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1. Keep the Controller (Automagic) always on Auto possition. (Operate Manual switch only on emergecy condition. It is a By-pass switch) 2. When the Controller indicates FULL (Green LED) at Lower Tank & EMPTY (Green LED) at Upper Tank Pump gets ON. 3. When the Upper Tank indicates FULL (Red LED) or Lower Tank indicates EMPTY (Red LED) Pump gets OFF. 4. If the Pump gets OFF even if the condition mentioned in Instruction No. 2. It means pump trips due to Dry Run or Overload, then please push the reset switch of Protection relay unit. 5. Pump gets OFF sometimes because of single phasing also. (Please call to MSEB Dept.) 6. Select pump manually thru Change Over Switch. (Do not touch or operate any other switch.) Keep the float sensors out of the tank while cleaning of tanks. Kale Sales & Services 9923694154, 9923693154