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Test 1 Task 1

The bar graph below shows the diference in world illiteracy rates between men and women from 6 regions in 2000 In can be seen that the the regions which more developmental have more literacy rates than the others. For example the percentage in developed countries is 1% in male and 2% in female, Lantin America is that ratio is 10% and 12% whereas in south Asia is 35% in men and 55% in women, Sub-Shaharan Africa that rate is 31% and 49%. Another thing that stand out is that the illiteracy rates in men is less than women and it has a gap diference in groups which have higher illiteracy ratio. For example the percentage of illiteracy in Latin America is 10% in men and 12% in women but in Arab Stabes this rate in 29% in male and 51% in female and in East Asia is 8% in men and 20% in women.

Task 2
Nowaday children have to face with a lot of pressure from their family and social a bout their future. A lot of parents want their children succeed academically so they think that some subjects that dont apply in social work sould be remove in curriculum in school so that the children can focus in the subject that important to their work. In my opinion I dont agree with it at all. On one hand, there must be some reasons to support the statement above. To begin with, one reason wich use to prove is that non-academic subjects make students cant focus to study main subjects that they need to use in the future. In addition, another point which help people find the statementquite convincing is that the subjects that sould be removed wont be used in the students work, so theyll forget what they have learnt so why do they have to study what they dont need? People in favour of shouldnt remove the non-academic subject in syllabus also have opinions to prove their statement. First of all we have to know that nonacademic subject just be a small part of curriculum, students dont need to take a lot of their time to study it so they cant say that they dont have time or cant focus on main subjects. Another reason is that non-academic subjects doesnt apply to students work but they need to learn it, because it doesnt teach you what you need in their vocation but it teach you how can you be a good person on social. Its extremely important. To summarise I just want to say that you have to learn the non-academic subjects because its not a enough condition but its a necessary condition.