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Chemicals & Human Health Lung Toxicology Problem Set: Student Sheet Directions

A. Ans er the !re"#uestions. $. %o to the ebsite .biology.ari&'chh and clic( on the lin( to the Lung

Toxicology Problem Set.

C. )rite the correct ans er in the column labeled Correct Ans er. All o* the ans ers

can be *ound in the Lung Toxicology Problem Set.

D. +x!lain the correct ans er.

-circle the ans er you thin( is correct.

Correct Ans er
- rite the letter o* the correct ans er *rom the ebsite.

-ex!lain the correct ans er.

)hich o* the *ollo ing is /0T *ound in the human lung1 A. bronchiole $. trachea C. bronchi D. al2eoli

Dra a !icture and label the !arts o* the lung:

)hich o* the *ollo ing is the smallest !art o* the lung here gas exchange occurs1 A. bronchiole $. trachea C. bronchi D. al2eoli )hich o* the *ollo ing al2eolar cell ty!es clean !articles de!osited in the lungs1 A. macro!hages $. e!ithelium ty!e 3 C. e!ithelium ty!e 33 D. *ibroblasts +. ca!illaries

A!!roximately ho many are there in the human body:

Dra a !icture that includes all o* the cell ty!es and label:

0ne o* the !rimary *unctions o* the al2eoli is to create a large sur*ace area in the lungs. )hy is a large sur*ace are so im!ortant1

+x!lain: %as exchange is the !rimary *unction o* lungs and the gas exchange de!ends on ale2oli

A. *or energy storage $. to remo2e toxins *rom the blood C. to store oxygen *or *uture use D. *or gas exchange +. *or the (rebs cycle )hen do the al2eoli de2elo! in lungs in humans1 A. during the *irst 6"7 years o* li*e $. in the 6"4th ee( o* !regnancy C. bet een 8 and 4 years o* age D. during the last 5 ee(s o* !regnancy +. continually throughout a !erson9s li*etime

Describe the stages o* lung de2elo!ment: :"4 ee(s trachea;bronchi *orm 4"65 ee(s bronchi branch subdi2ides 65"75 lung cells di**erentiate 75 ee(s to birth Air ays ex!and <$onus ,uestion: Ho do you thin( second" hand smo(e may a**ect a child1 +x!lain 3t destroys it #uic(er because their lungs are ea(er and barley *orming Ho is that attributed to the most deaths1 Lung cancer

)hich o* the *ollo ing causes the most deaths in the =S1 A. A3DS $. motor 2ehicles C. homicide D. smo(ing +. alcohol )hich statement do you agree ith1 A. +n2ironmental tobacco smo(e -+TS.; also (no n as second"hand smo(e; has L+SS toxic com!ounds than directly inhaled tobacco smo(e. $. +n2ironmental tobacco smo(e -+TS.; also (no n as second"hand smo(e; has >0?+ toxic com!ounds than directly inhaled tobacco smo(e.

+x!lain hy. $ecause hen it is burned The toxic chemicals are released About ho many toxic com!ounds are in cigarette smo(e1 4:

)hat is P>6:1 $ A. the number o* !ac(s !er day that cause lung cancer in 6:A o* the !o!ulation $. !articles hich are small enough to be de!osited in the lungs C. a measure o* the amount o* !ollen in a certain 2olume o* air D. a measure o* the se2erity o* an asthma attac( 0xidants are one toxic com!onent o* cigarette smo(e. )hy are they dangerous1 A. They bloc( sur*actant secretion so that al2eoli colla!se. $. They bloc( the oxygen carrying ca!acity o* hemoglobin. C. They cause cilia to #uit beating so lungs get clogged ith !articles. D. They can damage the D/A o* lung cells much li(e the sun damages s(in cells. Asthma is caused by decreased air*lo in and out o* the lungs due to: $

Ho does this hurt the lungs1 3t can cause tissue damage and lung damage

)hat disease can be the end result o* this damage1 Cancer

Chronic bronchitis; C0PD; em!hysema

List three res!onses in the lung that cause asthma.

6. small abnormalities in 7. re2ersible bronchial s!asms 8. destruction o* al2eolar

alls 4. allergic reaction in lung tissues air ays

)hat is a Btrigger1C List 7 exam!les. Something that can cause an asthmatic attac( Smo(ing; inhaling chemicals