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Bahria University

Islamabad Campus Department of Electrical Engineering Internee Assessment Form Name of Internee: Enrollment no:

usman haroon 01-133092-096 Program/Semester: bee-8b Duration of Internship:01-01-2013 till 15-02-2013

Brief Description of assigned Project(s):

internee was assigned with the duty of understanding our quality assurance process and was asked to recommend improvements in our system



V. Good




Interest in Internship Desire to learn Level of Initiative Sense of Responsibility Ability to work in group Subject Knowledge Overall Assessment Remarks (Strengths and Weaknesses)

punctuality n keenness to gain knoweledge are couple out of many strenghts internee possessed where as there is room for improvement in professional attitude of internee
Supervisor: Organization: Date: / / Signature: Please return to: Mr. Umair Sajid Hashmi Sr Lecturer/Internship Coordinator Department of Electrical Engineering Bahria University, Islamabad Campus Shangrilla Road, Naval Complex, E-8