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Skills List
Physical Assessment
Taking a temperature (PO + AX)
Taking a pulse
Counting respirations
Taking blood pressure (Neonate+Pediatric+Adult cuff)
Measuring intake and output
Performing skin puncture
IV site assessment
Measuring blood glucose levels
Safety and Infection Control
Proper body mechanics
Assisting with ambulation
Hand washing/hand hygiene
Donning and removing clean and contaminated gloves and mask
Removing contaminated items
Must haves at bedside
Client Care and Comfort
Effective communication process
Applying dry heat
Basic Care
Changing linens in an unoccupied bed
Changing linens in occupied bed
Turning and positioning patient
Moving patient in bed
Assisting with a bed pan or urinal
Assisting with feeding
Bathing a client in bed
Diapers (newborn, infant, toddler)
Oral care
Perineal and genital care
Eye care
Changing the gown in clients with IVs
Assisting from bed to wheelchair, commode, or chair
Administering Passive Range of Motion Exercises
Medication Administration
Administering oral, sublingual, and buccal medications
Administering eye and ear medications
Administering a subcutaneous injection
Administering an Intramuscualr Injection
Withdrawing medication from a vial
Mixing medications from two vials into one syringe

Preparing an IV solution
Administering medications via Piggyback
Administering medications via Bolus or IV Push
Kangaroo Pump
Nutrition and Elimination
Assessing placement of small-bore feeding tube
Feeding and medicating via a Gastrostomy tube
Feeding and medicating via a Nasogastric tube
Inserting an indwelling catheter (female)
Administering oxygen therapy
Assisting a patient with controlled coughing and deep breathing
Assisting a patient with an incentive spirometer
Administering pulse oximetry
Measuring output from a chest drainage system
Maintaining mechanical ventilation
Starting an IV
Preparing IV bag and tubing
Setting IV flow rate
Assessing and Maintaining an IV insertion site
Changing IV solution
Immobilization and support
Applying a pneumatic compression device
Assisting with crutches, cane, or walker