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Adolf Gonzales 201305587

PE Fencing


On January 30, we were tasked by our teacher to watch a UAAP Fencing Game in the Blue Eagles Gym in Ateneo Katipunan. At first, it is very hard for us to get the game schedules so one of our blockmates tried to go to SSWC even though we havve no classes that day. We chose to watch on January 30 in the morning because it is more convenient and students still can have other activiteis on the days afternoon. . that day was very, very busy for me because I have to go to the near UP Diliman to claim a hoodie and to cover a protest regarding price hikes in the Mendiola Peace Arch for Manila Collegian. I realized that I should have a plan of approach to accomplish these things. Because of my negligence I failed to watch the bulk of the morning session with me only watching the last game where Ateneo and UE was playing fencing. During the games, I observed on how each teams fan cheer on the players and the people on the gym was quite loud. After that, the awarding ceremonies came.

Because what I saw was insufficient, I was asked by my teacher to watch the afternoon games on the same location at 1 PM. Because it has a one hour break, I decided to go to UP Diliman and claim a friends hoodie.

After claiming the hoodie, I decided to take an Ikot Katipunan Jeep and put my earphnes on. Because my attention lacks on my trip, I said para on the jeepney driver. When I got down on the streets, I realized that I am 2 Kilometers away from the gate. Because of that, I decided to walk along Katipunan until I reach that gate.

I arrived at the gym at 1:40 and watched womens Fencing for almost an hour and I left because I still need to cover an event in Mendiola. While watching the games, I managed to pinpoint the names of the footworks and the things that our teacher taught us. I am quite amused on how skillful the players were and you can see their dedication on the game. I am looking forward that one day, my skills on fencing would be like these players.