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The idea that America would expand to the Pacific Ocean and spread democracy, is called.

Manifest destiny

He was an agent/empresario, who started a colony on the lower Colorado River in 1822.

Austin, Stephen F. Austin

Who was the U.S. president who favored the annexation of Texas in 1844.

John Tyler

After the death of Joseph Smith he became the new head of the Mormon church and moved the group to Utah.

Brigham Young

What role did the transcontinental railroad play in Californias development?

It gave Calis economy the means to grow by connecting the state to the rest of the country.

The American expansionists slogan 54, 40 or Fight! referred to the?

Line to which they wanted the northern territory to extend.

Who are the agents who brought settlers to Texas..?


Which challenges did Mexican Americans face when American settlers poured into the Southwest after the Mexican war?
Mexican land laws differed from the U.S. land laws, which led to much confusion.

The dispute in Sonoma between Mexicans and American settlers is called .?

The Bear Flag Revolt

Americans moved westward in the early 1800s, in part, because French, British, and American companies had depleted the ________ population in the East.




At the beginning of the MexicanAmerican War, the American army was better equipped than the Mexican army?




The Gadsden Purchase gave the U.S. much of Mexicos northern territory?

Who was the Mexican general who was captured at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

What helped increase the size of the U.S. by almost 25%?

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo/Mexican Cession

What, (type of), miners used pans or other devices to wash gold nuggets out of loose rock and gravel.

Placer (Miners)

He created The American Fur Company, which helped to establish trade in the Pacific Northwest.

John Jacob Astor

As a result of the population explosion of the gold fever years, this area became eligible for statehood.


______ ______ was a hero at the Battle of San Jacinto. The new Texas Republic named a new town after him and made it their capital.

Sam Houston

Mexican officials did not want many Americans to settle in California, but they gave this Swiss immigrant, ____________, permission to start a colony near the Sacramento River in 1839 ?

John Sutter

Farming and Ranching

Gold mining remained an important part of Californias economy, but _____ and _____ soon became industries for those willing to do the necessary hard labor.

Who made a fortune by making tough denim pants for miners?

Obey Mexican laws

How did the U.S. govt help traders traveling on the Santa Fe Trail?

Which of the following shows how various cultures shaped one another in the Southwest after the Mexican Cession?

Communities regularly celebrated both Mexican and American holidays.

Miners paid high prices for basic necessities during the gold rush because the large amounts of gold in circulation caused severe ________ in California.


What is the name of the mission that was besieged during an important battle of the Texan Revolution?

The Alamo

Life was made difficult for what group of people, due to a high monthly tax placed on all foreign miners?

Chinese immigrants