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Wireless sensor with digital and analog inputs and outputs

Wireless ZS-10 sensor is designed for remote reading of temperature, humidity values and to control digital and analog input status. ZS-10 works with NPE 9XXX, NPE X1000 industrial PCs, iMod and iModCloud The sensor uses wireless ZigBee technology with mesh network topology. Special Features: built-in temperature sensor battery power supply iMod/NPE dedicated device

Operating conditions Operating temperature: -20 to +70C Storage temperature: -40 to +85C Humidity: 5-95% RH (no condensation)

Accessories It is possible to connect: external temperature sensor humidity sensor

Operation scheme


TECHNICAL PARAMETERS HARDWARE RESOURCES Digital input Analog input Meter input BUILT-IN TEMPERATURE SENSOR Temperature measurement range Temperature measurement accuracy TRANSMISSION PARAMETERS Operating frequency Wireless protocol Wireless transmission speed Transmission range Maximum sensitivity POWER SUPPLY Battery-powered Power consumption in sleep mode Power consumption in transmission mode Battery life CASING** Dimensions

2x DI (0 - 3 V) 1x AI 0-20 mA (0 - 3 V) (12 bit resolution) 1x DI (0 - 3 V), max. frequency: 800 kHz from - 40 C to +150 C 0.5 C 2,4 GHz compatible with IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee 2007/PRO 250 kbit/s up to 300m (open area) up to 99dBm 2x AA battery 5 uA 27 mA 2,5 years* 64 x 83 x 28mm (width x length x height)

ZS-10 supports iModCloud.