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Keyboard Shortcuts

Representation for parts Select all select switch F2

Wire frame CTRL + 1 Select parts select switch F3

- Keyboard Shortcuts
Shaded wire frame CTRL + 2 Snap to reference lines/points F4
Rendered (black) CTRL + 3 Snap to geometry lines/points F5
Rendered CTRL + 4 Snap to nearest points F6
Rendered (dark colors) CTRL + 5 Snap to any position F7
Advanced options CTRL + E
Representation for component parts Inquire object SHIFT + I
Wire frame SHIFT + 1 Free measure F
Shaded wire frame SHIFT + 2
Rendered (black) SHIFT + 3 Modeling shortcuts
Rendered SHIFT + 4 Create new model CTRL + N
Rendered (dark colors) SHIFT + 5 Open the Views list CTRL + I
Create clip plane SHIFT + X
General shortcuts Rollover highlight H
Open CTRL + O Set view rotation point V
Save CTRL + S Autorotate CHANGED! SHIFT + R, SHIFT + T
Properties ALT + ENTER Disable view rotation F8
Undo CTRL + Z 3D / Plane CTRL + P
Redo CTRL + Y Fly (in perspective views) SHIFT + F
Interrupt ESC Select all CTRL + A
Repeat the last command ENTER Select assembly ALT + object
Copy CHANGED! CTRL + C Hide object SHIFT + H
Move CHANGED! CTRL + M Snapshot F9, F10, F11, F12
Delete DEL Undo last polygon pick Backspace
Drag and drop D Finish polygon input Space bar
Pan P Open component catalog CTRL + F
Middle button pan CHANGED! SHIFT + M Create AutoConnection CTRL + J
Move right x Phase manager CTRL + H
Move left z Clash check SHIFT + C
Move down y Drawing Wizard CTRL + W
Move up w Drawing list CTRL + L
Center by cursor INS Clone drawing CTRL + D
Zoom original HOME Print drawings SHIFT + P
Zoom in/out PG UP/PG DN Create report CTRL + B
Zoom previous END
Rotate using mouse CTRL + R Drawing shortcuts
Rotate using keyboard CTRL + arrow keys, Associative symbol SHIFT + A
SHIFT + arrow keys Black and white drawing B
Ortho O Ghost outline SHIFT + G
Relative coordinate input @, R Open next drawing CTRL + PG DN
Absolute coordinate input $, A Open previous drawing CTRL + PG UP
Next position TAB Create an orthogonal dimension G
Previous position SHIFT + TAB
Xsnap T User Coordinate System (UCS) shortcuts
SmartSelect S Set coordinate system origin U
Select filter CTRL + G Set coordinate system by two points SHIFT + U
Add to selection SHIFT Toggle orientation CTRL + T
Toggle selection CTRL Reset current CTRL + 1
Lock X, Y or Z coordinates X, Y or Z Reset all CTRL + 0
Keyboard Shortcuts

Defining shortcuts
If you frequently use certain commands,

- Keyboard Shortcuts
assign keyboard shortcuts to them. You will
find it faster than using the icons and menus.

To assign a shortcut to a command:

• Click Tools > Customize... to open the

Customize dialog box.

• Click on the command on the list on the left.

• Use the Filter list box to find commands

easily. Click the down arrow to select subgroups
of commands. ALL displays all the commands
available in Tekla Structures. You can also type
in the command name to search for commands.

• Use the Shortcut fields to assign a shortcut

to the command. You can use a single letter, or
combine a letter with the Shift, Alt or Ctrl key.

• Move the command to the Menu list by clicking

the right arrow. This will activate the shortcut
and also add the command in the User menu.

• Click Close to exit the Customize dialog box.

For more information, see Online help,

Appendix E > Reserved shortcuts.