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Brown & White Chocolate Souffle with walnut.

By Chefpapajoh, February 26, 2013, n !e""ert

# "er$in% & 1# &in" n%re'ient 3 tb"pn all purpo"e flour 3 tb"pn un"alte' butter 1 t"pn of "alt, to ta"te 1 1(2 cup" crea& &il) 1 chocolate bar of bitter"weet ba)in% chocolate, coar"ely choppe' 1 pac)et of walnut *to be ba)e'+ 1 tea"poon $anilla e,tract 1(2 cup ca"ter "u%ar # e%% yol)" - e%% white" cin% "u%ar for toppin%. .etho' .elt ba)in% chocolate in a 'ouble boiler. !o not let the botto& of the bowl touche" the bowlin% water. .elt butter in a "auce pot o$er &e'iu& heat, whi") in the flour, "alt an' then &il) an' coo) until it co&e" to a boil for a few "econ'" an' thic)en". What you ha$e ju"t &a'e i" a $ery ba"ic b/cha&el "auce.

0ff the heat, "tir the chocolate an' "tir con"tantly until it1" &elte'. 2'' $anilla, an' 3 cup of "u%ar, whi")in% it until it "&ooth. 0ne at a ti&e, a'' the e%% yol)" while whi")in% con"tantly. With the a''ition of the"e in%re'ient", you ha$e ju"t &a'e chocolate pa"try crea&, or chocolate pu''in%. Before you ba)e the "ouffl/, butter the "ouffl/ 'i"h or ba)in% tray 'i"h. 2'' about 243 5able"poon" of ca"tor "u%ar, an' then tap an' rotate the 'i"h to co$er the botto& an' "i'e" with ca"tor "u%ar. n a perfectly clean an' 'ry bowl, whi") the e%% white" to "oft pea)", an' %ra'ually whi") in the re&ainin% 3 cup of "u%ar. Continue to whi") until the pea)" are "tiff an' %lo""y. Stir 3 of the white" into the "ouffl/ ba"e to li%hten it. 5hen, thorou%hly but %ently fol' in the re"t of the white". Fill the "ouffl/ 'i"h with a "coup of batter an' place a walnut in"i'e the the ba)in% tray an' a'' the batter all the way to the top. 6un your thu&b aroun' the top in"i'e of the "ouffl/ 'i"h to clean off the ri&. 5hi" help" the "ouffl/ to ri"e &ore e$enly. Ba)e for 1# 7 20 &inute" until the "ouffl/ ri"e" abo$e the "ouffl/ 'i"h an'(or when the top of the "ouffl/ i" %ol'en brown. !u"t with icin% "u%ar an' "er$e i&&e'iately becau"e the "ouffl/ will 'eflate in le"" than two &inute". For in'i$i'ual "ouffl/", butter an' "u%ar the in'i$i'ual ra&e)in" an' ba)e for about 20 &inute", or until it i" well ri"en.