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Teacher Candidate:

Samantha Reed

Date: Wednesday 3/5/14 Coop. Initials Grade Level 4th Section

Cooperating Teacher: Jessica Mack Group Size: 25 Allotted Time 11:50-12:40 Math-Geometry Review

Subject or Topic:

STANDARD: C.2.3.4.A.2 Classify two dimensional figures by properties of their lines and angles. CC.2.3.4.A.1 Draw lines and angles and identify these in two dimensional figures. CC.2.3.4.A.3 Recognize symmetric shapes and draw lines of symmetry.

I. Performance Objectives (Learning Outcomes): Forth grade students will apply geometric concepts to solve problems. II. Instructional Materials -Review Sheet -Snake Boards -Smartboard-Dice III. Subject Matter/Content (prerequisite skills, key vocabulary, big idea). A. Prerequisite skills 1. Students will need to have a background on all of the topics from the geometry Unit. B. Key Vocabulary 1.Polygon: a closed plane figure made of line segments. 2. Equilateral: all sides equal 3. Isosceles: at least two side equal in length 4. Scalene: no equal sides 5. Right angle: a square corner 6. Acute angle: less than a right angle 7. Obtuse angle: greater than a right angle but less than a straight line. 8. Quadrilateral: a polygon with 4 sides.

9. Perimeter: The length around an object. 10. Area: The amount inside of a two dimensional object. 11.Volume: number of cubic units needed to fill a solid. C. Big Idea: Using geometry in multiple ways. IV. Implementation A. Introduction 1. Have students take out their review sheets that they completed for homework. B. Development 1. Have students work in their groups to go over the answers, circling any they disagreed on. 2. Go over the circled problems. 3. Next, hand out Snake Game boards. Have students write their names at the top of the page. 4. Tell them that we are going to play snake again, but this time the rules will be a little different. Explain that you can still add up your points and stand up whenever you want in order to keep your points, and that if a zero is rolled you lose all of your points. 5. For round 1 I will only roll one die. Whatever number I roll, you must draw a figure with that many sides. If it is only one- draw a line segment, line, or ray. If it is only 2- draw intersecting, parallel, or perpendicular. When zero is rolled, round is over, repeat for N column. 6. For the A round. Roll 4 dice. Students will be responsible for solving for the perimeter of an object whose sides are those lengths. When zero is rolled, round is over. 7. For the K column roll 2 dice. These numbers will represent the length and width of a shape, and the area must be found. When a zero is rolled the round is over. 8. For the E column, roll 3 dice, and students must solve for volume. When a zero is rolled the round is over. C. Closure 1. Remind students of their test for the next day and to use their review guides for studying. D. Accommodations/Differentiation 1. I will go over the review sheet with some students separately if need be. E. Assessment/Evaluation Plan 1. Formative-The review sheet will be looked at. 2. Summative-There is no summative assessment for this lesson.

VI. Resources

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