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Grant Shopping Center Sos. Virtutii, Nr. 148 Bucharest, Romania Att. To Mr.

Christian Green - Customer Ser ice Manager eMag 1!th No em"er, #$1# Re%& 'orma( Comp(aint )etter *ear Mr. Green, + am ,riting to -ou in to issue a comp(aint a recent pro.uct purchase. /n the 18th o% No em"er #$1# + purchase. a Son- Vaio (aptop mo.e( SV014A1S10B %rom one o% -our sho,rooms %or the amount o% 01R 23$. + ,as to(. that the (aptop has a preinsta((e. 4in.o,s 5, "ut ,hen + got home + notice. that the operating s-stem is 4in.o,s 67. +8 e a(rea.- comp(aint three times to -our customer ser ice center, "ut no action ,as ta9en an. + ,as to(. that + shou(. get in touch ,ith -ou, as -ou are the Customer Ser ice Manager. + re:uest -ou to 9in.(- (oo9 into the matter an. instruct me on ho, + can get the pro"(em %i;e.. 0nc(ose. is the cop- o% the "i(( %rom purchasing the (aptop in matter. Than9 -ou. + (oo9 %or,ar. to hearing %rom -ou as soon as possi"(e. Sincere(-, )ore.ana