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Case Study #2: The ABC Training Program State the problem The problems which the ABC

Corporation has been dealing with are as follows: (a) Coping with the increasing demand for updated new products. -Deprivation of personnel when the training is push through. -Cost of importing trainer from Japan. Objective

-To train the managers and supervisors and be updated in technology on car electronics at least cost. -To handle the business in normal run while other managers and supervisors are in training.
-To come up with the adequate solutions for the problems arising from the training of the companys personnel. ACAs - Company must have sufficient funds for trainings as training serves as the companys capital investment. -Appoint someone as Acting Manager or Acting Supervisor who is capable of occupying the job and do the duties and responsibility efficiently.

-Trainings and Development must be updated and conducted regularly and if necessary. -Corporation should have sufficient funds for trainings.
Conclusion We therefore conclude that companys life and success are on its workers so these people must have the most knowledge and skills to be productive for the company. With that, training and development must be imperative to conduct regularly and necessarily especially in the kind of business the company is in. Technology grows and innovated as time goes by so does the company.