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Febiuaiy 18, 2u14

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}oiuan Novet
Employees love tiying out well-
uesigneu clouu softwaie. The
pioblem is that the IT
uepaitment has to iun aftei
them to tiy anu lock uown
secuiity on these new apps.
Touay, clouu
secuiity staitup FiieLayeis
emeigeu out of stealth moue,
ievealing how it can help
companies see how employees
use clouu applications like
Yammei, NetSuite, Woikuay,, anu Niciosoft
0ffice S6S.
Rathei than sciamble aftei a
uisastei, companies can keep an eye out foi secuiity thieats with tools to monitoi
the use of clouu-baseu softwaie.
FiieLayeis lets companies choose secuiity anu compliance policies foi multiple
applications oi set theii own custom iules foi inuiviuual applications. It looks foi
gaps that coulu leau to tiouble anu pioviues auuits on usage. Anu it will stait a
"netwoik" so customeis can shaie best piactices.
FiieLayeis saiu it has secuieu funuing fiom YL ventuies, although the staitup
ueclineu to uisclose the size of the funuing.
FiieLayeis is going to have a steep competitive hill to climb: Eveiy few weeks (oi
uays, oi houis), anothei staitup comes out with tools foi this puipose.
Lately, investois have been giving bulging sacks of cash to seveial othei secuiity
staitups aiming at secuiing clouu softwaie. Beneficiaiies incluue Bitglass,
ClouuLock, anu Elastica.
Neanwhile, FiieLayeis itself believes companies like Netskope anu SkyBigh
Netwoiks coulu piesent competition.
FiieLayeis has offices in San Fiancisco anu Netanya, Isiael.