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Instructor: Subject: AP Calculus AB Grade Levels: Marci Smith 10-12 Lesson Title: What is Calculus?

Overview and Purpose: Students will be exposed to an o er iew o! the concepts o! limits" deri ati es and inte#rals durin# this lesson$ %hese ideas are the !oundation o! a solid understandin# o! this sub&ect and should be introduced ri#ht awa'$ %his lesson will be tau#ht on the third da' o! class a!ter students ha e re iewed course expectations" ta(en a pretest and turned in a summer re iew assi#nment$ %his is the !irst da' introducin# students to the theories o! Calculus and re ealin# what the' will be learnin# throu#hout the 'ear$ %his course is desi#ned to prepare students !or the AP Calculus AB exam in Ma' and ultimatel' #i e students the opportunit' to earn colle#e credit$ An additional #oal !or this course is to de elop a lo e and appreciation !or the !ield o! Calculus$ California State Educational Standards for [Mathematics] 1.0 Students demonstrate (nowled#e o! both the !ormal de!inition and the #raphical interpretation o! limit o! alues o! !unctions$ 4.0 Students demonstrate an understandin# o! the !ormal de!inition o! the deri ati e o! a !unction at a point and the notion o! di!!erentiabilit' 13.0 Students (now the de!inition o! the de!inite inte#ral b' usin# )iemann sums$ %he' use this de!inition to approximate inte#rals$

Teac er Guide
Objectives *nderstand what Calculus is and how it compares to Al#ebra and PreCalculus$ *nderstand the idea o! a limit and how it relates to +eno,s paradox$ Appl' the limit concept to the tan#ent line problem and the area problem$ *nderstand that the tan#ent line problem is basic to calculus" more speci!icall' to di!!erentiation$ *nderstand that the area problem is basic to calculus" more speci!icall' to inte#ration$ %his lesson will be completed in one re#ular -0 minute class period$ 1$ Students will come to class ha in# read Section 1$1 .A Pre iew o! Calculus, in /arson,s Calculus o! a Sin#le 0ariable 1th 2d !or homewor( the ni#ht be!ore$ 2$ Students will watch 3What is Calculus4 ideo on 5ou%ube$ 6$ Students will en#a#e in a discussion with the class and teach about what Calculus is and how it can be used$ 7$ Students will watch Students will complete the homewor( assi#nment and it will be re iewed the !ollowin# da'$ Students will be 8ui99ed on this material the !ollowin# wee($ Students will be #i en a Chapter %est includin# this material$ Students will be assi#ned a writin# assi#nment called 3%a(e it to the /imit4 in which students will be expected to connect the concept o! a limit with a real world example$ %eacher computer" pro&ector and internet access in the classroom$ Student access to a computer and internet at home$ Calculus in a Sin#le 0ariable" 1th edition" b' /arson: ;raphin# Calculator %eacher will be a ailable !or additional tutorin# to re iew prior

Ti!eline Learnin" #ctivities


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