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e v e r y thing s ta r ts w ith a dre a m


SHANNEN NICOLE CHUA for questions and inquiries, feel free to email me at

h t t p : / / s n c x c r e a t i o n s . w e e b l y. c o m h t t p : / / s w e e t n c u t e c r e a t i o n s . t u m b l r. c o m h t t p : / / f b . c o m / s w e e t n c u t e c r e a t i o n s

e v e r y thing s ta r ts w ith a dre a m

4 ply Monaco Acrylic yarn in black, salmon pink, blue and powder blue Lion Brand wool ease in navy blue Tapestry Needle Crochet hook G Fiberfill Stuffing


HEAD: usingBLUE rnd1:Ch2,7scin2ndchainfromhook[7] rnd2:2scineachstaround[14] rnd3:Scinnextst,2scinstafter,repeattilend[21] rnd4:Scineachofthenext2sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[28] rnd5:Scineachofthenext3sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[35] rnd6:Scineachofthenext4sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[42] rnd7:Scineachofthenext5sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[49] rnd8-13:Scallaround[49] rnd14:Scineachofthenext6sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[56] rnd15:Scineachofthenext13sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[60] rnd16:Scallaround[60] usingPOWDERBLUE rnd17:Scineachofthenext13sts,sc2tog,repeattilend[56] rnd18:Scineachofthenext5sts,sc2tog,repeattilend[48] rnd19:Scineachofthenext4sts,sc2tog,repeattilend[40] rnd20:Scineachofthenext3sts,sc2tog,repeattilend[32] rnd21:Scineachofthenext2sts,sc2tog,repeattilend[24] rnd22:Scineachofthenext2sts,sc2tog,repeattilend[18] fastenoff.donotweaveintheends!!!!! EYES usingPOWDERBLUE rnd1:Ch2,8scin2ndchfromhook[8] rnd2:2scineachofthenext2sts,2hdcineachofthenext4sts,2scineachoftheremaining2sts [16] rnd3:*Scinnextst,2scinstafter*repeat2x;*hdcinnextst,2hdcinstafter*repeat4x;*Scin nextst,2scinstafter*repeat2x[24] fastenoffleavingalongtailforsewing usingBLACK rnd1:Ch2,5scin2ndchfromhook[5]
h t t p : / / s n c x c r e a t i o n s . w e e b l y. c o m h t t p : / / s w e e t n c u t e c r e a t i o n s . t u m b l r. c o m h t t p : / / f b . c o m / s w e e t n c u t e c r e a t i o n s

rnd2:2scineachofthenext2sts,2hdcinnextst,2scineachoftheremaining2sts[10] fastenoffleavingalongtailforsewing usingWHITE rnd1:Ch2,4scin2ndchfromhook[4] fastenoffleavingalongtailforsewing NOSE usingNAVYBLUE rnd1:Ch2,6scin2ndchainfromhook[6] rnd2:2scineachstaround[12] rnd3:Scinnextst,2scinstafter,repeattilend[18] rnd4:Scallaround[18] fastenoffleavingalongtailforsewing EARS: INNEREAR usingSALMONPINK rnd1:ch21,scin2ndchfromhookuntiltheend[thismakes20sc],flipittofacetheoppositesideand scallaround[thismakesanother20sc][total:40] rnd2:Scineachofthenext12sts,hdcineachofthenext6sts,2hdcineachofthenext4sts,hdcin eachofthenext6sts,scineachofthelastremaining12sts[44] rnd3:Hdcineachofthenext10sts,Dcineachofthenext10sts,2dcineachofthenext4sts,dcin eachofthenext10sts,hdcineachoftheremaining10sts[48] rnd4-5:Scallaround[48] fastenoffleavingareallylongtailforsewing OUTEREAR usingBLUE rnd1:ch21,scin2ndchfromhookuntiltheend[thismakes20sc],flipittofacetheoppositesideand scallaround[thismakesanother20sc][total:40] rnd2:Hdcineachofthenext12sts,dcineachofthenext6sts,2dcineachofthenext4sts,dcin eachofthenext6sts,hdcineachofthelastremaining12sts[44] rnd3:Hdcineachofthenext10sts,Dcineachofthenext10sts,2dcineachofthenext4sts,dcin eachofthenext10sts,hdcineachoftheremaining10sts[48] fastenoffhidingallends BODY: usingBLUE rnd1:Ch2,6scin2ndchainfromhook[6] rnd2:Scinnextst,2scinstafter,repeattilend[9] rnd3:2scineachstaround[18] rnd4:Scinthenextst,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[27] rnd5:Scineachofthenext2sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[36] rnd6:Scineachofthenext3sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[45] rnd7:Scineachofthenext4sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[54] rnd8-12:[54] usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext18sts
s w e e t n c u t e c r e a t i o n s! amigurumi stitch!

usingPOWDERBLUE:Scineachofthenext18sts usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext18sts rnd13:[45] usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext4sts,sc2tog,3x usingPOWDERBLUE:Scineachofthenext4sts,sc2tog,3x usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext4sts,sc2tog,3x rnd14-16:[45] usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext15sts usingPOWDERBLUE:Scineachofthenext15sts usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext15sts rnd17:[36] usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext3sts,sc2tog,3x usingPOWDERBLUE:Scineachofthenext3sts,sc2tog,3x usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext3sts,sc2tog,3x rnd18-21:[36] usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext12sts usingPOWDERBLUE:Scineachofthenext12sts usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext12sts rnd22:[27] usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext2sts,sc2tog,3x usingPOWDERBLUE:Scineachofthenext2sts,sc2tog,3x usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext2sts,sc2tog,3x rnd23-24:[27] usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext9sts usingPOWDERBLUE:Scineachofthenext9sts usingBLUE:Scineachofthenext9sts fastenoffleavingalongtailforsewing ARMS: usingBLUE rnd1:Ch2,5scin2ndchainfromhook[5] rnd2:2scineachstaround[10] rnd3:Scinnextst,2scinstafter,repeattilend[15] rnd4-15:Scallaround[15] fastenoffleavingalongtailforsewing FINGERS: usingNAVYBLUE;make4 ch4,scin2ndchfromhookuntilend[3sc] fastenoffleavingatailforsewing LEGS: usingBLUE rnd1:Ch2,6scin2ndchainfromhook[6] rnd2:2scineachstaround[12] rnd3:Scinnextst,2scinstafter,repeattilend[18]
s w e e t n c u t e c r e a t i o n s! amigurumi stitch!

rnd4:Scineachofthenext2sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[24] rnd5-6:Scallaround[24] rnd7:Scineachofthenext9sts,sc2tog2x,scineachoftheremaining9sts[21] rnd8:Scineachofthenext7sts,sc2tog2x,scineachoftheremaining8sts[18] rnd9:Scineachofthenext6sts,sc2tog2x,scineachoftheremaining6sts[15] rnd10:throughfrontloops,scineachofthenext6sts;throughbackloops,scineachofthenext3 sts;throughfrontloopsagain,scineachoftheremaining6sts[15] rnd11-15:Scallaround[15] fastenoffleavingalongtailforsewing TOES: usingNAVYBLUE;make4 rnd1:Ch2,5scin2ndchainfromhook[5] fastenoffleavingatailforsewing palm rnd1:Ch2,5scin2ndchainfromhook[5] rnd2:2scineachstaround[10] fastenoffleavingalongtailforsewing TAIL: usingBLUE rnd1:Ch2,5scin2ndchainfromhook[5] rnd2:2scineachstaround[10] rnd3:Scinnextst,2scinstafter,repeattilend[15] rnd4:Scineachofthenext2sts,2scsinstafter,repeattilend[20] rnd5:Scallaround[20] fastenoffleavingalongtailforsewing
Assembly - use the tail of the body part being sewn unless stated otherwise
1. Sew on the fingers to the tip of the arm. make sure that you are only sewing the tip of the fingers [see pictures below for reference] 2. sew on the palms of the feet to the bottom of the legs [see pictures below for reference] 3. sew on the tip of the toes aka the bottom of the circle to the legs. make sure that its proportioned to your legs palm [see pictures below for reference] 4. sew on the white part of the eye to the black. sew the black part to the blue part. make sure that when sewing the black part to the blue, its towards the bottom of it. do not cover the part where its made up of hdc 5. sew on the inner ear to the outer ear. use the tail of the outer ear in sewing the inner ear. note that you should NOT cut off the excess tail from sewing. this will be used again 6. sew on the ears to the head of your stitch! use the excess tail from when you sewed on the inner ear to the outer ear 7. semi-stuff the head just to get a gist of the shape 8. sew on the left eye first. make sure its proportioned to the ears
s w e e t n c u t e c r e a t i o n s! amigurumi stitch!

9. stuff the nose 10. sew on the nose approximately 2 sts away from the eye [horizontally], to make it proportioned-ish, i aligned it as well to the black part of the eye 11. sew on the right eye with respect to the left eye and the nose 12. stuff the entire head completely 13. stuff the arms, legs and tail as well now. make sure that you do NOT overstuff them 14. sew on the tail and legs to the bottom of the body. make sure that the legs are half within the powder blue part of the body and the other half is on the blue part of the body. make sure than when sewing the tail, its equidistant from the right and left leg. 15. stuff the body halfway 16. sew on the stuffed arms to the upper body. 17. fully stuff the body of stitch 18. sew on the head to the body using the excess tail from the body. 19.your stitch is now ready to be loved-up and hugged!

s w e e t n c u t e c r e a t i o n s!

amigurumi stitch!

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