationales for Apartheid

There are so many more rationales for Apartheid that one can actually write a book about them. And indeed someone has written a book

about it

name of the book is “My People-The writings of a Zulu witch-doctor”. (1969) ISBN 014003210X


books actually. His name is Credo Mutwa and the

The book is extremely rare and few people know about it. It is not even mentioned on the Wikipedia page of Credo Mutwa. It is a fascinating book, giving you insight into the various traditions of black South Africans of various tribes, their beliefs, their superstitions, their customs and their mindset.

Credo is the most respected Sangoma and Sunusi in the whole of South Africa. He is a traditional healer, a black historian and an authority on traditional customs and beliefs of the black tribes of Africa. If one has to compare him to Christianity, then Credo Mutwa would be the pope of traditional healers.

He mentions several practices which are just too ghastly for the pious whites of South Africa to accept.

One of the things he describes is the Black law of infanticide when twins are born. This practice is still

carried on today. Think about it


around you


many black twins have you seen in South Africa?

“The law requires that if a woman gives birth to twins, one must be destroyed by having a round pebble pushed down its throat. But in the case of triplets, one must die and two must live”

“My People”, Chapter 10, Pg. 218

So the few “twins” we see amongst blacks were actually triplets of which one was killed.

Blacks also killed their own wounded soldiers

“The wound would fester and sooner or later the patient would die. Even small gaping wounds spelt a write-off of the patient; large mPanga slashes were regarded as fatal at the outset and warriors thus wounded were given a mercy death. Many battle axes were furnished with special „dispatchers‟ for this purpose.” “My people” Chapter 11, pg. 234.

I will conclude with a topic that very few people wish to address and prefer to ignore

to be honest about blacks and why we had Apartheid, then we need to mention the facts that blacks are

untidy and

But if we are going


they smell funny.

One just has to look at how blacks live. From ancient times until today, it does not matter where in the

world one goes, a black area looks like a pig sty. I have seen this in Trinidad and Tobago, in Haiti, in Jamaica in the Bahamas and everywhere I went in Africa. I have seen this from black areas in European cities to ghettos in the USA.

Blacks just cannot keep their environment clean and tidy. Everything is disorderly, chaotic and



lying all over the place.

Another phenomenon that one sees in townships of South Africa, is that Blacks do not plant grass, flowers or trees amongst their tin shacks. This is amazingly odd. Firstly, because blacks work as gardeners or bricklayers for whites.

So the ability to build is there, the ability to keep lawn and a garden is there. Why is it that blacks never do in their own areas what they do when they are working for whites?

Maybe their environments are reflections of how they keep their bodies orderly and tidy as well.

This is how blacks are. They are actors. They can even mimic a White accent, white behaviour or intelligence and appear almost the same as whites. Many whites fall for this and indeed believe that

blacks are the same as whites

sees through this veil and behind the mask.


it is when one gets to know blacks up close and personal that one

Blacks can bullshit a lot, especially when they work for whites. Then they know they have to put their best foot forward or lose the job. That is when they wash, dress respectably and behave almost white. In the workplace, blacks who are utterly incompetent will fake competence, bullshit their way through every day,

steal other‟s work

jobs and repeat the process.


an act to hide their incompetence and when they are caught out, they just change

That is when one realises that the so called intelligent words coming out of the mouths or pens of Martin Luther King or Barack Obama are all stolen. All non original thought and written by speech writers or whispered in their ears by advisors.

But something blacks find extremely difficult to hide is their body odour. Blacks smell. Everyone knows this. You go to Poland, you go to Japan and you ask anybody about blacks, you will hear they say, “Blacks smell”.

Maybe there is a biological reason for it, but I am not exactly keen on finding out. All I know is what my nose tells me and that is that Blacks smell really bad and that I cannot live with that.

But let me quote what Credo Mutwa says in his book, “My people”, (1969) chapter ten.

“Xhosa women also prepare mysterious potions to secure their husbands to them, so that they will not be forsaken. This potion is prepared as follows: The woman refrains from taking a bath for several days, and then rubs the body dirt off her skin in little rolls. To this she adds the hair she has shaved off her private parts. Then follows ground Bangalala root which, when mixed with milk, is a violent aphrodisiac. The recipe may also include the powdered dry petals of a sunflower, a little spittle, and a piece of sandlewood. The whole concoction is then heated in a bowl until red hot and thus reduced to ashes. These ashes are then stirred into the milk of a nanny goat which had a deformed kid, until a thick putty is formed. This is then rolled into little balls or pills, which are added one at a time to the husband‟s food.”

“My People”, Chapter ten, pg. 213.

It is clear that the religions, cultures, customs and the behaviour of blacks are just too different than that of white, Christian people.

These cultures are worlds apart and totally incompatible with each other.

Whites and blacks will never get along in South Africa. Anybody who believes such a pipe dream as a multicultural “Rainbow Nation”, does not know black culture or white culture. Such a person would only be fooling himself through masturbating his own delusional, liberal, feel-good mindset. No, I am sorry to disappoint such people, but blacks and whites are NOT the same.

The reality of South Africa is so that few options actually exists. Either one of the two, black or white,

totally wipes out the other or they separate completely. Not partial separation as under Apartheid separation.


The reasons for Apartheid are still as valid today as they were 100 years or 50 years ago. Whites can never apologise for Apartheid, because whites cannot help for the inferior cultures, customs and behaviour of blacks. Separation and separate development of all the tribes is and was the most humane and fairest solution for all the complex groups of South Africa.

Part 7 - The role of a government

When one asks most people, white or black, what the role of government is one will get various opinions depending on who one pose the question to, but in general most people believe that the role of government is to develop and maintain infrastructure, in other words build dams, roads, schools, etc. Their means of doing this (it is believed) is to tax the citizens.

Most people also believe that the government

(politicians and civil servants) steal some of this

money out of the state coffers

we call corruption. They further believe that some governments steal more than others. Some build more schools and roads than others and a good government is the one who does not steal and who builds lots of “things” such as sport stadiums.

and that is what

But in reality it basically works like this

and that is what But in reality it basically works like this Several political parties compete

Several political parties compete to rule the country to represent the people. The party that has the best sales pitch, that appears to be the most just will win, voted in by the majority population. Once in power the self-enrichment starts. The politicians do not care one bit about the people who have voted for them. Their sales pitches, lies, empty promises, bullshit and fraud is all just to get to the feeding trough and pocket the spoils, but open theft will soon end them into prison so they have to be sly about it.

All governments spend more than they raise in taxes. Government officials borrow money from gigantic banks and other financial institutions to finance their building of roads, houses for the poor, etc. They then contract the jobs to companies that they themselves own, their families own, etc. This borrowed money ends up in the pockets of the politicians, but the loans needs to be paid back. This is where our taxes come in. Our taxes pay back to the banks what our governments have stolen.

The more liberal/socialist the government, the bigger the government structure will be and the bigger the theft, nepotism and corruption will be. Conservative and nationalist governments tends to be smaller and the corruption a lot less.

The more uneducated the people of a country is, the least they will grasp this thieving principle and the fewer checks and balances will be kept on their thieving government.

That is why liberal/socialist governments will introduce dumbed down education systems such as Outcomes Based Education and Training (OBET) to keep the people uneducated. In fact everything from sports to radio, newspapers and television will be changed to keep people ignorant of the theft going on behind the scenes.

It is important to reiterate that theft and corruption happens in ALL governments to some extent. Some of them are mild when it comes to corruption, but most are aggressively greedy. The longer they stay in power, the longer they are in the front row of the feeding trough. That is why a socialist government like the ANC in South Africa has one goal and that is to stay in power for ever. Or as Jacob Zuma said, The ANC will rule until Jesus comes back

In order for us to understand the reasoning and rationale behind Apartheid it is necessary to briefly look at

the role of Government.

We as human beings want to live and survive. We want to pass on our genes into the future and in this short period of being here on earth, we want to be happy.

Part of being happy is to have a house, furniture, a television, or whatever makes us happy own property.

basically to

This is called the right to life and the pursuit of happiness through the ownership of property.

Problem comes in when someone wants to take your life away, take your property away or interfere in anyway with your pursuit of happiness.

Such a person is then initiating force. He is stealing from us, physically attacking us, defrauding us, etc and therefore threatening our survival and our pursuit of happiness which are the most fundamental rights an individual can have.

When you are a strong burly bloke, you can easily defend yourself against such a person and your retaliatory force will be just. You did not initiate the force, but protected your right to life and happiness.

But what if the assailant has weapons, or there are more than one? What if you are a child, a frail woman, an elderly person or mentally handicapped? How do you then protect yourself against the initiation of force?

And that dear people is why we have a government. The ONLY job of any government is to protect our individual rights. The role of any government is to protect our right to life and our pursuit of happiness from those who wants to take it away from us.

The way government does it is to have an army to protect us from those outside of our country who are or might be attacking us and threaten our survival and pursuit of happiness and to have a police force to protect us from those inside our country who wants to take our individual rights away.

The government therefore needs to uphold the laws that the citizens feel are rightful and just to protect

them from the initiation of force and what threatens their individual rights

intending on taking away those individual rights and also to punish those who break these laws.


as a warning to those

One thing a government should never do is to initiate force against its citizens. This becomes a dicey topic, because extorting taxes is a form of initiation of force. A government can actually totally fund all its expenditures through other moral means such as setting up trust funds with all the money and property it owns, donations and people paying for services such as passports, toll roads, vehicle registration, etc.

Companies who want to transport their goods through harbours, by rail or road, etc should pay for using this infrastructure. Taxes therefore become obsolete. There is not a single government department that cannot FULLY pay for itself.

Nevertheless, I am digressing.

The National Party government in 1948 were faced with all these dilemmas when they came to power. Their primary task as a government was to protect ALL the citizens of South Africa.

In the previous instalments of this series I tried to explain the background to this dilemma, considering the vast diversity of South Africa‟s people, their cultures, their religions, their languages and their histories.

I explained how Blacks from literally hundreds of smaller tribes were fighting against each other for hundreds of years before the whites came to South Africa, often wiping each other out completely.

Credo Mutwa writes in his book “My People” (1969), chapter eleven, page 244:

“One of the High Laws of the Bantu is the law of revenge

feuds going on all over Africa which show no sign of dying out. Some of these have already been going on for generations. The Zulus have been feuding with the Basutus (Sothos), and also with the Shanganes of Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique), for more than a century. The feud between the Baluba and some of its neighbouring tribes has been going on for nearly six hundred years, while the feud between the Masai and the Wakambi in Kenya has now entered its tenth century. The Bahutu (Hutus) and the Wa- Tu-Tutsi (Tutsis) have been at each other’s throats for as long, and as recently as 1963 the newspapers reported that this senseless feud had accounted for another 30,000 Wa-Tu-Tutsi lives”.


result of this law is that there are blood-

Note how Credo Mutwa writes about the animosity between the Hutus and the Tutsis of Rwanda in 1969, referring to a relatively small massacre of 30,000 Tutsis in 1963. It culminated in full blown genocide of between 800,000 and 1,2 million Tutsis in 1994.

This is exactly the chaos Apartheid tried to prevent.

The South African situation was unique. It was a major challenge and it had to be solved fairly. The NP had to find a compromise that everyone could live with and be happy with.

The White NP government intimately knew the blacks of South Africa and the blacks of Africa in general. They knew about Shaka‟s Defecane that was worse than the Rwanda genocide, they knew about all the inter cultural and inter tribal differences of the blacks of South Africa. They knew about the massacres of whites during the Xhosa wars, the massacre of whites at Bloukrans, the Battle of Blood River and countless more.

The only way to keep the peace, protect all the citizens of South Africa and to secure the individual rights of all the people of South Africa was to separate them, let them develop at their own pace, give them autonomy the right to rule themselves, draw up their own laws and enforce those laws with their own

armies and police forces

Media called it, “Apartheid”. Proposed in 1973 accepted and enforced in 1976The United Nations General Assembly declared Apartheid a crime against humanity without offering an alternative to South Africa‟s situation.


official government policy was called




The question is thus open. Considering the background that I have sketched so far in this series

would you have done if you were in charge of South Africa at the time, faced with the same challenges? What would your solution have been?


The worst that Apartheid critics can dig up

Sharpeville shootings in 1960 when 69 blacks died. Compare that to Rwanda 1994


worst “Massacre” they can ever refer to



Rwanda is exactly what Apartheid tried to prevent. It does not matter what people says about Apartheid



the watch of the National Party, no Rwanda style massacre ever occurred on South African


More than 3000 white farmers were not killed by black savages under Apartheid, reported rapes of 50,000 per year never happened under Apartheid.

Contrary to what most blacks and/or liberal whites would like to think about what whites supposedly did to blacks under Apartheid. There are no mass graves, there is not a single concentration camp, and there are certainly no gas chambers where whites tried to exterminate blacks.

Quite the contrary; White South Africans built the biggest hospital in the world, Baragwanath (today called

the Chris Hani Barragwanath hospital) for blacks with white expertise and white taxpayer‟s money

beds and 6760 staff members. For that, and many other altruistic and charitable endeavours, whites of

South Africa were and still are made out as the evil skunks of the world.


Part 8 - The lies about the Homelands

A common myth or lie about Apartheid is that the whites stole the

land from the blacks and shoved them on 13% of the land of South Africa in what was called Homelands. It is further believed that blacks barely scratched out a living in these homelands due to it being on barren soil or arid regions. It is further claimed that whites made sure there were no minerals on these lands before giving to the blacks.

It is time to address these lies.

Traditionally South Africa belongs to the whites who first permanently settled South Africa since 1652. Blacks entered South Africa at about the same time, but never permanently settled any area, because they were nomadic cattle and goat herders. Blacks only started settling areas permanently after about 1770.

Wherever the Boers or Voortrekkers went they bargained for land

with local Blacks who settled certain areas before them. In fact there

is hardly any part of South Africa that was conquered by whites from

blacks. Piet Retief‟s treaty with the Zulu King, Dingaan still exist to this day.

treaty with the Zulu King, Dingaan still exist to this day. Blacks settled other areas than

Blacks settled other areas than the whites and in those areas blacks have the right or claim on those areas. It is however difficult to determine their claims, because blacks had no written language, no maps and no legislation such as land title deeds.

Despite this, whites researched the areas that Blacks traditionally settled and gave them full autonomy to rule themselves, with their own police forces and armies trained in South Africa with white taxpayer money.

To create work, white business people were encouraged to open factories in these countries with huge tax concessions.

The ten homelands were as follows:

Transkei Xhosa Ciskei Xhosa Venda Venda Bophuthatswana Tswana Gazankulu Tsonga/Shangaan KaNgwane Swazi KwaNdebele Ndebele KwaZulu Zulu Lebowa Pedi (Northern Sotho) QwaQwa Sotho

Note how some blacks got TWO or even THREE countries of their own.

The Xhosas got both Ciskei and Transkei.

The Tswanas who have their own country called Botswana, also got Bophuthatswana.

The Sothos who already had Lesotho as their own country also got Lebowa and QwaQwa.

The Swazis who already had their own country Swaziland got KaNgwane.

After South Africa became a union in 1910, the territories (British protectorates) of Bechuanaland (Botswana), Basutuland (Lesotho) and Swaziland was excluded from the union, but the plan was to incorporate them later. The successive South African governments always tried to enclude them, but the British played delay tactics and after South Africa withdrew from the commonwealth in 1961 it ended any prospect of incorporation of these territories into South Africa. Botswana got its independence from Britain in 1966, Lesotho in 1966 and Swaziland in 1968.

If one considers that these countries are actually part of the original South Africa, then the territories under Black rule and autonomy including the other homelands makes up 50% of the total land and not


One further has to remember that about 70% of the current South Africa is uninhabitable simply because it is too mountainous or it is half desert in the Western part. Only about 10% is under normal climate conditions economically viable farmland.

normal climate conditions economically viable farmland. When one considers the rainfall map of South Africa and

When one considers the rainfall map of South Africa and the areas settled by Blacks, then one sees that Blacks settled in above average rainfall areas. The soil of these homelands was some of the most fertile soil of South Africa.

Today the black ANC government is taking white owned farms away and handing them over

Today the black ANC government is taking white owned farms away and handing them over to blacks to be totally ruined in a few months.

Something else a lot of people do not know is that the White NP government ALSO forced whites off their land by paying them out undervalued sums for their farms so that they could hand it over to blacks in the establishment of the homelands.

I personally know people who lost their successful dairy farm in those days to make way for the Ciskei.

About 48% of all the viable agricultural land was in these Black homelands. Today the Blacks want to say that these lands are barren. As I have mentioned it is totally false, but on the other hand, these were the areas the blacks chose out for themselves to settle on about 200 years ago. The cannot blame the whites for it today.

It is often said that whites first made sure that there were no minerals in these homelands before they gave it to the Blacks.

This is also false. In the homeland of Bophuhatswana, the Tswana homeland in addition to having their own country Botswana, we can find the largest Platinum deposits in the entire subcontinent. Gold are also mined as a byproduct in these platinum mines.

In the “Book Verrat an Südafrika” Klaus Vaque mentions an article in the German Magazine “Deutschland-Magazin” Nr. 3/83 where a Lebowa chief was asked if it was true that blacks have been pushed onto worthless desolate areas

I freely translate, the chief answered:

“No, it is not true. We have here all the raw materials except diamonds and crude oil. We have all other minerals. As far as agriculture is concerned, we have some of the richest parts of South Africa. We have good rainfall and good soil. I think our livestock are some of the best and our wheat and maize potential is fairly high. The people who say that we have been pushed onto dry and desolate areas do not know what they are talking about. I think they are talking about others.”

The question has to be asked

own country where they could rule themselves on territory they historically settled and where they could be ethnically homogenous, where they could speak their own language, practice their own culture and

religion and where they could be totally free?


is so bad about giving all the major Black tribes of South Africa their

What is the crime in that?

Part 9 - The lies about the Townships

It is today not un-common to find White people who lived through Apartheid in South Africa who have never set foot in a black or coloured township. Most whites never lost anything in a township and never saw the need to go to there. Besides it was dangerous, and the further they could stay away from blacks the better.

and the further they could stay away from blacks the better. People commute from Somerset-West, Strand

People commute from Somerset-West, Strand or Gordon‟s Bay along the N2 highway to Cape Town for years every day, but they never ever turns off into the townships south of Cape Town International Airport (D.F. Malan Airport) to have a look. All they see are the slums of Cross-Roads, Langa and Nyanga and it scares them away

Most whites do not even know the coloured township of Mitchel‟s Plain. They do not know the bad areas such as Tafelsig, Lentegeur or the posh areas such as Woodlands or Strandfontein.

If they could see the millionaires‟ houses of Athlone, they would fall on their backs.

houses of Athlone, they would fall on their backs. The image that most whites of South

The image that most whites of South Africa have about a township is what they have seen on television, in papers or magazines.

I myself was about 19 years old and a conscript when I first set foot in Gugulethu, Cape Town. I can remember how surprised I was at how good the houses looked

in certain parts

seen on TV. We were only shown the worst parts


the sports facilities and other amenities were not what I have

the Squatter Camps.

Actually the word “Township” is today confused with the word “Squatter Camp”, but we are not allowed to use the un-PC term of “Squatter Camp” anymore, it is now called, “Informal Settlements”

Nevertheless, a black township in South Africa has different

sections just like any other town around the world. It has rich areas where educated blacks and black businessmen live in millionaires villas, it has the middle class areas and it


villas, it has the middle class areas and it has well the squatter camps. The problem


the squatter camps.

The problem is that the media always only show us the poor, squatter camp areas. Whites of South Africa and the world are kept ignorant by the media. We are not allowed to see that there are literally millions of extremely well-off blacks in South Africa who live in fairly good areas, on par with whites or well- off coloureds.

The lies about the townships are numerous, but the most common one is that blacks were forced to live there under extreme poverty conditions and were denied the same amenities as whites had.

Well, in the previous section of this series I pointed out that all the black tribes were given their own countries to live in where they traditionally settled. Nobody forced them to come to white cities. But blacks streamed in their thousand towards the white cities and set up squatter camps around the outskirts of

these white areas, because they knew that whites were giving them work, but also, because they knew whites were very charitable and always gave them free clothes, food, etc.

This is quite ironic, because on the one hand the whites are painted as evil racists and blacks selectively believe this when they want to, but when blacks are truly honest with themselves, they will realise that

whites always gave them lots of stuff

probably be like that for a long time to come, because South African whites are compassionate, charitable

and good people.


free. It has always been like that in South Africa and will

Nevertheless when these squatter camps became too large and/or a health risk due to the unhygienic practices of blacks, whites would build them proper houses with proper sewage systems, health clinics, schools, churches, roads with electric illumination, sports facilities and many more. This is how the townships came about. Basically built by white taxpayer money

Now I know there will be some people not convinced that these townships were actually quite well kitted

out. So let us take an example

but the same can be said of just about any black township in South Africa.


us take the most well known township of South Africa, called Soweto,

At the hight of Apartheid in 1978 Soweto had 115 Football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses.

In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centres, 11 Post Offices, and its own fruit and vegetable market.

There were 2300 registered companies that belonged to black businessmen, about 1000 private taxi companies. 3% of the 50,000 vehicle owners in 1978 were Mercedes Benz owners. Soweto alone had more cars, taxis, schools, churches and sport facilities than most independent countries in Africa. The Blacks of South Africa had more private vehicles than the entire white population of the USSR at the time.

Today Soweto has modern shopping malls like, Dobsonville Shopping Centre. In 2005 the Protea Gardens Mall opened. This was followed by the Baramall Shopping Centre and the Jabulani Shopping complex and the Maponya Mall. Experts say that Soweto has as much as 25% oversupply of retail space.

The Canadian Medical Doctor, Dr Kenneth Walker wrote about Soweto, (I freely translate from “Verrat an Südafrika”, Klaus Vaque, 1987,pg 41)

“In Soweto I saw many homes that costs about $100,000 (1978) and that had a BMW in the driveway. All houses are single storey. Many are recently painted. Many had flowerpots in the windows and lawn in the front. Only 2% were shacks. If I had the choice to live in Soweto or in the apartment dwellings or “Projects” of New York, Chicago, or Detroit where there is so much crime, then I would not hesitate for one moment and choose Soweto.”

The biggest hospital in the world, Baragwanath with 3200 beds and at its peak almost 8000 staff had 23

operation theatres fitted out with the most modern medical equipment that existed in the world. Blacks

were treated here, operated on

budget of this hospital was and is higher than the yearly budget of most small member states of the United Nations.


full state costs to the white-taxpayers for unlimited periods. The

Next door to Baragwanath is the St. John‟s Eye Clinic. The clinic is world famous for the treatment of Glaucoma, Cataracts, traumatic eye injuries and rare tropical diseases. All built and maintained by white taxpayer‟s money.

Baragwanath in 1978 employed 450 medical doctors in full-time service. It treated 112 000 in-patients and 1.62 million out-patients per year. The children and infant death rate with 34.8 per 1000 was lower than Harlem in New York.

In 1982 alone, this hospital performed 898 heart operations of world quality.


totally voluntarily


of the blood donors for this hospital were whites, who donated blood free of charge,


save black lives. (Quoted from The Citizen, 2 April 1987).

In my time at school and as a student, the Red Cross or St Johns Ambulance would come to our white schools, universities, colleges and even our workplaces to solicit for blood donations. All we got was a cup of tea and some biscuits. Regular blood donors would get a lapel pin and would wear it proudly at work or university.

Today the blacks want the whites to apologise for “the evils” of Apartheid. They want compensation. They

have been compensated R30,000 each after the TRC , but it is not enough


donations during Apartheid. How do you put a price on our blood that we donated? How do you put a

price on black lives saved by white blood?

they want more, they want


we have already given them our blood. We already saved millions of black lives with our blood

As you can see dear reader, the blacks of South Africa are eternally indebted to us whites

way around. We owe them nothing; they owe us

big time.

not the other

Part 10 District Six: A case study in forced removals

When one today thinks about Apartheid forced removals, immediately Sophia Town in Johannesburg (blacks) and District Six in Cape Town (coloureds) springs to mind. We will take District Six as a case study.

Today one is up against a mind set of people who wants to believe that District Six was a Multicultural paradise where, mostly coloureds, some Indians, some whites and also a few blacks all lived in harmony and perpetual bliss.

They believe that the evil white government destroyed a happy go lucky community and forced them onto the Cape Flats, mainly where Mitchels Plain is today.

onto the Cape Flats, mainly where Mitchels Plain is today. To tell the truth about District

To tell the truth about District Six today will be a revolutionary act.

Firstly a bit of history

if you stand with your two legs in the water of Table Bay and you look

towards Table Mountain, District Six would be on your left side at the slope of Table Mountain, just above

Where is or was District Six?


“The Castle”. Today the Cape University of Technology (Zonnebloem campus) stands on part of the area.

The origins of District Six is like this.

Many moons ago during the Dutch and later British rule, it uses to be a farm called Zonnebloem. After the abolishment of slavery throughout the British Empire (1833) coloured people started squatting on the outskirts of Cape Town against the foot of Table Mountain, because they still wanted to work for the whites, but when they were slaves they were housed by whites, but as free people they now had to find their own houses.

Two areas of freed slaves developed in Cape Town in what is called, “The Bo-Kaap” and “District Six”.

The Bo-Kaap was mainly a higher classed Muslim area and District Six, although also having a lot of Muslims, was made up from other coloureds of lower social standing. Now it has to be remembered that the Cape Colony only introduced official building regulations in 1861. By that time, 28 years of indiscriminate building by coloureds, resulted in a slum area developing in Cape Town‟s District Six that was getting worse with every day passing. There was no proper sewage or running water infrastructure in those days. In no time, District Six became an overcrowded slum, with narrow alleyways between jumbled together structures.

Here one has to consider that building rules are largely there for safety and health reasons. Windows need to be of a certain size to allow fresh air and natural light in. Rooms need to be a certain


Typhoid, Tuberculosis, etc from breaking out (as is the case in overcrowded concentration camps). Streets need to be a certain width so that ambulances and fire trucks can reach emergency situations.


human being needs a certain amount of breathing space to prevent diseases such as

The coloured people from District Six knew nothing of such “trivialities”. They just kept on adding more structures made from wood and corrugated iron sheets.

This phenomenon can still be observed when one visit coloured areas today. No sooner have they received a house from the government for free, or they start building a “hok” (shack) in the backyard. Some have even multiple shacks or what is called “Wendy Houses”, low quality wooden dwellings. These shacks and Wendy Houses are rented out and provide the owner with an income. Some even set up

shebeens (illegal, informal drinking bars) in their backyard.

In the case of District Six it was exactly like that. Some of these people had several such shack dwellings that they would rent out and became what is referred to as the “Slumlords” of District Six. Most houses were small, some consisting of only one room housing as many as 20 people. The toilet was in the back yard and washing comprised turns in the bath tub in the kitchen or washing oneself in a “kom”, a plastic bowl filled with some hot water. Once a week was enough.

Further, In District Six started what is today referred to as the “Skolly gangs” preferred a life of crime, drinking and drugs over honest hard work.

coloured hooligans, who

By the 1930‟s District Six was a rat infested hellhole full of shebeens, “smokkelhuise” (smuggling houses) and brothels, where, alcohol and drugs flowed freely and sparked more and more social ills.

The government realised that something had to be done about District Six before an epidemic of bubonic plague or cholera could break out that would have killed thousands.

The government knew the history of the three smallpox epidemics of 1713, 1755 and 1767. The smallpox epidemic of 1713 killed about 90% of the KhoiKhoi (Hottentots) and about 25% of the whites of Cape Town.

The University of Cape Town has all the archives in their library. It is called THE DENIS VERSCHOYLE PAPERS

Denis Verschoyle, an Irish immigrant, was a City Engineer and Town Planner in Cape Town. From 1961 to 1972, he lectured on the history of town planning in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Cape Town. He died in 1997.

The information is today freely available to anyone who wants to know the truth about Cape Town planning and in particular, District Six.

Basically Mr. W.S.Lunn who was city engineer in the 1930‟s had a plan. He wanted to transform District

Six. He wanted to build proper houses with proper infrastructure and so, started building houses

beginning of the Second World War, a total of 1127 homes had been built. But the coloureds did not want to move into the new houses. They claimed the rent was too high, but the rent was actually subsidised by the government (i.e.) White taxpayer money and very affordable.

by the

This a coloured culture for you. They always seem to have money for drugs and alcohol, but never for rent or utilities. Why pay rent and electricity when you can live for free in a shack and burn candles and have more money for alcohol?

Eventually some did move into these houses, but as usual the backyards started being filled with illegally erected structures.

Today the coloureds that lived in District Six have very fond memories of a period when alcohol flowed freely, Dagga was smoked and every second person could play a musical instrument. Their memories of

District Six are basically


every night


do not dispute that they were very happy there.

Like I said, in reality the place was a nest of social ills, it was dirty and it was a health risk bomb in actual fact.

a ticking time

But how does one convince a pig that wallowing around in shit all day is bad for him, when he is so happy at doing it? When one takes the pig away from his shit puddle, washes him off and let him live in a clean orderly place, he will be most distraught and upset with you. He will forever have fond memories of his shit puddle, where he was happy. No amount of explaining will ever convince him of anything else.

So how did these memories of such a harmless and convivial District Six take root in the minds of coloureds over the years?

Basically the newspaper called “The Cape Times”, in an attempt to save District Six, ran some articles in the 1950‟s focussing on the music and culture of the people, painting everything rosy and saying nothing

about the social ills, the gangs, the brothels, the alcohol and drug abuse

or the rats.

In 1966 the National Party declared District Six to be a 'White Group Area' so enabling them to destroy all buildings, except religious ones, on the grounds of 'slum clearance'.

The government moved about 60,000 people from District Six to the Cape Flats at a cost of 30 million Rand including compensation. In 1970, the government renamed the area Zonnebloem after the original Dutch farm.

They offered the land to investors to rebuild it, but no investors showed interest to rebuild the area, so the Government built the Cape Technikon Zonnebloem campus there.

In District Six, there is a museum today that documents this period in an extremely biased and subjective way.

It says that about 60,000 coloureds were forcibly removed from District Six to the Cape Flats because of the colour of their skin.

It fails to mention that the coloureds of the Bo-Kaap are still living there and so are the ones from Observatory. If the government wanted to remove the coloureds from District Six, because of the colour of their skin or to take their “prime” land, why did they not also move the Bo-Kaap coloureds? The Bo-Kaap is situated in the centre of Cape Town on prime property and worth billions. Why did the government not build millionaires villas in District Six, but instead chose to build a learning institution?

The simple truth is that District Six was everything from an eyesore, to a filthy slum, to a gang and rat infested hellhole.

The government in those days employed highly qualified health inspectors. One of them who were

involved with the destruction of District Six told me how they went in there, saw rats the size of cats and

millions of cockroaches half a foot long

them before they could destroy them, because they feared the plague would spread to the rest of Cape Town.


they had to board up these building structures first, fumigate

Today the ex residents of “District Six” are a dime a dozen. Although only 60,000 were moved today the “survivors” are probably double that if not more.

The “victim mentality” has fully taken hold of these “ex residents of District Six”, but what they forget is about 40,000 whites were also forcibly removed from their land to make place for the Black Homelands.

These whites have never been properly compensated for losing their farms that they had to sell way below market value to the government at the time, but they simply got on with life and made a living somewhere else.

District Six was a case study in this issue, but the same can be said for places like Sophia Town where Blacks were also removed. Large concentrations of people from whatever race, who overcrowd and indiscriminately build with no planning, will always, pose a health risk not only to themselves, but also to their neighbouring communities.

Today they complain about forcibly being removed, but what was the alternative

proportions? They should be thankful that they are still alive today to yarn swap about their times in

District Six, because if they carried on the way they did, disease would have wiped them out for sure.

Death by epidemic

The irony is that they cannot see the truth. They see the NP government as a bunch of racists who wanted to exterminate them, but if that was the goal of the NP, they could simply have done nothing and waited for the bomb of disease to explode.

No, the NP did everything in their power to avoid it. They actually saved thousands of coloured lives and entire future generations, along with their music and culture in District Six with their removal to the Cape Flats.

Today it is easy to reminisce about the banjo playing, alcohol and dagga clouded times of District Six, but

when you are a professional government with a job to do different.

picture is rather


protect all your citizens


Part 11 - Bantu Education under Apartheid

If Communists value and care so much about education, why do they kill off the educated elite as the first thing they do in taking over a country?

From Stalin‟s purges to Mao‟s “Great leap forward”,

From Cuba to Cambodia

Communists do when they take over is to kill the

academics and educated elite

MILLIONS. In Cambodia they killed about 2 million alone. People were killed for simply wearing glasses, because if you could read, you were already too clever.

the first thing the


you were already too clever. the first thing the IN THEIR That alone should convince anyone

That alone should convince anyone that communists have never and will never give a toss about education. In fact the worst enemy of the communist is the educated person. The entire system of communism is depended on a dumbed down, uneducated and unemployed proletariat (the sheep).

Today the Bantu-Education Act of 1953 is highly criticized, called “racist” and “discriminatory”.

I wonder how many of those critics have ever read it through, because I have and I still challenge anyone to point me to the discriminatory part.

Yet it is today held up as one of the main reasons for the resistance against Apartheid as well as the violence of the student‟s uprisings of 1976.

Its critics are the usual gang of liberals, culture relativists, humanists and racial egalitarians, but their criticism holds no water.

If one scrutinises the Act as posted above, one will see that the act established a black education department, basically gives the minister of education along with the minister of finance the right to fund the black government schools in a way they deem appropriate, that the government holds the right to determine the medium of instruction and that the minister of education can consult and establish black school councils on how to run the schools and what to teach.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As I said in part Seven of this series, the duty of the government was not and is not and will never be to provide schools (or any other infrastructure) to anybody. The role of the government is to protect the citizens against the initiation of force. That is it! For the rest of the part, they should keep their nose out of the business of the people.

Government schools are actually a form of initiating force. It steals our money, it locks our children up with criminals, gangsters and drug dealers every day, it teaches them socialist doctrines, dumb them down

people like schools, because they

think schools do good. Nevertheless the NP government taxed whites almost to death to provide schools for blacks. During Apartheid schooling was made compulsory for all children up to 16 years of age

incapable of rational or logical thought, and it falsifies our


But apart from the actual Bantu Education Act of 1953, that nobody ever reads, and just believe what they

find in Wikipedia about Apartheid Education


did it actually work?

As I have pointed out during this series, whites and blacks have huge cultural differences between them. Whites and blacks have huge religious and language differences between them.

have huge religious and language differences between them. lacks, destroy their language and religion. Would it

lacks, destroy their language and religion. Would it not be fair that blacks be instructed in a way that is

more suited towards their cultural and religious needs? If one takes the road of the racial egalitarian and culture relativist, one would destroy the culture of the

Cultural Relativism destroys all cultures. Racial egalitarianism destroys all races, humanism destroys all religions.

Remember that the previous government was called the “National Party” not, “The National Socialist Party”. It did not believe in the destruction of other cultures and people, it believed in the peaceful co- existence between diverse groups, their preservation and separate, but equal development.

And that is all Bantu Education was. It acknowledged the cultural and religious differences of whites and blacks and seeked to educate both groups along those cultural lines.

Surely it would be wrong to force the stories of Snow White and Goldilocks down the throats of black children. How do they relate to Repunsel with here long hair when blacks have peppercorns or afros?

It would be far better if they learned their own songs, their own culture and their own stories of how the zebra got its stripes when God did not intend for black and white to even exist.

The same with white children. It would be far better to teach them about their own poems, songs and books. Blacks and whites have different heroes, different values, different everything.

Blacks needs to be educated in a different way than whites. Blacks have a natural, affinity to music, dance and colourful art. Should one have destroyed that and forced them subjects that they do not like, do not understand or should one have taken their natural talents and improve on it?

When someone says that the Bantu Education system was inferior to that of the whites, then that person either admits that black culture is inferior or that whites are superior. They will then have to explain what

they mean by inferior. Inferior to what? Relative to what?

they say that educating blacks along black cultural lines is inferior to educating whites along white cultural

lines then I have to ask you



High Western civilised education? If

or Nationalists?


are the real racists here

There were thousands of blacks during the time of the National Party who made it to university and for those provisions of tertiary education of world standard was provided. Ten black universities in SA and the homelands in total.

Today one just has to look around to see how many medical doctors, nurses, lawyers and judges there are in South Africa who got their education under this exact “Bantu Education” system of the National Party. It was not inferior at all. If one accuses any of these graduates of having a substandard degree or education, one would be insulting such a person.

One has to remember that blacks In South Africa had no schools, no written language no basic

arithmetic, nothing educating blacks.

prior to the white man came to Africa and through their missionaries started

African societies placed strong emphasis on traditional forms of education well before the arrival of Europeans. Education involved oral histories of the group, tales of heroism and treachery, and practice in the skills necessary for survival in a changing bush environment.

The European styled English and Afrikaans/Dutch curriculum placed no value on such skills. It would have been morally wrong to force such a European system on the blacks of South Africa.

Today there are many who wants to quote and say that the NP wanted to purposefully keep blacks stupid and who selectively quotes what suits them , but when one look deeper and see the truth behind the bullshit and the proof of the pudding then the picture is rather different.

In an article called “Die Afrikaner” 11 Feb 1987, the quarterly magazine called “Vox Africana Nr 29 4/87 stated that,

South Africa had 4,8 million whites and 18,2 million blacks in 1987. The whites paid 77% of the taxes and

the blacks only 15%




of the government budget was spent on blacks.

Today it is often quoted that, “Per-capita government spending on black education slipped to one-tenth of spending on whites in the 1970s”. Source

What everyone fails to say is that

Since 1970 the budget for black education was raised by about 30% per year every year. More than any other government department.

In the period 1955 -1984 the amount of black school students increased 31 times from 35,000 to 1,096


65% of black South African children were at school compared to Egypt 64%, Nigeria 57%, Ghana52%, Tanzania50% and Ethiopia 29%.

Amongst the adults of South Africa, 71% could read and write (80% between the ages 12 and 22). Compare this to Kenya 47%, Egypt 38%, Nigeria 34% and Mozambique at 26%.

In South Africa, the whites built 15 new classrooms for blacks every working day, every year. At 40 children per class it meant space for an additional 600 black students every day!!!

In 1985 there were 42,000 Blacks at 5 universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the universities of the homelands.

Another example of “Bantu Education is the unique medical university of MEDUNSA that I mentioned in

Part 5 of this series. Here the whites trained black medical doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons and

paramedical personnel to world class standards were

qualified here every year

Source: (Verrat an Südafrika, 1987, Klaus Vaque).


full state costs. About 200 black medical doctors


to the “oppressive” Bantu Education system.

In my search to find the true reasons for the 1976 Soweto School riots, I found that most sources say that the riots was because of AFRIKAANS being forced to be taken as the medium of instruction. Why this vilification of Afrikaans?

The truth is that if one looks at the original decree one will see that both English and Afrikaans would be used on a 50-50 basis. Once again we see how Afrikaans has been vilified over the years. I can still understand to a degree why the blacks would object to Afrikaans or English, but what I cannot understand is why the coloureds of Cape Town, who only spoke Afrikaans or English, would also boycott and riot.

Here is the original decree Northern Transvaal Region "Regional Circular Bantu Education" Northern Transvaal (No. 4) File 6.8.3. of 17.10.1974

To: Circuit Inspectors Principals of Schools: With Std V classes and Secondary Schools Medium of Instruction Std V - Form V

1. It has been decided that for the sake of uniformity English and Afrikaans will be used as media of

instruction in our schools on a 50-50 basis as follows:

2. Std V, Form I and II

2.1. English medium: General Science, Practical Subjects (Homecraft-Needlework-Wood- and Metalwork-

Art-Agricultural Science)

2.2 Afrikaans medium: Mathematics, Arithmatic, Social Studies

2.3 Mother Tongue: Religion Instruction, Music, Physical Culture

The prescribed medium for these subject must be used as from January 1975. In 1976 the secondary schools will continue using the same medium for these subjects.

3. Forms III, IV and V

All schools which have not as yet done so should introduce the 50-50 basis as from the beginning of 1975. The same medium must be used for the subjects related to those mentioned in paragraph 2 and for their

Your co-operation in this matter will be appreciated. (Sgd.) J.G. Erasmus Regional Director of Bantu Education N. Transvaal Region

Further. One has to remember that the National Party government always insisted on “Mother Tongue Education” for ALL races during the primary school period. It was official government policy.

Further note how Afrikaans and English would only be used for Mathematics, Science and technically skilled subjects. The rest would still be mother tongue.

But why would they want to introduce Afrikaans and English in these black schools to instruct subjects like mathematics, science and metalwork?

Well, the problem is that blacks simply never had any words for objects they never knew; they borrowed Afrikaans and English words to describe technical things. The word for Scissors is “Iskêra” from Afrikaans (skêr). The word for knife is “Imêsi” from the Afrikaans word (mes), etc.

Can you imagine trying to explain the replication of a DNA molecule to a black student in Xhoza? Can you imagine explaining the parts of a lathe to black students studying metalwork or woodwork? If you are

or Afrikaans for that

matter. A lathe is a dangerous piece of equipment

going to use 90% English words, you might just as well do the entire thing in English


can kill themselves.

The other reason I found that blacks objected to was the maximum age of school attendance. Whites would finish school at 18 or 19.

Blacks on the other hand would be 18 years old in grade 7 or 25 years old in matric (Grd 12). They also started later at the age of 8 or 10. Then they expected the whites to just keep on paying for this. Then they cannot understand why less money was spent on them than on whites every year. Not only were they 5 times more than whites, they flunked so much that they spent an average of an extra five years at school.

The irony of it all is that the Indian journalist Prega Govender wrote an article in the Sunday Times of 22 October 2006, telling how black students at school were taking English as their first language at school, dropping their own mother tongue as second language and replacing it with Afrikaans, which they found easier. These students either dropped their own mother tongue completely or relegated it to “Third Language status” Prega Govender, Easy-Afrikaans-chosen-over-African-languages

Now I ask you, “What were all those riots in 1976 for?”

The whites of South Africa made a big mistake. They should never have introduced “Bantu Education” to the blacks. They should never have taught the blacks anything. It was not their responsibility to educate blacks. If blacks are so good, then they should educate their own people. They should build their own schools, universities, and colleges with their own money, their own initiatives and their own know-how.

They should go for it


wish them nothing, but luck.

For our efforts to educate the blacks out of stone age and into the modern era, we were vilified and stoned, even killed by. We were cursed at, spat at and blamed for everything else.

The alternative we see today is the socialist “Outcomes Based Education and Traning” system, where

“nobody fails”, “Everyone passes”

Little black boy in a group with whites and coloureds dragging their marks down and raising his own

merely through his presence


one;Pass all” is the ridiculous slogans and demands nowadays.

they all pass, right? What is the problem?

but hey

is a timebomb Four Natal schools with 0% matric pass rate “Liberation before education” was the

“Liberation before education” was the slogan during the Eighties. Have the communists succeeded in their goal? Have they dumbed down the blacks and most whites? A few pockets of free thinkers remained who are today blowing the horns. People are waking up from their liberal and socialist sleep. The ANC keeps singing their lullaby, but

everywhere the horns are blowing and more and more people are waking up are numbered. Bantu Education made them clever enough to realise that


ANC knows their days

Part 12The Architects of Apartheid

Part 12 – The Architects of Apartheid Today when one asks, “Who was the Architect of

Today when one asks, “Who was the Architect of Apartheid” one would almost unanimously get the answer of “Dr. H.F. Verwoerd”. It is today taught in schools and all over the internet as “fact”

The saying goes that when you want to beat a dog, it is easy to find a stick. Today the Afrikaners, the decedents of the Boers, are bearing the brunt of this accusation as “”The Creators, and or the Monsters of Apartheid”.

Now some Afrikaners would proudly accept that title as the inventors of a system of segregation called Apartheid and as I have said, they might even try to patent this model, but do they actually have a claim to it?

When one does the proper research one will find that the segregation policies that eventually became known as “Apartheid” was actually not started by the Boers/Afrikaners but by the British High Commissioner Lord Alfred Milner between the end of the Second Anglo Boer War and unification of South Africa in 1910. Milner started a group called his “Kindergarten” made up of civil servants close to him. Why, you ask?

In those days and especially in 1905 the subject of “The Native” question and the “Asian menace” first came up when the Cambridge Anthropologist, Alfred Haddon, addressed a meeting between the “British Association for the Advancement of Science” and The South African Associations. (Source, A Commonwealth of Knowledge, Science, Sensibility, and White South Africa 1820-2000, Saul Dubow)

Sir Godfrey Langdon, author of “The South African Native Affairs Commission report”, urged Howard Pim to outline an overall scheme of racial segregation.

The official report from those days is called, “Report of the 75th Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science 1905 (London, 1906”).

Lord Milner was an arch racist who had some serious dualistic problems. He described himself as a “Race Patriot” in a letter to Haldane, 21Jan. 1901, “Very Confidential”, in Headlam(ed.), Milner Papers,


Milner had no time for the Boers and many times tried to slight them on their characteristics for example he said that the Boers can continue to fight a guerrilla war for a while, “just as low types of animal ”

organisms will long survive injuries which would kill organisms of a higher type outright Smit, Telling the Boer War”)

(M van Wyk

Milner could not synchronise his hatred for the Boers, their “Backwardness” as he described it, with the countless defeats of the British and the superiority of the Boers on the battlefield.

In those days the post Anglo Boer war British Government of South Africa were hoping to erase differences between Boers/Afrikaners and the English speaking South Africans. They thought it would be only a matter of time before these two groups would fully merge.

The “Selbourne Memorandum” of 1907 opens and speaks of these two principal races of South Africa - British and Dutch to overcome their historical differences. The memorandum declared that both groups

were “Teutonic in origin” and that the fusion between them would only be a matter of time as it was with the Saxons and the Normans who were distantly related.

The Selbourne memorandum said that there were more differences between the people of Ireland or Canada than there were between the Boers and the British of South Africa. Basically, the idea before the Unification of South Africa in 1910 was to unite the two white tribes and separate them from the blacks.

Two of Milner‟s “Kindergarten” group, Lionel Curtis and Patrick Duncan confided in each other,

“The fact is that we have all been moving steadily from the Cape idea of mixing up white, brown and black and developing the different grades of colour strictly on the lines of European civilisation, to the very opposite conception of encouraging as far as possible the black man to separate from the white and to develop a civilisation, as he is beginning to do in Basutoland, on his own lines.” (Patrick Duncan Papers BC294C23.3.8, University of Cape Town, Manuscripts and Archives, Curtis to Duncan, 26 Nov 1907).

The term applied to this British strategy was called “Segregation”. The Afrikaans word for it would be “Apartheid”

As can be seen so far, the idea of Apartheid came from various sources. The Whites of South Africa, whether it be Boer or Brit had an intimate knowledge of the Blacks of South Africa. It was basically a common consensus that Whites and Blacks have to be separated.


the Swazis who wanted their own kingdoms where they could preserve their own culture, language, religion and where they could rule themselves. The Tswanas who got Botswana is another example. Therefore we are all guilty of the so called “Crime of Apartheid”.

black and white


Apartheid. This can be seen from the aspirations of the Sothos and

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any nation who wishes to secure and preserve their way of life. There is nothing wrong with any nation wishing to live in peaceful harmony with their neighbours.

Segregation, Apartheid or Separate and Equal Development was a unique concept, wished by all South Africans, both Black and White. Nobody has to feel guilty about it today. It was OUR country and we had to find a solution where we could all be happy with and live with each other.

Today the critics of Apartheid are numerous, yet nobody have produced a better model for the unique South African situation. The current “Rainbow Nation” model has proved to be an abject failure.

The need for people to rule themselves and have a national identity is the most natural system on earth. It is called Nationalism. We have seen this need amongst the Basks and the Catalonians of Spain, the Croatians, Serbs, Montenegros, etc of Yugoslavia, The Irish and the Scots of the UK, The Kurds of Syria and Turkey, The Ibos of Nigeria, The Hutus and Tsutsis of Rwanda, the Muslims in Chad, The Tamils in Sri Lanka, The Greeks and Turks in Cyprus, The Walonians and the Flemish in Belgium

This need to be separate is a worldwide phenomenon. Maybe Apartheid was not perfect, but show me a political system that is.

In South Africa we came upon a system that kept the peace and where we lived happily alongside with each other until the Communist agitators entered and disturbed our peace, where they played us off against each other after we have already fought all our battles and made peace with each other. We found our own solution. We found our own peace that was called “Apartheid”, but the communist wanted the riches of our country and made us enemies again.

South Africa will forever be a unique situation and only us able to find a solution we can all live with in the end.


Blacks and Whites of South Africa will be

The solution for our problems will come from us who have shared this beautiful country for hundreds of years, not from outsiders who just want our gold and minerals.

Let me finish with a quote

“You do not want any reforms; You want my country” (President Paul Kruger to Lord Alfred Milner - 31st May1899, shortly before the outbreak of the second Anglo Boer war)

Part 13 The Apartheid laws on mixed marriages

One of the first and most criticised laws of the “Apartheid” era is the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act No 55 of 1949. This law, along with the Immorality Amendment Act, Act No 21 of 1950; amended in 1957 (Act 23) made it illegal to marry or have sexual relations with other races.

Many people today believe that this act was introduced by the now hated Afrikaner dominated National Party, but that is simply not true.

As early as 1685 Dutch Cape law prohibited marriage between white men and slave women; some legal unions of white men with free women of colour continued to take place, but with decreasing frequency.

The predecessors of the “Apartheid” laws on mixed marriages were the Immorality Act [No. 5] of 1927, and the two laws of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal) of 1897, called law no. 2 and 3 -- 1897, "Wet tot tegengaan van deontucht," (Law prohibiting sex between whites and blacks.)

There were some other laws namely the Cape Colony law no. 36- 1902, "Betting Houses, Gaming Houses, and Brothels Suppression Act,“ which prohibited voluntary sexual relations for the purpose of gain between white women and Africans.

In Natal: No. 31-1903, "Criminal Law Amendment Act," prohibited indecent relations between white women and coloured persons (sec. 16); coloured were defined in the "Vagrancy Law" 15-1869 as "Hottentots, coolies, bushmen, Lascars, and members of the so-called kaffer population."

Orange Free State: No. 11 -- 1903, "Suppression of Brothels and Immorality Act," sec. 14-16. Transvaal:

No. 46-1903, "Immorality Ordinance," similar to Natal, but with harsher punishment and with a very broad definition of "native" as including natives of the indigenous or coloured races of Africa, Asia, or St. Helena.

The Rhodesian "Immorality and Indecency Suppression Act" (by Cecil John Rhodes's British South African Company) made illegal and punishable sexual relations between a white woman and a black man (but not those between a white man and a black woman).

South Africa was by far not the only country to introduce a ban on mixed marriages. Neither were the Germans with the 1935 15 September: "Nürnberger Gesetze" prohibiting interracial sex and marriage between "Aryans" and "Jews" in Nazi Germany; "Gesetzzum Schutz des deutschen Blutes und der deutschen Ehre" and"Reichsbürgergesetz," Reichsgesetzblatt 1146.

Germany actually banned interracial marriage in German Samoa as early as 1912.

A Spanish royal decree in 1805 required that persons of "pure blood" obtain permission of the viceroy or the audiencia in order to marry "elements of Negro and Mulatto origin."

5 April 1778: The "Order of the Council of State forbade all marriages between whites and blacks in France, on penalty of being expelled at once to the colonies."

In 1771 The Viceroy of Portuguese Brazil ordered degradation of an Amerindian chief, who, "disregarding the signal honours which he had received from the Crown, had sunk so low as to marry a Negress, staining his blood with this alliance."

In 1724 French edict (of March) by Louis XV banned intermarriages between whites and blacks (but not whites and Indians) in Louisiana; this special Code noir for Louisiana also prohibits whites "or freeborn or freed blacks" to live in concubinage with slaves; article 6 says:

"Défendons à nos sujets blancs, de l'un et de l'autre sexe, de con-tracter mariage avec les Noirs, à paine

de punition et d'amende arbitraire; et à tous curés, prêAtres ou missionaires, séculiers ou réguliers, et méme aux aumôniers de vaissaix de les marier." ("We forbid our white subjects of either sex to contract marriage with blacks, under threat of punishment and fines; and forbid all clerics, priests, or missionaries, lay or ordained, and even ships' chaplains, to marry them.")

In fact, between 1913 and 1948 (The year the NP government came to power in South Africa) laws prohibiting miscegenation were enforced in 30 of the 48 states of the USA and continued until 1967.

The question of miscegenation is a bit of a red herring. On the one side there are the Bible experts that are split into two groups fighting amongst themselves. One group quotes reams of text explaining that God prohibits marriages outside of our race. Their equally Biblical fanatical opponents declare that we are “All one in Christ”…

I am always sceptical of people who build their entire argument on what the Bible says.

As I have explained before, the only job of a government is to protect all its citizens against the initiation of force. The question thus arises whether laws against miscegenation are the job of the government?

How is the decision of two consenting people to mix their race any business of the government or anyone else? They are not attacking anyone, they simple love or lust after each other. Pretty harmless at first glance if you ask me, but this issue needs to be looked at deeper. We have to go back to the basics of nature.

Most simplistic arguments that one hears is that “ a cat and a dog does not mix”, but the truth is that a black dog can mix with a white dog and more specific a Labrador can mix with an Alsatian. A Persian cat can mix with a Siamese cat, etc.

In nature we see many closely related species that can interbreed, but do not. The Black Wildebeest and the Blue Wildebeest in Africa can interbreed, but in the wild, they do not. It is only when they are forced together in small game reserves that they do and have to be kept apart.

The reason for this, the game wardens explain is, because the offspring of this miscegenation is a weak result, prone to diseases of all kinds and weakening both herds in the long run. This offspring is easily eaten by predators or taken out of the gene pool by disease.

This is Mother Nature‟s way of ensuring the survival of the species as Darwin said. Similar cases can be made for the White and Black Rhino or the Kruger and Knysna Elephants as well as thousands of closely related bird species. The fact is that Mother Nature prefers to keep species apart to ensure their survival…the survival of all of them. Nature is Nationalistic and Nationalism is nature. It is true diversity, not make believe liberal nonsense that aims to destroy all species.

But how does this law of nature manifest itself amongst different human species or races?

Between 1946 and the enactment of the Apartheid law to prohibit mixed marriages in 1949, only 75 mixed marriages had been recorded, compared with some 28,000 white marriages. That is about 0.23% of all marriages in the country and relatively insignificant.

It shows that we still prefer our own kind to breed with, the way nature intended it to be. The formation of “China Towns”, Negro ghettos, Muslim and Jewish communities in European countries is a testimony to this perfectly natural phenomenon.

We do not actually need laws to keep us apart, we do not need laws prohibiting us from interbreeding. Nature takes care of this in its own way. It is when we want to play God and set the laws for Mother Nature that she comes back and hits us over the head.

Our greatest mistakes that we ever made were to interfere with Mother Nature. We think we are clever, we think we can reroute rivers and build levies and dykes, but the time will come that Mother Nature will return everything to the natural state of being. We think that we can force different species and nations together and force them to interbreed under unnatural Socialist captivity, but sooner or later Mother Nature restores the status quo with disastrous results. The break-ups of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and the genocide in Rwanda in recent years are case studies in point.

We do not seem to have a problem with the separation of Blue and Black Wildebeest after hearing the explanation of game wardens, yet the separation of different human species is regarded as “Evil”…even “A crime against humanity”….The fact that genetically Black diseases such as Sickle Cell amenia and Lupus are transferred to children is of no concern to the liberal brigade. The lifelong suffering of such children is sacrificed at the politically correct altar.

When a married couple with small children have a divorce, the courts are quick to point out that their major concern is the welfare of the children involved, but when it comes to marrying adults of vastly different ethnical and cultural backgrounds, no consideration for the wellbeing of the future offspring is produced.

Children from such unions suffer their entire life. They never have a complete identity. They never feel as if they fit in anywhere. They are never considered as “White”, neither are they ever considered as “Black”. They are torn between two worlds. Even when they decide to fully embrace one side of the union and identify with it, they will never fully be accepted by that side.

In the six thousand years of recorded history there have been about 25 great civilisations. Just about every single one has disappeared due to miscegenation with lesser races.

These are the stark realities that previous white governments were faced with. Was it moral to legislate interbreeding? Yes, certainly.

The prevention of interbreeding of different cultures and races means the protection of those cultures. It means securing their continuation and their future.

The Liberal doctrines of Multiculturalism and Racial Egalitarianism are illogical paradoxes; the end result is not the protection of different cultures and races, but the destruction of all. It leads to NO culture, NO Race, No religion and NO identity.

Can you imagine a world where there is only one type of flower in the entire world? Can you imagine only one type of plant; only one type of food; only one type of car; only one type of music; only one style of dress code…? That is what the end result of Communism is.

We have seen this kind of influence from various communist states already. Mao Ze Dong introduced “The Mao suit”….a unisex black or blue dress code that was worn by millions of Chinese. That was his sick vision of a communist world.

In East Germany you basically had one type of car, the Trabant…maybe a Warburg if you were lucky, but you had to wait years for a car…

That is what Liberals and Socialists proudly call their unholy paradox of “Diversity” today.

During Apartheid, very few people actually had a problem with the prohibition on mixed marriages or the immorality act. The Indians, the Chinese, the Muslims, the Jews, the Greeks or the Portuguese never actually complained, because they saw it as a way of protecting their cultures and their way of life.

Only the blacks and the coloureds objected to these laws. One cannot blame them for wanting to breed with whites, because it is a natural phenomenon supported by Darwin to select superior genes for your offspring.

Therefore the desire of coloureds and blacks to breed with whites is an admission on their part that whites have superior genes. If they are so convinced about black superiority then they would select the best amongst their own.

The Seal/Heidi Klum, O.J.Simpson/Nicole, Tiger Woods/Elin Nordegren, Alan Boesak/ Elna … type relationships are testimony only to the inferiority these men feel about their own people and about themselves.

In their desire to be with white women and produce children with them they acknowledge their own inferiority and the inferiority of their own women. It is clear that the LWB`s (Liberal White Bitches) who married these so called successful Blacks had only money, status and limelight on their agendas, but every single one eventually came face to face with the degenerate criminal streak inherent in the black genes.

It would actually be amusing to know what black women think of these race traitor men of them, because as soon as they have a bit of money, they buy themselves a white whore that no respectable white man will even touch with a barge pole.

Coming back to the South African situation, we have to decide whether the laws of Apartheid was justified. Did it succeed in protecting ALL the citizens of South Africa?

Here we have to consider short term and long term goals. In the short term the laws of Apartheid ensured relative safety and peace between various races and cultures that can not be equalled by the current ANC Marxist terrorist regime. In fact if it was not for the insurrection of the communist agitators, we would still be living in peace and harmony with each other today.

In the long term…? Well the proof is in the proverbial pudding. All the different tribes of South Africa with their diverse cultures and languages are still largely intact and with us today. We have to thank he policies of “Mother tongue education” at least in primary school level and separate, but equal, development.

If the argument is to promote and protect diversity then Nationalism has passed with flying colours and honours.

My original question therefore still stands, “Whether laws against miscegenation are the job of the government?”

Personally I believe that mother nature will take care of this. The only law we need in this respect is the law of nature. In formalising a natural law, the NP opened themselves up to attack. All things considered one can understand their rationale as a professional government wishing to protect all of its citizens, irrespective of their diversity. They have fully succeeded in that.

During the 1980`s Professor Heese from Stellenbosh University wrote a book called, “Groep Sonder Grense” (Group without borders) where he researched the interracial marriages amongst whites and coloureds during the early periods of European settlement at the Cape. His conclusion was that Whites in South Africa have about 6% coloured blood in them. Many say that his book was banned by the NP government, but it is utter nonsense. I was personal friends with the son of Prof. Heese, namely Johan.

He took a lot of flack from teachers because of the book his dad wrote, so much so that he had to change schools, but we all got to read “Groep sonder Grense”. It was not banned at all.

The 6% coloured genes Prof. Heese referred to was actually less than France who has a 9% miscegenation rate. And less than Germany, Belgium or The Netherlands.

In South Africa amongst the Afrikaners we have a special family, a special paradox, called the Breytenbach brothers.

On the one hand we have Colonel Jan Breytenbach, Commander of the crack South African Defence Force, Special Forces known as “The Recces” (Recognisance Unit). He was also commander of the most decorated unit namely “32 Batalion” (Buffalo soldiers, mainly black unit with white officers fighting communists). He was also commander of the 44th Parra Brigade. A finer soldier on the face of this earth will be hard to find.

On the other hand we had his brother, Breyten Breytenbach. He fell in love with a French/Vietnamese woman and was not allowed to live with her in South Africa. Breyten Breytenbach is one of our best poets and novelists. He went to France and founded an anti Apartheid organisation called Okhela. He planned terrorist attacks against white South Africans and tried to re-enter in 1975, but his own ANC Marxist buddies who did not trust him sold him out and he spent 7 years in prison for high treason.

Breyten Breytenbach, a victim of the mixed marriages act, is your typical liberal useful idiot who still do not know where he stands. The one moment he praises the ANC and the next he criticises them.

Recently he declared that we are all coloureds of various degrees, we are the “Rainbow nation” after all…

Now I do not have a problem with that per se….Problem is that the ANC on all their government forms still insist on us declaring our race, because they allocate Affirmative Action quotas and BEE contracts to non-whites. So if we are all so “Coloured”, what is the problem? When can we start to insist on our AA and BEE rights?

Part 14 Scapegoating Apartheid to steal our country and our wealth

There are several reasons why South Africa had to be given over to the ANC Marxist terrorists; Apartheid was not one of them.

Compared to human rights abuses in Islamic and Communist countries, Apartheid was actually mild. By 1987 just about all the Apartheid laws were abolished, but the world still kept sanctions and boycotts against South Africa.

It becomes clear that the “Struggle against Apartheid” was nothing more than a deception by international power players to get their hands on the treasure chest of the world, namely South Africa.

There were mainly three reasons to conquer South Africa by any and all means.

1) South Africa is the richest country in the world when one considers the mineral wealth beneath its soil 2) South Africa was a Christian and Nationalist state and therefore a rock in the way of globalists. 3) The strategic sea route around the Cape of Good Hope was in the hands of these Nationalists.

South Africa‟s wealth

Just before the outbreak of the Second Anglo Boer war, “Human rights abuses” was used as a stick by British imperialist to get their hands on the wealth of the Boers. This excuse would be repeated again fifty years later in 1948 to vilify and demonize the whites of South Africa and more specifically the Afrikaners as the creators of the evil system of “Apartheid”. This term was created by the media. The official policy of the government was “Separate and equal development”.

In the previous chapter, I showed clearly that the Afrikaners were NOT the architects of Apartheid neither where they the only ones who practiced it, yet countries with far worse human rights records hypocritically installed a full spectrum of sanctions against South Africa.

Whenever I think about the demise of South Africa, I think about lions and hyenas fighting over the carcass of a dead Springbok. Once they have eaten themselves full, they leave the rest for the vultures (the ANC) to pick off.

But why would the entire world gang up against four million whites at the Southern tip of Africa?

The reason is that South Africa possesses the mineral wealth that can make it a superpower in the world. In the 21st century the mineral wealth of South Africa will surpass the oil wealth of the entire Arabic region.

Many of these minerals are critical to the Western weapons industry. Therefore the Soviet Union wanted their hands on these minerals so that they could first of all have control over all the mineral wealth in the world, and secondly so that they could deny the West these strategic minerals and in doing so win the cold war.

The West could not let this happen. They could not let the Communist control the mineral wealth of South Africa and in doing so cut off the jugular vein of the Western world and at the same time control the strategic sea route around the Cape of Good Hope.

If the Communists were allowed to control South Africa they could form a mineral cartel similar to that of the OPEC oil cartel and could close the tap on the West whenever they felt like it.

South Africa possesses 93% of the world‟s Manganese, 83% of the Platinum, 61% of the world‟s Vanadium, 63% of the Gold, 29% of all the diamonds, amongst many others.

The Communists knew that whoever controlled the strategic Cape sea route also controlled a jugular vein of the Western economy. About a quarter of the West‟s oil comes around the Cape. On average 70 ships round the Cape of Good Hope every day. That is about 25,000 ships a year with a Brutto Registered Tonnage (BRT) of 550 million tons. (Welt am Sontag, special edition May/June 1986).

By now the reader is probably asking himself why the West would have sanctions against a pro-western, anti-communist country such as South Africa. Not only would they cut off their own jugular, but also that of neighbouring Southern African countries that depended on the harbours of South Africa for their exports of ore.

Is it really believable that the West would risk suicide because of a system such as Apartheid? Why would the West support a Marxist terrorist organisation such as the ANC, whose goal always was to make South Africa a member of the Communist world?

The answer to this we will only find when we see the onslaught against South Africa in a holistic, global strategic way in which the West and the East had common goals.

In his book, “The War on Gold”, Dr. Anthony Sutton writes that the reasons for the onslaught against South Africa had very little to do with human rights issues or the internal politics of South Africa. That was all just propaganda for the war on Gold.

Dr. Sutton adds that Henry Kissinger, who left the prosecution of political dissidents in the USSR untouched, would also not be touched by the welfare and concern about voting rights for blacks in South Africa.

Professor Sutton adds that the war on gold was orchestrated from Wall Street who also financed the Bolshevik Revolution. These diabolical International financiers want a “New World Order”, a one world government of “Dollar Imperialism” under Wall Street control under which the USSR would only be a technical and economic colony of the United Nations. (See “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Dr. Anthony Sutton).

The independence and sovereignty of any nation is a stumbling block in the way of people who wants a one world government with a single currency, a world police force and a world army.

The UN delegate Andrew Young, after a visit to Windhoek, Namibia told journalists that a Communist Angola or Namibia would not bother the USA in the least, because such countries would always be an easy market for goods from the USA. The payment would always be in the form of mineral concessions that the enslaved nations would be required to work for.

Today the colonisation of Africa is made out to be the enslavement of blacks, but this is simply nonsense. The colonisation of Africa meant advancement for blacks. A better living standard, education and peace like they never experienced before.

It is the Decolonisation of Africa that means slavery to these blacks. Never before in history has blacks been so much exploited and enslaved as after decolonisation. None of the colonial powers such as France, Belgium, England, Portugal or even the Whites of South Africa have ever exploited the blacks of

Africa as much as the High Financiers are doing today. These Third World countries are de facto the property of high finance groups who make their currencies into worthless paper and any loans in US dollars have to be paid back in the form of mineral concessions.

This neo-colonisation of Africa by Wall Street is thus hitting two birds with one stone. Firstly they get their paws on the mineral wealth of the country and secondly the country sacrifices its independence and sovereignty in the march to a one world government.

A strong, independent sovereign and White South Africa that possessed the largest Gold reserves in the

world and, next to the USSR the largest reserves of strategic minerals, therefore became a gigantic rock

in the way of these global financers and their planned Socialist World Government.

A corrupt black, Communist government is much easier manipulated than a professional and strong

incorruptible white government.

Neither the Western financers nor the Communists ever give anything away for free. All the weapons and money the ANC received from the Communists and the West needs to be repaid now. Further the ANC takes on massive projects such as building of (low quality) houses for blacks, acquiring weapons such as frigates, submarines and fighter jets from Europe to a country that is not at war and at peace with all its neighbours. Soccer stadiums are built that will become white elephants in no time. They set up Socialist schemes such as the “All-pay” system of paying grants to unproductive and lazy blacks that breed more unproductive and lazy blacks. They give out contracts for new types of driver‟s licenses, passports, etc…

All of these government schemes are contracted out to companies owned by the top brass of the ANC

and needs to be financed from somewhere. The Western financiers are only too glad to grant them loans

of billions of dollars that ends up straight in the pockets of ANC fat cats such as Tokyo Sexwale and

Patrice Motsepe.

At the end of the day this money needs to be paid back…by the white taxpayer, the enslaved milk cow of the ANC. It is therefore in the interest of the ANC to prevent the whites of South Africa to find out the true

extent of the theft and rape of the country that is currently being perpetrated under their noses. It is in the interest of the ANC to paint a rosy picture of a rainbow nation and dumbing whites down into believing all

is well in South Africa, because they cannot afford all the whites to leave the country as more than a

million of the four million whites have already done.

But the Global Financiers are not really bothered about how many whites leave South Africa. In fact the sooner they leave the better, because the moment the milk cow runs away, the sooner the ANC will have nothing to repay the financiers and the sooner they will start pawning off the mineral concessions of South Africa.

The problem is that they did not reckon with the tenacity of white South Africans who love their country and who do not want to or can not leave. These whites stay and work themselves to death to appease the ANC…hoping that it will be enough to ensure their continued existence in a country that is going to the dogs. They do not realise that they are persona non grata in South Africa.

The chess game starts to become a bit clearer once they realise that the end solution is to get rid of all whites in South Africa. If the whites do not want to leave willingly then they should be terrorised into leaving through violent house invasions, rape, torture, and farm murders. The final solution will be an all out, full blown genocide of white South Africans.

That is why we see this playoff of racial tensions between white and black South Africans who are all too ignorant to realise that they are just white and black pawns in a chess game that they do not understand and where the wealth of South Africa is the prize.

Unless whites leave South Africa to the last man, they will soon become the targets of impatient global financiers who are using the blacks as their instruments to get their hands on our mineral wealth by any

means. It has nothing to do with racism or human rights; it is just business as usual for the financial elite of the world.

Many will say that the mineral wealth and the marine resources of South Africa was not the property of the Boers to start with, that it belonged to the blacks all along, but that is devoid from any truth as I have explained so far in this series. The Blacks and the Whites were contemporary settlers of South Africa. The Boers discovered the gold and the diamonds that the blacks were sitting on and did not even value. The law of “Finders Keepers” therefore prevails. Blacks never extracted any gold from ore. The blacks did not eat fish because they have a fear of the ocean and never even had dug-out canoes. The whites of South Africa started mining and fishing on a commercial scale and therefore have full claim to these resources.

The selling out of whites and the treason by their own leaders who were collaborators of these global institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commission will be dealt with in future posts.

The shocking truth of how bankers, countries, large corporations and church organisations ganged up and mobbed against an anti communist, Christian, sovereign nation will all be revealed…

Part 15 Smuts and Rhodes’ ―World State‖

The history you will read below is denied to most students today at school, but relatively freely available to people who are willing to do the research and make the connections.

Today we find many so called “Conspiracy theorists” who speak of a “World State” and those who try to make them off as nutters, even in the face of hardcore proven facts and evidence. Most of the time truth and facts are all we need to see and understand what happened to South Africa.

The idea of a “One world government” with a one world army and police force under the UN, might be familiar to most readers who are observers of world affairs and who can see that we are daily tiptoeing towards a Communist totalitarian state. What most people do not know is that since Machiavelli first rolled the ball and proposed the basic idea of world government and rule without scruple of justice or humanity, the ball was picked up in South Africa by team mates Rhodes and Smuts who ran with it.

South Africa by team mates Rhodes and Smuts who ran with it. In order for us

In order for us to understand why Apartheid was scapegoated to hand South Africa over to Marxist Black terrorists; how South Africa became the skunk amongst nations, why the Western Capitalist as well as the Communists and every man and his dog ganged up on us…we have to look at events holistically. We need to see the roots, the trunk the branches and the position of the tree in the forest. We need to see the position of the forest in the country, the country on the continent, the continent in the world and the world in the universe.

It is only then that we will understand why South Africa had to go and why Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, who saw himself as an “unmovable piece of granite” was assassinated.

A good point to start with is the idea of “Holism” or the man who coined the word “holistic” namely General Field Marshal Jan Smuts

Today when one speaks to Black people in South Africa one would soon hear that they do not really mind racists, because they say, “At least we know where we stand”.

With Liberals it is a different story. Helen Zille of the DA has tried her entire life to win the support and respect of the Blacks, but I can assure her it will never happen. In Credo Mutwa‟s book, “My People” he says that Blacks do not trust liberals. Blacks never know where they stand with liberals who are nice in front of them, but try to shaft them behind their backs. Blacks of South Africa have an immense respect for President Paul Kruger, but they have no respect for Jan Smuts…and with good reason.

Jan Smuts advocated racial segregation for most of his career, but after loosing the election in 1948 to the National Party he changed his tune and issued the Fagan Report. The main recommendation of the commission's report was that influx control of African people to urban areas should be relaxed.

During the Second Anglo Boer War he led Boer troops in the Transvaal under Koos De la Rey who were supplied by the Germans, but afterwards in the First World War he turned against the Germans and Koos De la Rey and fought on the side of the British, with General Botha annexing the German Colony, German South West Africa, now known as Namibia and commanding the British in German East Africa .

Smuts was a bright character. He graduated from Stellenbosch University with honours in Science and Literature. He then studied many subjects at Cambridge in England amongst other things, Law.

Back in Cape Town he became a lawyer and journalist for the Cape Times. He also became friends with Cecil John Rhodes, who owned the De Beers mining company, and became his personal law advisor.

When Rhodes launched the Jameson Raid in 1895-96 Smuts was furious and felt betrayed by his friend and employer and subsequently left De Beers to go to Johannesburg.

Again Smut‟s erratic behaviour came to the fore. At first he fully supported Rhodes‟ expansionism policies, but suddenly was its biggest opponent.

After the war, Smuts was instrumental in drawing up plans for the unification of the two Boer Republics of Orange Free State and Transvaal and the two British colonies of Natal and the Cape that happened in


Smuts created the South African Defence Force and served on the British Imperial war cabinet during WW1 as well as WW2. He also helped to create the Royal Air Force. He was a signature at the treaty of Versailles and a proponent of The League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations.

After WW2 Smuts worked day and night to draw up the charter for the new United Nations. Smuts had a driving force and personal philosophy called “Holism” defined as "the tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts through creative evolution"

One biographer ties together his far-reaching political vision with his technical philosophy:

“It had very much in common with his philosophy of life as subsequently developed and embodied in his Holism and Evolution. Small units must needs develop into bigger wholes, and they in their turn again must grow into larger and ever-larger structures without cessation. Advancement lay along that path. Thus the unification of the four provinces in the Union of South Africa, the idea of the British Commonwealth of Nations, and, finally, the great whole resulting from the combination of the peoples of the earth in a great league of nations were but a logical progression consistent with his philosophical tenets.” Smuts was seriously disappointed when at the first UN general assembly in 1946, India chastised him about his racial policies and the condition of Indians in SA.

Smuts' view of Africans was patronising, he saw them as immature human beings that needed the guidance of whites, an attitude that reflected the common perceptions of the white minority population of South Africa in his life time and in 1929 he justified the erection of separate institutions for blacks and whites in tones reminiscent of the later practice of apartheid.

The United Nations would be one of the first double speak, Orwellian Newspeak names we will encounter, because the UN is an organisation that is suppose to keep peace, but their means is making war…an organisation that did not come to unite nations, but to destroy nations on its march to a one world government.

But what about Cecil John Rhodes, Smuts‟ drinking partner before the Anglo/Boer War? Rhodes got much of his ideas from John Ruskin, a “Do-Gooder” liberal arsehole who was famous for his impassionate championship of “the downtrodden masses”. Funny enough, Ruskin‟s life ended with a mental breakdown as so often happens with La-La-Land Liberals who think themselves God-Like. Nevertheless Rhodes was a student of Ruskin at Oxford where Ruskin spoke of a “New Imperialism”.

He told his aristocratic students that to preserve their privileged lives they have to absorb the lower classes and that they have to extend it to the non-English world.

Rhodes was greatly influenced by Ruskin and when he arrived in SA, he had an idea and that was to make the entire Africa British or as he said it, “Paint the map of Africa Red (i.e. British)”

More than fifty biographies were written about Rhodes, A university in Grahamstown South Africa is

named after him, two countries (North and South Rhodesia) were named after him. (Today called Zambia and Zimbabwe).A massive memorial to him stands below the University of Cape Town.

In his first will, Rhodes wrote his ambition was “ extending British rule , throughout the world and founding so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible and promote the interest of humanity.”

Rhodes also set up a secret society called the Round Table based on the Jesuit model (Society of Jesus) and interestingly enough also the model that Adam Weishaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati adopted in 1785 and also used by the Communists. The model works on a principal of circles within circles where the inner circles knows more than the circles surrounding it. In the inner circle (“Circle of initiates”) were Lord Rothchild, Sir Harry Johnston, Mr Balfour, and other personages prominent on the South African scene. The outer circle was called “the Association of Helpers” or as Lenin called them, “The useful idiots”. We simply refer to them as “Liberals”.

Another of Rhodes‟s legacies is the Rhodes Scholarship under which about a hundred young men are handpicked from the British empire, the USA and Germany every year to spend two years at Oxford University where they receive special instruction in world affairs, the object being so that, “after 30 years there would be between two and three thousand men in the prime of life scattered all over the world, each one of whom would have impressed on his mind in the most susceptible period of his life the dream of the Founder. Moreover each one of whom, would have been specially, mathematically selected towards the Founder‟s purpose”. Prominent Rhodes scholars include Bill Clinton, actor/singer Kris Kristofferson, Edwin Hubble (Hubble space tellescope), film director Terrence Malik (The Thin red Line and Badlands) and feminist Naomi Wolf who wrote “The beauty myth”.

Lord Milner became the head of the Round Table in 1891 and surrounded himself with a group of young men called, “Milner‟s Kindergarten”. Prominent members were, Phillip Kerr who held many positions in British South Africa, Lord Lothian, British ambassador in Washington and Lionel CurtisBritish Official and author who promoted a World State. He became the head of the Round Table when Milner died.

Lord Lothian was the one who said that, “We should strive to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”…

I find it amusing how “World State”, “One World Government” proponents always claim that “Peace” and “Heaven” will come of their efforts, but in reality it just brings more and more war, suffering and death.

Blacks in South Africa and Africa as a whole believe that they have aquired “Freedom”, but all they experience is death and misery. As George Orwell said in “1984”…, “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength”

In the next edition we will see the happenings on the other side of the Atlantic, namely in the USA and Canada…the role-players, the Rhodes and Smuts successors, who would strive for a “One World Government” and how they sold out the whites in Africa.

Part 16 - The hidden government

One of the basic strategies of war is to find and identify your enemy. If we want to know who the enemies of South Africa were and who constantly crucified us upside down at the United Nations for “The Crime of Apartheid”, then we should open a few cans of worms and peek deep down the rabbit-hole

The attack against South Africa was never about the abolishment of Apartheid. It was about the destruction of all western systems of freedom and democracy. They wanted Western Capitalism to be replaced with Scientific Socialism.

Most people understand the Communist attack on South Africa, but why the Western World also climbed in and kicked us while we were down is a bitter pill to swallow and difficult to understand. We were a pro Western, Capitalist, Nationalist and Christian country. Why would the Western World attack us?

Most people refuse to believe that the West can be bad. That the West can support Communism. “How can Capitalist leaders cut off their own necks”? they ask…

Dr Carrol Quigley wrote a monumental work on the subject called. “Tragedy and Hope” and the entire text can be read online. Quigley was a highly respected professor at Princeton and Harvard Universities. He was the mentor of Bill Clinton who was one of his students. He was also professor of history at Georgetown University and did 25 years of in depth research before he wrote his book. I won‟t call such a great man a “conspiracy theorist” rather a realist who saw how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Here is an excerpt from his book “Tragedy and Hope”…

“There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates to some extent in the way the Radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

About the same time of Rhodes‟s death in 1902, Smut‟s ideas of a Union of South Africa (that would destroy the two Boer Republics forever) and Milner surrounding himself with his “Kindergarten”…Woodrow Wilson became the president of the USA (1913). He is often credited for his “Fourteen Point plan” and one of the drafters of the League of Nations, the forerunner to the United Nations for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1919.

The ―Presidential Advisors‖

The presidency of Woodrow Wilson saw the introduction of what is now called “The Presidential Advisers” who are still haunting the White House to this day. It is based on a Boer general namely Jan Smuts‟ ideas who was a traitor of South Africa, a collaborator of the “One World Government” who served on two British war councils during two world wars as an “Advisor”.

It started with a character called Edward Mandell House who was an American diplomat, politician, and presidential advisor. He was also a Marxist. Commonly known by the title of Colonel House, although he had no military experience, he had enormous personal influence with U.S. President Woodrow Wilson as his foreign policy advisor until Wilson removed him in 1919. In 1921 He founded the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) whose purpose was to communize and destroy the freedom and independence of the

United States, and to lead the country into a one-world government.

In 1912, House wrote the fictional book "Philip Dru: Administrator" in which he (Dru) was working for "Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx."

In this book, House planned the conquest of America, telling how both the Democratic and Republican Parties would be controlled, and be used as instruments in the creation of a socialistic government. In his fictional perverse mind, he leads the democratic western U.S. in a civil war against the plutocratic East, becoming the dictator of America. It is said that after President Wilson read the book "Philip Dru:

Administrator" he had a stroke and pined into senility and his second wife became the de facto president of the USA for a while. Every single president of the USA since Wilson has read the book that Mandell House wrote.

House also asked for the establishment of a state-controlled central bank which was also proposed in "The Communist Manifesto". In 1913, both of these proposals became law.

The Federal Reserve Act was passed, which brought into power a private central bank to create the money of the United States, taking this power away from the United States Congress. And the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution, (graduated income tax as proposed by Karl Marx), was also ratified. In 1940, at the invitation of President Roosevelt, members of the CFR gained domination over the State Department, and they have maintained this domination ever since. More on this organization later.

Another famous one of these “Advisors” was Bernard Baruch who was of German Jewish origin and advisor to six presidents of the USA over a period of 60 years.

Baruch was also known as the “Park bench statesman”. He preferred to do his business on a park bench, because he was well aware of bugging devices. During both World Wars he was ever insistent that “One man” become the head of an “Advisory Commission” to the Defense Council of which an investigating commission of Congress in 1919 said, “It served as the secret government of the United states”.

In 1935 he said something that shows what he had in store for the American people…”had the 1914-1918 war gone on another year our whole population could have emerged in cheap but serviceable uniforms”, shoe sizes being the only permissible variation.

Mr Baruch in those words revealed his vision of a future America: a faceless mindless mob allowed only to do labour, provided with Identity numbers and bread cards - (The Grand design Douglas Reed).

Next up is Harry Lloyd Hopkins , an ulcerous type, intense, jittering with nerves, a chain smoker , black coffee drinker and the closest advisor to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

This Roosevelt era is quite significant, because it was at the end of WW2 that Mr. Hopkins and a guy called Alger Hiss gave half of Europe away to Communist at the Yalta conference. This period is probably the darkest days in the history of Europe and it will take generations to recover from the yoke of Communism.

This man Alger Hiss would later be tried for treason, because he was a communist spy. Alger Hiss was also one of the founding members of the United Nations.

Over the years we would see many more of these “Advisers”, but probably the worst one of them all would be Henry Kissinger. Never before in history have humanity had a larger, more diabolical enemy than Henry Kissinger.

After the United Nations were formed, we saw a series of “No-Win Wars” against communism, as Douglas Reed, British author, journalist and playwright calls it in, “The Grand Design” and “The Siege of South Africa”.

First one of these “No-Win Wars” would be Korea where American, British, Australian and Canadian troops would be sent to fight Communist who was supplied with aircraft, artillery and amour by “Advisor” Mr. Hopkins. South Africa, as part of the UN, also sent troops and pilots.

It was all deception. When the successful American commander, MacArthur, wished hotly to pursue a beaten enemy across the Yalu River, President Harry Truman sacked the general. Korea was portioned off like Europe and Germany, and the Communists were left with the Northern half.

These “No-Win” wars we saw through from Korea, Vietnam and Namibia, to present day Iraq and Afghanistan, where both sides are supplied with weapons and money from the same sides and profits are made on the corpses of Western White men.

But let us look at some of these organizations that would play major roles in attacking us in South Africa and who supported Marxist terrorists with money, training and logistics. Prof. Quigley calls them “An Anglophile Network” founded out of the Round Table of Rhodes from South Africa. Scary to think that this spider web had its origins in South Africa of all places, but it is all true.

Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House)

The RIIA is a British think tank that absorbed Rhodes‟ Round Table and Milner‟s “Kindergarten” members. It was founded in 1920 and is part of the British establishment.

Chatham House holds meetings at which members, discuss the on goings of world affairs. Over the years many famous statesmen have spoken to distinguished audiences at Chatham House. Recent notable speakers include Jack Straw (British Foreign Secretary) and the Palestinian Prime Minister.

Its famous Chatham House Rule, when invoked, ensures confidentiality of all meeting participants. The rule currently reads as follows:

"When a meeting or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed".

Council on Foreign Relations

Prof. Carroll Quigley ( who was a CFR member himself) writes in his book, "Tragedy & Hope":

"The CFR is the American Branch of a society which originated in England, and which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established."

Rear Admiral Chester Ward, a former member of the CFR for 16 years, warned the American people of the organization‟s intentions:

"The most powerful clique in these elitist groups has one objective in common they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty of the national independence of the United States. A second clique of international members in the CFR comprises the Wall Street international bankers and their key agents. Primarily, they want the world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in the control of global government." And Dan Smoot, a former member of the FBI Headquarters staff in Washington, D.C., summarized the organization‟s purpose as follows:

"The ultimate aim of the CFR is to create a one-world socialist system, and to make the U.S. an official part of it." The CFR‟s activities are treasonous to the U.S. Constitution. Their goal is to destroy the United States of America, and to make the country a part of their global government scheme.

It has to be further remembered that there are over 170 journalists, correspondents, and communications executives who are members of the CFR. The leaders of „Time‟, „Newsweek‟, „Fortune‟, „Business Week‟, and numerous other publications are CFR members. Its members have run, or are running, NBC and CBS, „The New York Times‟, „The Washington Post‟, „The Des Moines Register‟, and many other important newspapers.

The Trilateral Commision

In 1973, The Trilateral Commission was founded by David Rockefeller and Jimmy Carter amongst others. David Rockefeller is the head of the Chase Manhattan Bank (now called JP Morgan Chase). He is the grandson of J.D. Rockefeller who founded Standard Oil.

The Trilateral Commission was kick started with a donation from the Ford-Foundation to work for the same goal: a one-world government.

The Trilateral Commission's roots stems from the book, "Between Two Ages", written by Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1970. In this book, Brzezinski praised Marxism, thought of the United States as obsolete, and praised the formation of a one-world government. Senator Barry Goldwater said this of the TC:

"The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the U.S

David Rockefeller appointed Zbigniew Brzezinski to be the Director of the Trilateral Commission.

The Bilderberg Group

David Rockefeller is also a member of the Bilderberg group, a highly secretive international think tank who meets annually since 1954. This group, some believe conspires to foster global government. It was founded by Joseph Retinger, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Belgian Prime Minister Paul Van Zeeland. Bilderberg invites 100 (or more) of "the most powerful people in Europe and North America", for annual, closed door meetings at five star resorts. The group stresses secrecy:

"What's said at a Bilderberg conference stays at a Bilderberg conference." Source

Another prominent member of the Bilderberg group is Dr Henry Kissinger who was instrumental in the downfall of South Africa and a personal friend of Pik Botha, former Foreign Affairs and Information Minister of South Africa. You can read more and watch some interesting videos at the links below.

The Tavistock Institute

In his book Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, Dr. John Coleman, "a former intelligence agent of British MI6," discusses the The Tavistock Institute for Human Behaviour. (Founded in 1946 by a grant from the Rockefeller foundation).

The Tavistock Institute developed the mass brainwashing techniques which were first used experimentally on American prisoners of war in Korea. Its experiments in crowd control methods have been widely used on the American public, a surreptitious but nevertheless outrageous assault on human freedom by modifying individual behavior through topical psychology.

A German refugee, Kurt Lewin, became director of Tavistock in 1932. He came to the U.S. in 1933 as a

refugee, the first of many infiltrators, and set up the Harvard Psychology Clinic, which originated the propaganda campaign to turn the American public against Germany and involve us in World War II.

Coleman states that "All Tavistock and American foundation techniques have a single goal---to break down the psychological strength of the individual and render him helpless to oppose the dictators of the World Order.

There are numerous other organizations at play in this global game that is marching us on to a One World Government.

They all interlink and who all strive for the same goal, that of a one world government, but the major player s at this poker game have been named and will suffice as far as this article stretches. This rabbit hole is unbelievably deep. The bottom of which we are still trying to find.


is only through an understanding of the position of South Africa and its White population in the context


these international role players and organizations that we will be able to understand why South Africa

had to be handed over to Black Marxist terrorist.

It is not my aim to expose every single person or organization who is striving for this “One World Socialist Utopia”.

To me it will be sufficient if the reader can grasp and comprehend that the attack on South Africa had very little to do with our internal politics of “Separate, but equal development”, today known as “Apartheid”.

It was an orchestrated plan flowing down from the top of international globalists; both Communist and

Capitalists, who saw South Africa as a major stone in the path of their march towards a totalitarian one world government.

Not only did we have untold riches in minerals beneath the soil of or country, not only did we control a major shipping route around the Cape of Good Hope, but we were also a shining example of the success

of Nationalism as opposed to the failure of Communism on the rest of the continent and in the rest of the


Communism is such a useless self destructing system that primary school children can grasp the simplicity of its failures. Without massive financial support from the Western Capitalists it would soon self destruct and disappear down the toilet of shit political and economical ideas.

The sick Frankenstein Monster of Communism is plugged into a lifeline from global bankers who ensures that their creation, their diabolical baby, survives.


good example is the two Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique.


Angola the Americans supported the mildly communist Dr. Jonas Savimbi of UNITA against the

severely Communist MPLA government with money and “Stinger” missiles. In Mozambique the Communist FRELIMO were supported by the Chase Manhattan Bank of David Rockefeller. The opposition RENAMO, supported from South Africa was about to take over control in Mozambique at one stage, when David Rockefeller personally flew in to prop up the Communist FRELIMO Government.

The effect of the carnage that took place in those two countries is still visible to this day.

To us it will always seems like a Capatalist/Communist paradox…something that does not make sense…But Author Garry Allen in his book, “None dare call it Conspiracy” sums it up beautifully on page


―If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to

consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of superrich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite.‖

Page 35

If you wanted to control the nation's manufacturing, commerce, finance, transportation and natural

resources, you would need only to control the apex, the power pinnacle, of an all-powerful socialist government. Then you would have a monopoly and could squeeze out all your competitors. If you wanted

a national monopoly, you must control a national socialist government. If you want - a worldwide monopoly, you must control a world socialist government. That is what the game is all about. "Communism" is not a movement of the downtrodden masses but is a movement created, manipulated

and used by power-seeking billionaires in order to gain control over the world

socialist governments in the various nations and then consolidating them all through a "Great Merger," into an all-powerful world, socialist super-state

first by establishing

Page 37 But the ultimate advantage the creditor has over the king or president is that if the ruler gets out of line the banker can finance his enemy or rival. Therefore, if you want to stay in the lucrative king-financing business, it is wise, to have an enemy or rival waiting in the wings to unseat every king or president to whom you lend. If the king doesn't have an enemy, you must create one.

And so my dear readers were an enemy created. That “Enemy” was “Apartheid” and the whites of South Africa who upheld it.

In the next edition we will look at the dream of Smuts and Rhodes that we today know as the nightmare of the United Nations and the hypocrisy of nations who slagged us off and turned us into the skunks of the world, You will be shocked past your bones to your soul…

Part 17 The Banking Conspiracy

I was going to jump to the UN and show how SA

became a skunk amongst Nations, but in the light of new evidence in the form of admission and confirmation from none other than ex Foreign minister Roelof Frederik (Pik) Botha about the role of international banks ganging up against South Africa during the National Party government, I thought it appropriate to explain in

more detail how huge international banks manipulate countries.

I have also received some requests to explain the methods used by bankers.

some requests to explain the methods used by bankers. Kindly note that I am not being

Kindly note that I am not being “anti-Capitalist” in exposing these bankers. Quite the contrary; I am in full favour of laissez faire capitalism, but one has to distinguish between genuine free market capitalism and that of manipulative high finance Mega-banking monopolies.

"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent." (James Paul Warburg appearing before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on 7th February 1950. He was an international banker, a member of the CFR and financial advisor to F.D. Roosevelt)

I must admit that when I started this series, I knew I would sooner or later end up at a point where I had to address the influence of powerful international think tanks such as the RIIA, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission in bringing down South Africa and handing it over to a Black Marxist terrorist regime. I knew the time would come that I would have to address the role of Mega Bankers and how they financed the communist revolution in South Africa. I knew the time would come where I would be slammed with the epithet of “Conspiracy Theorist”.

I thought hard about how to address this issue. It is like being labeled a “Racist” when you speak the truth. In this case it is the same. There is however only one way to counter the lies and propaganda of these communists and that is with hard facts and the truth.

So along came Mr. Pik Botha who was the minister for foreign affairs as well as Information during the last years of Apartheid (1977-1994) and affirms everything I and so many other writers have discovered.

Last Sunday (6th of June 2010) he wrote an article in Rapport, the Afrikaans Sunday paper, titled “Die land wás op pad na ekonomiese verwoesting” (The country wás on its way to economic ruin)

In this article he affirms how the Chase Manhattan Bank of David Rockefeller wanted to call in all loans to the SA government. He further affirms his year‟s long friendship with Dr Henry Kissinger, that still continues to this day, and how he asked Kissinger to intervene with the Bank. Kissinger phoned him back 04h00 in the morning and told him that it was too late, there is nothing he could do and in fact the other banks were going to do the same thing. They were going to overnight ruin the economy of South Africa. It was only due to a rescue package from a Swiss Banker called Dr. Fritz Leutwiler that saved the country.

Every person who has done an in-depth study of how Apartheid was brought down comes to the same conclusions, the same discoveries, the same organizations, the same banks and the same names.

The internationally acclaimed journalist Aida Parker back in the Seventies published a series of articles in “The Citizen” called, “Secret War on South Africa”. This was a revolutionary move on her side. These well researched articles were so hot that she was forced to resign shortly after that and start her own edition called “The Aida Parker Newsletter”.

She came to exactly the same conclusions about the CFR, the RIIA, the TC and gigantic oil, industrial and banking concerns as well as international media corporation who wants to introduce “a world government or “Super state”.

The German author Klaus Vaqué in his book “Verrat an Südafrika” dedicates an entire chapter (Ch. 5) to the conspiracy of the Bankers against South Africa.

Eustace Mullins in his book Secrets of the Federal Reserve (1952) tells the story of a few New York bankers who met on the evening of 22 November 1910 at the Hoboken train station, New Jersey. They were to board the train and their destination was the exclusive Jekyl Island Hunt Club on Jekyl Island, Georgia that belonged to the J.P. Morgan bankers.

This group of bankers are known as the “Aldrich group” after Republican senator Nelson Aldrich who would lead the commission. With him was three bankers, Frank Vanderlip of the then mightiest bank, “National City Bank of NY”, to whom the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb and Company also belonged. The other two were Henry P. Davidson of J.P. Morgan Company and Charles D. Norton, the president of “First National Bank of New York”.

One other person who was part of this group was Paul Moritz Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb and Company. He was the principal representative of the European banking family, The Rothschilds.

These men left for Jekyl Island, not to go and hunt, but to work out a law that would be treason to America and would give these bankers control over the money of the USA. This law is called “The Federal Reserve act” of 1913. They waited until 23 December 1913 when most congress representatives would already be on Christmas holiday before they passed this bill (signed by Woodrow Wilson) through congress and got it approved. On this day ended the American constitution and the freedom of Americans were handed over to a handful of bankers.

How the Bankers make money out of War.

Every government spends more money than they get in taxes. They use this for big projects such as dams, roads or simply for free handouts.

This money is then borrowed from these big banks and the taxpayers pay the money and interest back. It is thus in the interest of these bankers to drive up the debt of a country, because more debt means more interest.

Nothing drives a country deeper in debt than a war. So if the banks want to make money, they just support the enemies of the state to initiate war, whereupon the state then borrows money from the bankers to fight this war. It is quite common for these bankers to finance both sides of the war. How many people dies in these conflicts means nothing to them.

The first harvest for these bankers came three years after passing the Federal Reserve Act at the end of the First World War,…and because it worked so well, they built in the start of another World War into the Treaty of Versailles.

The Vietnam War could have been won within months if the generals were allowed to do their job. Ten years and 58,156 dead American soldiers later the only ones who won were the bankers.

Today many people believe that Communism is a movement of suppressed masses who are fighting against the exploitation from their employers. Nothing is further from the truth.

Most people know that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia came in (Oct) November 1917, but few knows that the Tsar already abdicated in March, seven months before that. At that time there was an interim, provisional government run by prince Lvov, moulded on the American model. Unfortunately Alexander Kerensky a Socialist revolutionary succeeded prince Lvov. He then lifted a ban on all communists that were previously banned under the Tsar and so allowed 250,000 communist revolutionaries to re-enter the country.

When the Tsar abdicated, Lenin and Trotsky were in exile in Switzerland and the US respectively. At that time the Bolsheviks were no real power in Russia. Lenin was sent all across Europe in his sealed train and had about $5-6 million of gold with him. It was arranged by the German High Command, Max Warburg and Alexander Helphand.

The father-in-law of Max Warburg‟s brother, Felix, namely Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb & Co also helped finance the Bolshevik Revolution.

According to the newspaper “Journal American” of 3 February 1949, Jacob Schiff donated $20 million dollars to the Bolsheviks.

Mr. Bakhmetiev, the last Russian Imperial ambassador in the USA said that the Bolsheviks transferred more than 600 million rubles to Kuhn Loeb & Co between the years of 1918-1922.

As we can see, the revolution never comes from the oppressed masses it comes from the top down or from the outside in. It is financed from high power and finance institutions. No war just breaks out spontaneously, it is carefully orchestrated.

Not only did these bankers support the Communist, but they also kept them alive for decades. It is all documented in the work, “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development”, by Dr Anthony Sutton.

Everything the Soviets ever had has been acquired from the USA. One can say the Soviet Union was “Made in the USA”.

It does not matter whether a hundred million people died under Communism and 2 Billion are still enslaved under the Communist yoke today…it was a small price to pay for a future world government.

The methods used by these bankers are one of power play. They tell governments to toe the line or they will send the communists. They do this in Thailand, in Greece and they did the same in South Africa. There is a way to defeat these communists and bankers, but more on that in a later edition.

In South Africa these bankers supported the communists, because they knew that when the natives would start getting agitated and started revolting, the White people would try to appease the aggressors, by building them free houses, schools, hospitals, play parks etc…

The more the Whites built the more money they needed, so they borrowed it from the international banks.

The more the blacks were stirred, the more they demanded and the deeper the country got into debt. At the same time South Africa was fighting a prolonged war on the Angola Namibia border, had sanctions and embargoes against her and was losing a propaganda war at the United Nations and world media.

This tactic eventually becomes a vicious spiral until the point where these banks can literally bankrupt a country or a currency as we have seen recently in Greece and with the Euro. Such is the strategy of appeasement and why it will never work. The Beast is insatiable and there is only one way to stop its appetite for destruction; cut off its head.

Another technique they use is the one of “Angst”. The German word “Angst” is also in the English language, but it is hard to explain. It is something German people are very aware of, because their entire lives are based on it. Nobody is as “ängstlich” as Germans.

It is a condition of constant worrying and fear combined with anticipation and finding solutions. It is a technique used very well in the insurance industry. The more they can make you think and worry and fear, the more money they can make out of you. Inventing risks and fears where none exists is their game and we pay them just so we can sleep better at night.

One of these fears was the threat of nuclear war with the USSR during the Cold War that never existed. As Henry Kissinger once said, “The world‟s superpowers will never make war on another; The European ”

Socialists are too dumb to understand that. The Soviet Union is too badly prepared for it

This Soviet incompetence and bad preparedness was so well illustrated when a West German teenager named Mathias Rust flew a light aircraft from Finland through a supposedly impregnable air defence system, all along a railway track in Russia and landed on the Red Square in Moscow. It led to the firing of several senior Russian officers including the Defence Minister Sergei Sokolov. Today the Russians maintain that Rust was tracked several times, but they never received an order to shoot him down. Nonsense! They will never admit that they were outsmarted by a 17 year old boy.

Another example was the Russian aeroplane in which the Mozambiquen president Samora Machell died. An independent international investigation pointed out that bad maintenance of the aircraft and the

incompetence of the pilots who got lost and did not stick to the flight plan (probably drunk from too much

Vodka) were the reasons for the crash over South African territory, but hey communist to blame everything on big, bad, South Africa, as they did.


can always count on a

This technique of using angst is playing on our worst fears and used to great effect by the communist and international banking elite to get us to pay. Even our fear of the dark is being exploited as with ESKOM shutting down and blacking the country out. Eskom proposed a 35% increase in electricity tariffs and got from Nersa (National Energy Regulator) 25% in 2010 on top of a 30% increase in 2009 and a 28%

increase in 2008

of the dark. Source


the sheep just accepts it all without as much as a bleat, because they are scared

Today in the absence of The Soviet Union and Apartheid, new enemies should be created and fears exploited so that the bankers can make money and keep us enslaved. Our fear of suffocation is used to perpetuate lies about “Greenhouse gasses”, our fear of drowning is exploited to lie about “melting ice caps” and “global warming”. Our fear of terror lurking behind every bush (no pun intended) is used to fight “Al Qaida” for the control of the world Opium trade, our fear of prison or economic ruin is preventing us from speaking the truth and doing something about the killing of our people in South Africa…and so I can go on…fear, fear, fear…

These fears were used in South Africa to great effect. Apart from Black and White fearing being wiped out by another, we feared financial collapse as Pik Botha tried to tell us then and is telling us now. We feared the “Swartgevaar” (Black terror) and the “Rooigevaar” (Red Terror). We feared everything from world isolation to being caught out on camera by Leon Schuster.

Maybe if we feared GOD it would have gone better…

Nevertheless, FEAR is an acronym in the English language for "False Evidence Appearing Real. It makes the wolf appear bigger than he actually is. But it is through knowing the truth and exposing their methods that we will fear no more and laugh in the faces of these manipulators, because when we fear something we give it power…And that I refuse to do.

Part 18 Hypocrisy at the United Nations

In an excellent article, Citizen Kane, occasional contributor to the South Africa Sucks blog gave an accurate account of who and what the United Nations Organization actually is, namely a communist front.

I will therefore not duplicate what he mentions in his article, but simply underline it. What I want to highlight in this article is the hypocrisy of nations uttered at this communist platform against South Africa and how South Africa was turned into “A skunk amongst Nations” as Les De Villiers mentions in his book by the same name.

Les de Villiers who has a masters degree in linguistics was a journalist and diplomat in Canada and headed the South African Information Services in the USA for five years.

What irked him the most was the double standards of nations represented at the UN general assembly and the hypocrisy with which they slagged off South Africa and its human rights situation.

It was in 1960 that the Afrikaans Newspaper, “Die Burger” first took stock of South Africa‟s position in the world and called it, “Die Muishond van die wêreld” (The skunk of the world).

“Die Muishond van die wêreld” (The skunk of the world). It was Cicero who said, “When

It was Cicero who said, “When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff”.

you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff”. Judging from how SA was treated

Judging from how SA was treated at the UN from 1946 to 1994 it is clear that the UN had many students of Cicero.

At the end of WW2 Jan Smuts led the SA delegation at the San Francisco Conference where the UN was found. Like I have mentioned before, Smuts was one of the main writers of the UN charter. He also served as Chairman of the General Assembly. Smuts was well respected as a statesman during both war and peace.

In Article 2, paragraph 7 of the UN Charter it is stated clearly that the UN shall not intervene in matters which were essentially within the jurisdiction of any member state.

Great was Smut‟s surprise when at the very first UN General Assembly in 1946, India insisted that the condition of Indians in South Africa be discussed. This is the same India who has a caste system of discriminating against their own people and who have major issues with Pakistan over Kashmir.

Smuts found himself up against a stonewall of prejudice at the very organization he helped to create. At first there was only 51 states and from Africa only four, South Africa, Liberia, Ethiopia and Egypt.

After WW2 Africa was still mainly colonial, but during the fifties and sixties, Britain, France, Portugal and Belgium left Africa and the Communists took over almost all of their former colonies.

Today there are 53 African states out of 192 nations represented at the UN and they all have the same vote as western countries. Out of the world‟s 195 countries only three are today not members namely, Kosovo, Taiwan and The Vatican City.

Basically the UN is run by the Africans. Even Henry Kissinger admitted it, because the Blacks only have to open their mouths with a loud tribal howl and an automatic two-thirds majority occurs, thanks to the support from the Communists and the Asian bloc.

With this two-thirds majority, the African states rammed through dozens of condemnatory resolutions against Apartheid and South Africa and got Apartheid declared as a “Crime against humanity” in1976. Up until today, the UN General Assembly has not made any findings, nor have apartheid-related trials for crimes against humanity ever been conducted.

In 1971 Communist China was welcomed as a member of both the General Assembly and the Security Council at the expense of Taiwan (Nationalist China).

Communist China with a record of killing 25 million of its own citizens and till this day guilty of gross human rights abuses with a string of gulag death camps, forced abortions and killing 3000 pro democracy demonstrators at Tiananmen Square, is one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council. In 1972 they joined the pharisaical choir to get South Africa expelled from the UN.

pharisaical choir to get South Africa expelled from the UN. If Apartheid and South Africa did

If Apartheid and South Africa did not exist, they would have invented some other “Whipping boy”, because how else could they have ignored what was going on in Ireland, Vietnam, Nigeria, etc?

During these days at the UN it used to become customary for the African nations to stage mass walkouts every time a South African delegate mounted the podium. This is a testimony to the tolerance blacks have to viewpoints differing to their own. Their argument was that blacks in South Africa led a “subhuman existence”.

But then, in 1961, the then foreign minister of South Africa, Eric

Louw presented a factual comparison of the living conditions of blacks in South Africa compared to other African states. He proved that Blacks in SA had a higher per capita income, better educational opportunities, far superior medical and social services and altogether

a higher standard of living than anywhere in Africa.

How did the blacks respond to the truth? The Black African states engineered a motion of censure against him (first of its kind) and his speech was struck from the record.

Even “The Washington Post”, who regularly criticized South Africa, noted: “Nothing that South Africa has done and nothing that its representatives said, justified the mob-like censure which the United Nations visited upon that country and its Foreign Minister, Mr Eric Louw.”

In 1973, The Mauritian ambassador, Radla Kirshna Ramphul piped up and said that South Africa could not be heard in the General Assembly until her credentials were approved and it became impossible for South Africa to fully participate in the UN.

The next year, 1974, Bouteflika of Algeria took the presidential chair of the UN. Pik Botha, Foreign minister of South Africa who led a multiracial delegation mounted the rostrum to make a brief statement. Bouteflika‟s moustache twitched in disdain and he refused to recognize the presence of Botha, Botha responded by not congratulating him on his election to the presidency. It was clear…South Africa had no friends at the UN.

In 1974 came the call to have SA expelled from the UN. They voted 93 to 23 (14 abstaining) that SA was not fit for membership.

“Voor in die koor” (in the front of the choir) was the Ugandan Foreign minister Elizabeth Bagaya, representing a country run by a cannibalistic dictator Idi Amin who became synonomous with oppression of blacks (the Lango and Acholi people) and the indiscriminate execution of dissidents. Between 100,000 and 500,000 people were brutally murdered in Uganda at the time. She hardly batted an eyelid in listing the alleged “Crimes” of South Africa.

In that very same assembly, sat the Indians who gave Smuts such a hard time in 1946, seemingly unaware that Amin expelled all the Indians from Uganda. Nobody had the guts to object to this macabre performance. That nobody burst out laughing is beyond me.

When India, Pakistan and Ceylon(Sri Lanka) were taking on Jan Smuts over their brethren in SA, he offered to pay for their repatriation to their home countries. A small group from SA took him on on his offer as an advance party, but soon returned telling their fellow Indians in SA to stay where they were, because conditions in their motherland were unbearable. Indians in South Africa at the time enjoyed a per capita income six times higher than that in India and towards the end of Apartheid on par with and sometimes higher than that of whites.

These same Indians and the rest of the world who were slagging South Africa off about Apartheid at the UN seemed to be unconcerned about the 900,000 refugees who were fleeing religious persecution in India and Pakistan during the 1960‟s. They cared little for the 500,000 Indians thrown out of Burma, tens of thousands expelled from Uganda, or the thousands victimized in Kenya and Tanzania.

Ten years before that Indonesia slaughtered tens of thousand of women, men and children of Chinese background, Many African countries have done worse, yet China and Russia, operators of their own Gulag Archipelagos voted to expel South Africa.

Only the United States, Britain and France prevented the expulsion of South Africa in 1974, mainly because they realized that similarly Arab countries could gang up against Israel and expel the Jewish state.

But the General assembly eventually had the final word, before the year was out they voted 91 to 22 (19 abstentions) to suspend SA from its deliberations. The Arabs supported the Africans in exchange to hold back on the Palestine issue. Barely days after the suspension of SA, the terrorist leader of the PLO, Yassar Arafat rocked up at the UN. He was welcomed by the Africans and the Arabs as a hero and Israel‟s freedom to speak at the UN was restricted.

In 1967 the UN Human Rights Commission decided to establish a special unit to investigate “allegations” of cruelty against prisoners in SA jails, while in Saudi Arabia according to the Anti-Slavery Society‟s report to the UN, slaves were still sold. The Society estimated that King Feisal and wealthy members held thousands of slaves.

Gerald L‟Ange of the “Johannesburg Star” was their when the resolution was adopted to throw SA out of the UN, but he said the Commission was thrown into discord when they had to deal with complaints of gross violations in eight countries. These complaints included mass tribal killings in Burundi, detention of 55,000 political prisoners in Indonesia, torture of hundreds of dissidents in Brazil, suppression of political rights in Iran, forged marriages in Tanzania, interrogation by torture of thirty people by the British Army in Northern Ireland and discrimination against Indians in Gyana.

L‟Ange pointed out that these eight cases were drawn from a list of 7,000 violations. When a proposal to investigate these cases more closely was made, it met stiff opposition from the Soviets, who obviously had a lot to fear about the treatment of their prisoners in the Gulags.

In the same Burundi, who was mouthing off about racism in South Africa, the Tutsis were killing off thousand of Hutus. The retaliation in 1994 would lead to a genocide that the UN did not, could not and did not want to stop.

The killings in the Sudan mounted to 100,000 a year. The Biafran war in Nigeria lasted 30 months and 2 million were killed and 5 million ended up in refugee camps…What did the UN do? The UN chose to be observers.

But when eleven rioting black mine workers were shot at a mine in Carletonville, South Africa, Kurt Waldheim immediately launched a full enquiry into it.

But it was not only the Africa countries who were voting against South Africa.

Prior to 1974 Portugal was always a friend of SA, but suddenly leftist post coup Mario Soares who capitulated Guinea Bissau and Mozambique to Communist forces rose in the General assembly and fiercely attacked South Africa in his “Volte-Face” (total change) speech under great applause of the Africans. At that stage, South Africa was handing blacks self rule (over a long term peaceful period) to full Black independence under democratic principles. Mozambique was plunged into a civil war that killed almost a million people and displaced 5 million.

At the General assembly of 1962 the Soviet Foreign minister, Gromyko, speaking from a home base littered with labour camps and harsh prisons, described South Africa as, “The veritable private domain of slave owners”. The soviet minister‟s speech just happened about the same time of the erecting of the Berlin Wall, that trapped the East Germans under a Communist yoke, and South Africa giving full freedom and independence to the Xhosas in Transkei.

In true Orwelian New-speak, freedom has become slavery and peace has become war.

Israel for many years supported many of the black states and even donated money to the Organisation for Africa Unity (OAU). Then came the Yom Kippur War against the Arabs and overnight all of Black Africa severed ties with Israel. Her only real friends proved to be the USA, the Netherlands, Portugal and South Africa.

For Israel it was a rude awakening. Yosef Lapide, who wrote for the Tel Aviv newspaper “Ma‟Ariv” had this to say about Black African states:

“Well, the so called liberated African states are, with a few exceptions, a bad joke and an insult to human dignity. They are run by a bunch of corrupt rulers, some of whom, Like Idi Amin of Uganda, are mad according to all the rules of psychiatry. I feel unburdened when I say this; I wanted to say this all these years, and all these years I had the feeling that we fool the public when, for reasons of diplomacy, we donot tell them that the majority of black African states are one nauseating mess”

Lapide found that “The lowliest of Negroes in South Africa has more civil rights than the greatest Soviet author; The most oppressed negro in South Africa has more to eat than millions of Africans in “Liberated” countries.”

He further added that “The most rabid White extremist in South Africa will not treat Negroes in the way Negroes treated-and still treat- Whites in the Congo, in Uganda and in other African states.”

Lapide goes further, “The people advocating “progress”, who were so worried about the rights of the majority in South Africa, have never raised their voices for the majority in Hungary or in Cuba, in Red China or in Egypt.”

“In half a dozen states-including Ethiopia-thousands of persons die every day of hunger, while the rulers travel by Cadillac and steal food that is being sent to aid their subjects.”

“Only in the sick minds of “progressives” do the babies die of starvation with a smile on their lips, because the ruler who starves them to death has a black skin.”

“For the life of me, if I must choose between friendship with Black Africa, as it is today, and friendship with a White state that is orderly and successful, and contains a blossoming Jewish community, then I prefer South Africa. The only pity is that we waited until the Blacks threw us out.” – end of quote.

Tja, such was the disillusionment of Israel…

end of quote. Tja, such was the disillusionment of Israel… However, no mention of the UN

However, no mention of the UN attack on SA would be complete without mentioning the Nordic Countries who also stepped to the front of this holy Black crusade against South Africa.

The Whites in the South African government thought that they had an opportunity to present some facts to reasonable white people…

How wrong they were.

The South African government extended an invitation to the Nordic countries to visit South Africa at a time convenient to them, with every facility to go where they pleased and to meet whomever they wished. It was declined rather curtly. The African Nations were obviously not the only ones who lived in fear of hard facts about the South African situation.

In 1973 Black African terrorist gathered in Oslo, Norway under UN auspices to plan strategy. A year later the “Special Committee on Apartheid” went on an expensive junket to publicize its efforts and to meet with anti-apartheid elements in churches, schools, universities and labour unions throughout Europe.

Nevertheless, the Latin American countries, dubbed the African countries in the UN the “Aplandora” (the Steamroller). The UN is only a platform for black communist propaganda.

In 1974 West Germany also applied for admission to the UN. She soon found out who exactly runs the show at the UN. West Germany was told to toughen her stance against South Africa if it was serious about being allowed in on the first vote. Chancellor Willy Brand obliged in his maiden address of the UN general assembly. He promised to support the UN resolutions aimed at getting rid of “The anachronistic remnants of Colonialism”…

rid of “The anachronistic remnants of Colonialism”… In countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada it

In countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada it became fashionable for politicians to slag South Africa off just so they could win votes. At the UN every man and his dog was against us.

We have to remember these lessons learned in those days when we are serious about having a country of our own one day. The UN will never allow a strong independent nation state to exist, let alone a white one, despite what the Charter says. Let us look at the Katanga episode as a Case study in point. The story is told in the book, “The Fearful Master: A Second Look at the United Nations” by Edward Griffin.

When The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) received independence from Belgium on 30 June 1960 Patrice Lumumba, a Gin drinking, dagga- smoking piece of communist scum became the prime minister and he told the

King of Belgium at the official handover, “Nous ne sommes plus vos singes (We are no longer your monkeys)”…

Six days later black soldiers mutinied against their white officers and attacked numerous European targets. Armed bands of mutineers roamed the capital looting and terrorizing the white population, raping and killing as far as they went. This caused the flight of thousands of European refugees to Brazzaville and Stanleyville. Belgian troops had to intervene.

Another six days later on 11 July 1960, with the support of Belgian business interests and over 6000 Belgian troops, the province of Katanga in the southeast declared independence as the State of Katanga under the leadership of Moise Tshombe.

Tshombe was an educated accountant and successful businessman. He was pro-Western, pro Capitalist and a Christian and hated Communism.

Now comes the interesting part. Tshombe asked the Americans for help to restrain the communist forces. The communist Lumumba, went crying at the UN and the UN took his side, passed a resolution (143) with the support of America and Russia, and the UN troops were sent in to chase out all the Belgian and mercenary troops and to use force to prevent the secession of Katanga. Katanga was loaded with minerals and the richest part of the DRC.

Within a few weeks, thousands of UN troops arrived in the DRC. Belgium pulled its troops back and left the DRC to the mercy of the communist Lumumba and the UN troops.

The UN troops did almost nothing to stop the carnage against whites and the people of Katanga. They did not bring peace or control…they mostly stood by and watched as the country was being destroyed and how it came more and more under Communist control.

Tshombe restored calm and peace in Katanga. His foreign affairs minister said they wanted Katanga to be a bastion of Anti-communism in Africa. Tshombe himself said that he abhors Communism and that he would never change.

It infuriated the UN Security council so much that shortly afterwards they attacked Katanga. Initially the UN had a few successes, but then the Katanga forces hit back and drove the UN back.

Clearly frustrated the UN used mercenaries to start a terror campaign against Katanga civilians. Murder, arson, torture, rape and plunder was used to subdue the Katangese. 90% of the houses destroyed by the UN were civilian buildings. Children and adults were indiscriminately bayoneted and entire hospitals destroyed.

Amazingly, Katanga held out two years against the UN barbarians and prevented the capitulation of their country to Communists. The UN troops regrouped and were kitted out with new equipment, airplanes, helicopters. American dollars paid for everything and all the military hardware were American.

29 December 1962, the UN launched a second assault on the freedom and independence loving country of Katanga. A month later as the UN invasion reached its peak, Moise Tshombe told his brave soldiers, “Men, in the last two and a half years you fought three times like heroes against the enemy, but now the enemy masses are just too much. Shortly after that the last flame of hope, freedom and independence died in the Congo.

And so we can mention many instances in Cuba, Nicaragua, Hungary, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia and Rhodesia where the UN handed power over to communist regimes. In the 65 years of existence of the UN, it has never once acted against the communists. Terrorist organisations like SWAPO were given observer status in the UN even before they became the government of Namibia. Not only that, SWAPO, the ANC, ZANU-PF and many other terrorist organisations are directly sponsored by the UN.

South Africa was the last domino to fall, before the rest of the West would

South Africa was the last domino to fall, before the rest of the West

would be tackled directly. “Day X”

government is fast approaching. When we were under a total onslaught

in South Africa, friends were few. Today many who were against Apartheid are laughing and dancing on the graves of 3000+ white

farmers, they are ignoring our plight for help all over the world, but those

same people should realize that their day will come

how it feels like to lose your country, being powerless and watching

helplessly how your country is being destroyed.


day of a one world totalitarian

when they will feel

Anybody who has dreams of an independent white homeland in Africa, should bear in mind that the UN had a full scale Battle-plan of ground, air and sea invasions worked out to attack White South Africa.

The “Chicago Tribune” wrote on 24th of July 1965 that a 170 page Battle Plan with the title, “ Apartheid and United Nations Collective measures” was compiled by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It detailed a ground invasion with 93,000 troops with air and sea support after which the country would be handed over to a Black government and be under an international trustee control. It would be a 30 day Blitzkrieg and would cost US$ 94,537 000. They even worked out the casualties on both sides and the amount of wounded.

On the hand of this evidence it is clear that the United Nations is not, nor has ever been a friend of Whites in South Africa and in the event of a future racial war or war for independence we will not only be up against the Blacks, but we will have to reckon with the UN supporting them as well.

Part 19- The Role of the Commonwealth

Part 19- The Role of the Commonwealth As we have seen most of the hatred of

As we have seen most of the hatred of South Africa came from hypocritical nations at the communist platform known as the UN, but the UN was only one such an assembly for the hypocrites of the world where they could spew their Nelson-eyed poison against South Africa. The British Commonwealth was another.

Today there are many who claim victory over Apartheid. The former Anti Apartheid Movement (AAM) is one of them. They also claimed that one of their biggest achievements was to get South Africa kicked out of the Commonwealth. Their role was important but if we have to single out a person to be credited for this, then it has to be John Diefenbaker of Canada.

Separating myths and truths, we have to get a few things strait first. South Africa was not kicked out of the Commonwealth, she forcibly withdrew, but let us look at the historical events that led to it.

On October 5, 1960, South Africa's white voters decided to make the country a republic and replace the British monarchial constitution with a Republican one. It was expected of Commonwealth members to re- apply for membership whenever they changed their form of government. Many people feared that the Afro-Asian countries in the Commonwealth would vote against South Africa and vote for her expulsion.

There is nothing wrong with rejecting the British Monarchial system and adopting a Republican constitution. India did it as well and was admitted again into the Commonwealth despite the discriminatory caste system of the country, but as could be expected, nobody ever lets a chance go by without taking a few swipes at South Africa.

The Commonwealth is suppose to be a family of nations, where the focus should be on points of agreement rather than disagreement.

The history of the Commonwealth goes back to about 1880 when the South African statesman John X. Merriman first used the term “Commonwealth” to refer to a future group of former colonies of the British Empire in their relationship with Britain. In 1905 He wrote to Jan Smuts describing his idea of a “Commonwealth of Nations” of which South Africa would be a member along with countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Smuts with his personal philosophy of “Holism” immediately liked the idea. Ultimately Smuts would have many pet projects such as the unification of the two Boer Republics and the British colonies of Natal and the Cape into a unified South Africa, the Commonwealth, the charter and formation of the League of Nations and ultimately the charter for the United Nations that the Boer general and later Prime minister of South Africa almost single handedly wrote himself. The only alterations were basically the removal of “God” from his original draft.

I have no doubt that Smuts meant well and that he had sincere and good intentions, unfortunately he was what Vladimir Lenin called, a “Useful Idiot”. He found out quickly in 1946 at the very first UN assembly how his baby would be used against him and his country, South Africa.

Nevertheless, the Balfour declaration of 1926 as well as the Statute of Westminster in 1934 ensured equality for South Africa at the Commonwealth along with Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Before, during and for some time after WW2, the Commonwealth functioned well. These founding members and independent nations retained deep seated family ties with Britain and mutual interests with each other.

Then came along, Pakistan, India, and Jamaica (and all the ex British Caribbean islands), Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Malaysia, Singapore, Uganda, Gambia, etc…and a new club of hypocrites, intolerant to views differing with their own emerged.

At about this time, the conservative Prime minister of Canada, John Diefenbaker was quite adamant against any ousting of South Africa from the Commonwealth until the largely anti-Apartheid Canadian press started working him into a tight corner and intimidating him.

In his book, ―A skunk amongst Nations‖, Les de Villiers describe what happened on page 47,48.

It was going to be the tenth Commonwealth Prime Ministers‟ conference in London…

―On the day of Diefenbaker`s departure from Ottawa to attend that fateful Commonwealth meeting in March 1961 a three column photograph of the doyen of the press corps in Canada, Charles Lynch, appeared in the local press. In his hand he held a black ball. The caption read: ―Black Ball ends Crystal Balling‖. Students planned to hand the black ball to Diefenbaker at Ottawa airport, it was stated, so that he could drop it in the lap of the South African delegation at the Commonwealth conference. They were prevented from doing so by Royal Canadian Air Force guards, and Charles Lynch took over the mission.‖– Les de Villiers, “A skunk amongst nations”.

At the Prime Ministers' Conference in 1961, Verwoerd formally applied for South Africa to remain in the Commonwealth. The prime ministers were divided. Diefenbaker broke the deadlock by proposing that the conference not reject South Africa's application, but instead states in a communiqué that racial equality was a principle of the Commonwealth. This was adopted, although Britain and New Zealand disagreed with Diefenbaker's proposal. South Africa could not accept the communiqué. At that conference, the Afro Asians commanded six of the eleven votes, but it was not necessary for Nigeria, Malaya, Ceylon, India and Pakistan to cast their votes. South Africa withdrew its application and exits the Commonwealth.

According to Peter Newman, this was "Diefenbaker's most important contribution to international politics Diefenbaker flew home, a hero."

The “Vancouver Sun” praised Diefenbaker, “The Telegram” exclaimed, “The Commonwealth has been saved”…

This is the same Diefenbaker who a few months before steadfastly refused to be a party to South Africa‟s expulsion.

At this same time hypocritical Canada had severe restrictions on immigrants of colour other than “White” and treated their Indian and Eskimo (Inuit) people as second class citizens worse than South Africa ever treated her indigenous blacks…But it did not stop this hypocrite Diefenbaker to issue a Declaration of Human rights and distribute it freely to schools.

As so many true believers and so called experts in this field, Diefenbaker‟s, doctrine of human rights was, however, an abstract one…the condition of underprivileged Eskimos and Indians in Canada remained unchanged, The same can be said for the way Australia treated their Aborigines and New Zealand treated their Maoris…Any of these nations could equally have been vilified and kicked out of the Commonwealth for

The time of the

the very same reasons they had against South Africa, but it was just South Africa‟s time other nations will still come.

And what about those nations that opposed South Africa? How did they fare? India had millions of “Untouchables” in her rigid caste system. Ceylon had the stateless Tamils, Ghana was a dictatorship and

Nigeria was on the verge of a bloody clash between her major tribes called the Biafran war.

Dr Vervoerd said to the Indian Prime Minister during the deliberations, “Within ten years we will stamp out illiteracy on the part of our blacks, but you won‟t do so in fifty years”.

Verwoerd was obviously speaking about the now hated “Bantu Education” system that saw the blacks of Africa propelled to the highest literacy standards on the entire African continent.

But Karma is a bitch and she came to visit the ones who ganged up on the pious Boers of South Africa.

Two years later, Diefenbaker lost the general election in Canada and was reduced to an opposition back bencher. In a night of terror, the Nigerian Prime Minister Tafewa Balewa, and his trusted aides ended up in shallow graves near Lagos. The Biafran war followed in Nigeria and claimed more than two million lives. Kenya and Uganda expelled tens of thousands of Indians. India and Pakistan fought over borders…and in Bangladesh another few hundred thousand victims were claimed.

Back in Canada in 1966, the new Prime Minister Lester Pearson was already loading and setting up the guns against the latest problem namely Rhodesia and he wanted to “Crush White Supremacy” there.

It is not often that a staunch liberal comes up for South Africa, but after the Ottowa summit an American liberal journal asked Professor John Hutchinson (John Hopkins University) to write an article about the 12 day Commonwealth parley…said he…

―You asked for my observations on the proposal, made at the last Commonwealth summit, for a Commonwealth Force to be stationed in Rhodesia for ten years to keep the peace and, presumably, to usher in a democratic age…The mind expands at the idea. General Amin of Uganda could administer massacres. Prime Minister Forbes Burnham of Guyana might give a course on inter-racial affection. Prime Minister Errol Barrow of Barbados, who apparently is not afraid of bloodshed in Rhodesia, could advise on the maffia consessions, a major perk in the Carribean. I do not quite know what Prime Minister Gough Whitlam of Australia might do, since he is busy analyzing other governments, but perhaps he could squeeze in a lecture on ―Apects of Aboriginal Freedom‖: it would not take long, since there are only aspects to deal with…‖

Yes dear reader…This is what we call “Politics of the absurd” as we have seen at the UN and the Commonwealth as well with the Canadian press, but such is the power of the press and so called democracy of the UN and its Mini-Me, the Commonwealth. Today we hold “Democracy” as the highest value of the Western World, but thanks to “Democracy” we have Hamas, a Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorist organization in charge of the Palestinians. Thanks to democracy Hitler was voted into power. Thanks to democracy we have a Black Marxist terrorist government in South Africa…The will of the majority rules the world they say…

Let me remind you that it was the overwhelming majority that cried: “Release, Barabbas!”…

Part 20- Dr. Verwoerd, Nationalist Visionary, ―The most hated man in South Africa‖ and the success of Nationalism

Most people today cringe when one mentions the name of Dr. Verwoerd. Even ardent right-wingers are careful to be associated with Dr. Verwoerd, normally denouncing this great visionary before the cock crows a third time. People in general believe that Dr. Verwoerd was “The Architect of Apartheid”.

This is plain nonsense as I have proved in this series. Most of the Apartheid laws were already in place when the National Party came to power in 1948. These laws were drawn up under British rule when South Africa was still a colony and during the time of Jan Smuts who was a liberal puppet of the Crown.

There is a technique in historical research to cross reference information about certain people. It works like this…

information about certain people. It wor ks like this… Most great historical figures are praised by

Most great historical figures are praised by their own people and loathed by their enemies. So in order to find out the true nature of an historical figure it is sometimes necessary to look at what the enemies of such people have to say. That is exactly what we will be doing in this post, but let us first have a look at Dr. Hendrik French Verwoerd

Dr Verwoerd was born to Dutch parents in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and moved to South Africa when he was two years old in 1903, shortly after the Anglo Boer War. The family moved to Rhodesia shortly after they arrived in South Africa. Most of his childhood he spent in Bulawayo in Rhodesia.

In 1917 the family settled in Brandfort in the Orange Free State. Verwoerd studied at the prestigious Afrikaans University of Stellenbosch and as a brilliant student he obtained his BA and his MA degrees cum laude. He eventually obtained his Ph.D. in Philosophy that included Psychology.

Verwoerd then won two bursaries and decided to take the one that would offer him the opportunity to study in Germany. In 1925 he arrived in Germany and studied at three German universities namely Leipzig, Hamburg and Berlin.

He got married in Germany to Betsie Schoemann, toured Europe and then moved over to the USA where he did some more research. Upon his return to SA…at the tender age of 26…Verwoerd became professor in Sociology at Stellenbosch, his alma mater. In 1937 he became editor of “Die Transvaler” (The Transvaler, an Afrikaans daily paper). In 1950 he became Minister of Native affairs in the National Party government of Dr. D.F. Malan.

It is important to note that all these Nationalist Afrikaner leaders of the time were no idiots. Dr Malan had

a Doctorate in Divinity (Theology) from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands as well as a Masters degree in Philosophy. Yet most people refer to them today as “Dumb Dutchmen”…

Verwoerd was thus a man who was highly educated, well travelled and could speak several languages including Afrikaans, Dutch, German, English as well as the black languages of Zulu and Shona. He was also a natural leader whose talents were recognized at student level already.

Verwoerd was elected Prime Minister on 2 September 1958, promising to uphold with honour the

democratic institutions of the country


justice between white and non-white.

Verwoerd,reformulated the Apartheid policy calling it "separate development," He wanted to guide Africans to self-determination once they were considered to be ready.

On the 3d of February 1960 British Prime Minister, Mr Harold Macmillan, delivered his famous "winds of change-speech" before the joint session of the Union Parliament.

On the 5th of October 1960 a referendum regarding a Republic for SA was held. The Yes vote won with a majority of 74,580 votes - 90,73% votes were cast.

Verwoerd led the nation to become a republic. On 15 May 1961 in London, at the meeting of the Commonwealth, Verwoerd announced that South Africa withdrew its membership. South Africa became a republic on 31 May 1961.

Verwoerd‟s biggest critics were the English speaking press in South Africa, but let us look at what the “Rand Daily Mail” (a sworn enemy of Verwoerd) on 30th of July 1966 wrote about this great man.

―At the age of 65 Dr. Verwoerd has reached the peak of a remarkable career. No other South African Prime Minister has ever been in such a powerful position in the country. He is at the head of a massive majority after a resounding victory at the polls. The nation is suffering from a surfeit of prosperity and he can command almost unlimited funds for all that he needs at present in the way of military defence. He can claim that South Africa is a shining example of peace in a troubled continent, if only, because overwhelming domestic power can always command peace. Finally, as if that were not enough, he can face the session (of parliament) with the knowledge that, short of an unthinkable show of force by people whom South Africans are rapidly being taught to regard as their enemies, he can snap his fingers at the United Nations. Thanks to the recent judgement of the Hague Court (on the South West Africa issue) he can afford to condescend to the world body, graciously remaining a member as long as it suits him. Indeed, the Prime Minister has never had it so good.‖

In his booklet, ―Assassination and the tragedy of South Africa‖, Jaap Marais, deceased leader of the HNP speaks of the success of Apartheid and why Dr. Verwoerd was killed.

Jaap Marais was another of these so called educated “Dumb Dutchmen”. He was a politician, an attorney

a devoted ornithologists as well as the man who translated William Shakespeare‟s―Julius Ceaser‖ into Afrikaans.

Marais states that under Verwoerd and his policy of “Separate development (“Apartheid”), the living standards of Blacks were rising at 5,4% per year against that of the whites at 3,9% per year. In 1965 the economic growth of South Africa was the second highest in the world at 7,9%. The rate of inflation was a mere 2% per annum and the prime interest rate only 3% per annum. Domestic savings were so great that South Africa needed no foreign loans for normal economic expansion.

A few months before Dr. Verwoerd was assassinated, the editor of the British periodical, “Statist”, Paul

Bareau, wrote

“At the rate at which South Africa is now expanding the term „miracle” is likely to be appropriate to its development over the next few years”.

In other words, South Africa was an emerging economic and military threat to the Anglo American establishment.


embargoes, economic sanctions and the entire world supporting the enemies of South Africa.

All of this, South Africa under Nationalism, achieved despite of worldwide arms

It has to be remembered that after the Anglo Boer War where the British destroyed all the economic power of the Boers by a “Scorched Earth Policy” of burning their farms to the ground, killing their livestock and interning their women and children in horrific concentration camps where 27,000 white women and

children died


was no “Bailout” or “Marshal Plan” to rebuild South Africa. The Boers rebuilt South

Africa and created their own wealth singlehandedly with absolutely no foreign support.

“Time magazine”, eleven days before Dr. Verwoerd‟s assassination, wrote,

―South Africa is in the midst of a massive boom. Attracted by cheap labour, a gold backed currency and high profits, investors from all over the world have ploughed money into the country, and the new industries that they have started have sent production, consumption and

the demand for labour – soaring. Such are the proportions of prosperity

Quotes like these are numerous and a testimony to the success of Dr. Verwoerd‟s policy of “Separate development”. These quotes come from sources that were normally extremely hostile to Dr. Verwoerd and South Africa.

We will deal with sanctions in a later edition, but for now I just have to explain that the object was to bring South Africa economically to its knees, to impoverish the people (all the people and especially the blacks) so that they would start a revolution against their government. It totally backfired, because South Africa just became more and more self sufficient.

Nobody ever took the personal philosophy of the Boers into concideration. In South Africa we have a common saying, ― A Boer makes a plan‖

It is a saying, a philosophy that we grow up with, that was forged over hundreds of years on the African continent. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how tough life gets for us, we can always make a plan.

When the world imposed oil embargoes against us to bring us to our knees, we simply invented a method of making fuel from coal, known as SASOL. When the world cut of weapons, we simply started

ARMSCOR and in no time we were not only self sufficient

to the very countries who imposed those sanctions against us.


were exporting top of the range weapons

Such is the will of the whites of South Africa to survive. The more the world tried to isolate us the more selfsufficient we became. Our scientists, medical doctors and engineers were some of the best in the world and leading at the forefront of technology. Our observatory at Sutherland was fully booked out by international astronomers years in advance.

Karl Marx predicted that the more Capitalism grows the poorer the common man will become and the more he will be and feel exploited. Nationalism in South Africa proved Marx wrong. The more industries were created, the more jobs were available and the living standard of blacks in South Africa was the highest on the continent of Africa.

Not only that, Nationalism ensured the survival of all the nations of South Africa of their languages and their cultures.


ensured the survival

It was obviously a massive blow to the Anglo America establishment who wanted to destroy South Africa and get their hands on the riches of the country. The spite and envy came out in the word of Lord Deedes who said that ―The Afrikaans speakers made two big mistakes. One was to leave the Commonwealth - and the other was to survive.‖

So they did not reckon with the tenacity of the Afrikaners and their will to survive to prosper!


only to survive, but

But even Lord Deedes admitted, “White South Africa grew to become the economic giant of the continent, the other members of the Commonwealth virtually sank into poverty.”

The British Foreign Office and the US State Department were disappointed to say the least. South Africa turned out to be a major success under Nationalism and every other country in Africa opposing the system of Apartheid was sinking into poverty.

What was happening at the time was that Dr. Verwoerd was winning the Cold War all by himself. He was showing the world how successful Nationalism is and he was showing up the failure that Socialism/Communism is.

Verwoerd also initiated an investigation into power monopolies known today as the “Hoek” report (1965). Verwoerd delegated the job to Professor Piet Hoek and asked him to investigate the stranglehold that economic monopolies such as Anglo American (the Oppenheimers, mining), Rembrandt (Anton Rupert, liquor and cigarettes) , Trust Bank (Jan Marais), Sanlam (A.D. Wasenaar, insurance), etc were holding.

In addition, Verwoerd destroyed the Marxist terrorist onslaught against South Africa by nipping arch Communists (including Mandela) in the bud by arresting them in Rivonia and destroying all their cells in South Africa. By 1965 the ANC and the SA Communist Party was defeated.

In her book, ―People’s War‖, Dr Andrea Jeffrey on page 7 quotes Oliver Tambo the leader of the ANC saying in 1964, ―it appears as if the guns of MK (uMkhonto we Sizwe, Spear of the Nation, armed wing of the ANC) have been silenced for all time.‖

There is no doubt that Dr. H. F. Verwoerd was a remarkable man. The best Nationalist leader and politician who ever lived and the best Prime Minister South Africa ever had.

Dr. Hendrik French Verwoerd loved South Africa with all his heart. He loved all the nations and all the cultures of South Africa. He wanted to protect and secure the future of all the rich cultures that make up the country of South Africa. “Seperate Development” was his vehicle,

He was a true patriot who turned South Africa into a first world country and the envy of the world. He laid the foundation that turned South Africa into the only nuclear power on the continent. He was “The man of Granite” who stood up against the entire world who wanted to destroy South Africa and the last vestiges of White success on the continent of Africa. He wanted to protect the culture and survival of his own people as much as he wanted to protect the culture and the survival of all the black tribes of South Africa.

Today he is despised as a “Racist” when he should be praised as a visionary.

Whilst Premier of Free State, Terror Lekota removed the statue of Hendrik Verwoerd, which had been mounted in front of the building that housed the provincial administration.

Lekota apparently found the mere sight of Verwoerd, to which he was subjected every time he showed up for work, quite offensive.

Today that statue stands in an honorary position in the Afrikaner enclave known as “Orania”

But Dr Verwoerd does not need any statue of himself. By the time he died he built his own monument which is there for all to see: The Republic of South Africa…

Part 21- The Assassination of Dr. Verwoerd

In the previous section we saw how Dr. Verwoerd took South Africa to heights as never seen before and probably will never see again. South Africa was economically, militarily and politically at its peak under the nationalist government of Dr. Verwoerd.

Dr. Verwoerd was no ordinary man. In his book “At last we have got our country back” G.H. Calpin wrote of Dr. Verwoerd.

―He was the kind of man who might instinctively have invited the dislike of some for the sheer mathematical brilliance of his intellect…He had the mind of a computer‖.

There is never a shortage of inferior minds jealous of a brilliant thinker. One such an envious inferior mind was Piet Cillie, editor of “Die Burger”, Afrikaans newspaper owned by NASPERS who owns several other newspapers as well. The English press being in full control of the Oppenheimers of Anglo American/De Beers.

In 1960-1961, this intellectual midget tried his hand at Dr. Verwoerd, but came horribly short. Cillie never forgave Verwoerd his excellence and success in running South Africa.

Verwoerd his excellence and success in running South Africa. Verwoerd was a man of outstanding character.

Verwoerd was a man of outstanding character. When the whole world was ganging up against Ian Smith‟s Rhodesia after declaring UDI, Verwoerd refused to institute economic sanctions against the Rhodesian government, declaring his full support for Rhodesia.

Another victory of Verwoerd was the one over the UN on South West Africa, Namibia at the International court in The Hague.

What happened was basically that South Africa in 1914 (as a British colony) annexed South West Africa (German colony). After the First World War, Germany was bankrupt and Britain did not want a vast desert to administer, so the League of Nations gave South Africa a mandate in 1920 to administer the territory of South West Africa, which it did very well. Under SA rule, SWA reached development on par with SA and Rhodesia.

The mandate allowed SA to apply its laws in SWA as an integral part of South Africa. It further stipulated:‖ The mandatory shall promote to the utmost the material well being and the social progress of the inhabitants‖

It further required, ―freedom of conscience, and religion, prohibiting the slave trade, trafficking in arms and liquor, and preventing the establishment of foreign fortifications and military basis on the territory."

The plan against SA was to bring charges of human rights abuses in South West Africa against the South Africans. That would give the UN the right to invade South West Africa as well as SA.

Ethiopia and Liberia, on behalf of the African block laid the charges in 1962 at the International Court of Justice. Their evidence was the usual bullshit (no evidence) uttered at the UN General Assembly and that of so called “petitioners” – self-styled political exiles from SWA. Charges were amongst others, ―Exterminating the native inhabitants and militarizing the territory‖.

These bastards soon realized that making unsubstantiated allegations at the UN general Assembly is

totally different to delivering proof in a court of law.

SA delivered a written presentation of 3000 pages, called 15 expert witnesses out of 38 presented. The evidence showed amongst others, fifty countries which , by law and official practice, differentiate between groups, classes or races forty of them members of the UN at the time, including Ethiopia and Liberia themselves.

South Africa refused to accept the written allegations by the “petitioners” and wanted to get them in court