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Calligraphy Course Outline

Outline: This is a beginners course in Western calligraphy and the art of good writing. It is a step by step course on how to write calligraphic types by using historical examples and models which can be used for craft based projects and students own work. Aims: To provide an introduction to Western calligraphy to the beginner. To provide technical instruction in the use and handling of calligraphic pens in writing a number of different calligraphic alphabets. To provide practical suggestions in using calligraphy for craft based projects.

Learning Outcomes: Students will: Learn about the history and culture behind Western calligraphy and of each of the alphabetic types practised. Learn basic pen strokes and forms of decoration and borders. Learn how to make a ladder for each script learnt so that proportions are correct. Learn how to proportion letters by using a grid. Practise writing various calligraphic alphabets (including Roman Square Capitals, Uncial, Gothic, Italic, Carolingian) by focusing on its group characteristics. Be able to practically use calligraphy in craft based projects.

Duration: 12 weeks + About the Sessions: Each session can be divided into four main parts: Appreciation and Understanding discovering art history and culture, and the artistic traditions through powerpoint presentations. Presentation & Practising Demonstrating an aspect of calligraphy and how to go about it and practising it. Craft based Project Demonstrating how to integrate calligraphy with a craft based idea and practising it creatively. Gallery Artistic appreciation of each others work.

Equipment needed: Basic equipment includes calligraphy pens felt tip and cartridge (various sized nibs), pencil, ruler, eraser, compass, paper.