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Ashleigh Cousin

1540 Paula St 1540 Paula St New Orleans, Louisiana, 70122, United States (504)248-8531 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Jeanne New Orleans Louisiana United States

Crew Member January 2014 - Present

My responsibilities for this job is to make sure to water the plants, make sure I plant them right.

Warren Easton High School New Orleans Louisiana United States

Expected graduation, May 19, 2014

My overall GPA is 2.7143, I stay after school for tutoring and sometimes I stay after school for Interact. I worked in the office few times as being an Assistant by calling students down if they getting checked out of school.

Additional Skills

I have good communications skills Computer skills Writing skills

Extra-Curricular I joined to Interact Programs that deals with helping the environment like people, animals, and we donate food to the harmless.