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lrom Lwo decades, uanny Llfman has masLerfully scored Lhe darker slde of Pollywood. lrom monsLers
Lo superheroes, lnnocence Lo malevolence, Llfman adds a mysLlcal Louch LhaL dlsLlngulshes hlm from
oLher newcomers of Lhe 1980's and early 1990's. Pavlng worked wlLh some of Lhe Lop dlrecLors for
some award wlnnlng (or nomlnaLed) fllm ln Pollywood lncludlng:
Cz Lhe CreaL and owerful
uark Shadows
Men ln 8lack 3
8eal SLeel
1he Wolfman
Allce ln Wonderland
1he nexL 1hree uays
1ermlnaLlon SalvaLlon
Pellboy ll: 1he Colden Army
MeeL Lhe 8oblnsons
CharloLLes Webb
Corpse 8rlde
Charlle and Lhe ChocolaLe lacLory
Splder-man 2
Men ln black ll
laneL of Lhe apes
Spy klds

. and many more