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Interesting Facts About Ground Hog Day On the second of February, people in the USA celebrate Ground Hog

day. It is based on an event held in Pennsylvania every year. At this uni ue occasion, it is the ground hog that is used to predict the !eather. "he use of this ani#al is !hat #a$es Ground Hog %ay uni ue for every A#erican. "he follo!ing are so#e facts you #ay not $no! about Ground Hog day& '. Pun(suta!ney Phil ) "his is the na#e of the #ain ground hog that everyone !atches each year for !eather predictions. If the ani#al is unable to see its shado!, then you should $no! that you are going to be in for si( #ore !ee$s of !inter. *. +arly spring ) If the Ground hog does not see his shado!, then it #eans that you are in for an early spring. ,. Accurate predictions ) Pun(suta!ney Phil has been able to see his shado! -. ti#es. "he nu#ber of years unaccounted for total to date is -. "he ani#al has not seen his shado! '/ ti#es. 0. Predictions ) Phil1s predictions have been correct and so#eti#es faulty. "he national cli#ate data center indicates that he has been ,-2 accurate. /. Phil1s club ) According to Phil1s club, he has been accurate in all his predictions. 3. Source of strength ) Phil drin$s a special #agic eli(ir during su##er. "his is !hat gives hi# #ore strength and the ability to live a long life. "hese are so#e of the facts you #ay !ant to $no! before you start high)fiving on this auspicious day.