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Kendrick Gardner? Susan Grover English 101 11/22/2013 Outline on What cause Youth Obesity?

1.0 What is Youth Obesity? 1.1 Definition of obesity 1.2 How do you tell if someone is obese? 1.2.1 Who came up with this method? 1.2.2 Does this method work and is it accurate?

2.0 What is the biggest cause of Youth obesity? 2.1 Biggest causes of youth obesity 2.1.1 The biggest cause 2.2 Are people behind youth obesity 2.2.1 If so are they doing it on purpose

3.0 What can we do to stop Youth Obesity? 3.1 Things we can do to stop Youth Obesity

3.1.1 Sports 3.1.2 Fun activities 3.1.3 Peers 3.2 What can we do as citizens? 3.2.1 Community 3.2.2 Set a goal 3.3 What is best plan to stop youth obesity? 3.3.1 Will it effectively work 3.3.2 What will be the end result