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Advertising Campaign Checklist 1.

Name of product:

2. Demographic of target audience (can be more than one group)

. !ho "ill "rite the commercial script#

$. !ho "ill "rite the radio script#

%. !ho "ill use the camera to shoot the commercial#

&. !ho "ill record the radio commercial#

'. !ho "ill design the product packaging#

(. !ho "ill create the product packaging#

). !ho "ill "rite the maga*ine ad# (+ook online if ,ou need help kno"ing "hat to -"rite.)

1/. !ho "ill design the maga*ine ad#

11. !ho "ill create the maga*ine ad#

12. !ho "ill design the billboard#

1 . !ho "ill create the billboard#

1$. !hat programs "ill ,ou use to create the billboard and maga*ine ads#

1%. !ho "ill be the actor0actress in the commercial# (can be more than one)

1&. !hat is something funn, about ,our product#

1'. !hat is something logical that ,ou "ant ,our audience to kno" about ,our product# (ho" does it help them#)

1(. !hat is something emotional about ,our product#

1). !hat famous person could ,ou pretend to have sell ,our product#