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FAIRVALE HIGH SCHOOL Performing Arts Faculty Assessment Task Notice

SUBJECT: DRAMA Due Date: Term 4- Friday 13th DecemberPractical/Tuesday 17th December- Written Reflections

Target group: Year 12 Weighting: Making- 5% Critically Studying- 10% Total 15%

Task Description NOTE- Students will work in pairs or small groups depending on the play selected. (Ruby Moon or Stolen) YOU WILL NEED TO WARM UP AND GET DRESSED IN YOUR COSTUMES AT LUNCH READY FOR A PERIOD 7 START. WORKSHOP AND PERFORMANCE- Due Friday 13th December Students are to select a scene to perform from either of your Contemporary Theatre Practice texts (Ruby Moon or Stolen). The scene must be 4-5 minutes. Each group will be assigned a dramatic technique- Lighting, Creative movement, Chorus (repetition of movement and dialogue), Symbol, Soundscape (sound effects), Students will need to explore the stage directions and use of transformational acting and devise ways to engage the audience with theatrical techniques. Each group will need to create mood, tension, space, symbol, time, character, use of colour, music, props, set and costume. WRITTEN REFLECTIONS- Due Tuesday 17th December Students are to submit written reflections for each of the workshop classes we have had in class this term for both Ruby Moon and Stolen. For each reflection you should state the issue being explored in relation to the Australian context of the play, the dramatic techniques and forms workshopped in the lesson. Each reflection must be a formal piece of writing that may be included in an essay. The responses should be typed and only one reflection per page. You may present these reflections in anyway you wish eg- display folder, logbook etc.

Outcomes Assessed- H1.1, H1.2, H1.3, H1.9, H3.1, H3.1, H3.3 Marking criteria Students will be assessed as follows: Students will receive an individual mark for their work in the group. Students need to ensure that the roles are equal. Students will receive an individual mark out of 30 and will be assessed using the following criteria. H1.1 Uses acting skills to adopt and sustain a variety of characters and roles

/10 H1.9 Demonstrates an innovative and original approach to the text

/10 H2.2 Uses dramatic and theatrical elements effectively to engage and audience

/10 General Comments