Republic of the Philippines

Visayas Avenue, Dillman, Quezon City 1116 1el. Nos.: (632) 929-66-26 to 29 • (632) 929-65-52 929-66-20 • 929-66-33 to 35

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APR 2 0 Z009

o,o~8-lf.520 ECC Ref. Code:

Mr. Carlos S. Salazar Administrator

National Irrigation Administration Region V, Naga City


Mr. William P. Ragodon

Regional Manager, NIA Region V



Dear Sir:

This refers to your submitted Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Report in connection with your Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) application for your proposed LIBMANAN-CABUSAO DAM PROJECT located at 8gy. Malaguico, Sipocot, Camarines Sur.

After satisfying the requirements in the said application and upon recommendation of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMS), this Department has decided to grant an ECC to the above-mentioned project.

With the issuance of this ECC, you are expected to implement the measures presented in the EIS intended to protect and mitigate the project's adverse impacts on community health, welfare and the environment. Environmental considerations shall be incorporated in all phases and aspects of the project. You may proceed with the project implementation after securing all the necessary permits from other pertinent Government agencies. This Office will be monitoring the project periodically to ensure your compliance with stipulations cited in the attached ECC.


Please be guided accordi gly.

Very truly yours,

ecret ~


EMS Regional Office - V NIA Regional Office - V

LGU, Municipality Of Sipocot, Camarines sur LGU, Province Of Camarines sur



I. ..• . t

- • : • ~ - .~. I. r •• .1. .• ..

~ ;, I r:- L :,:-~..I ~ I..f' -:- .• ~ ....

...... ...... ~I • !. . ... . .. _... ~'" i' ... .:. ,...:.i

Republic of the Philippines

Visayas Avenue, DiHman7 Quezon City 1116 Tel. Nos.: (632) 929-66-26 to 29 • (632) 929-65-52 929-66-20 • 929-66-33 to 35

929-70-41 to 43

ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE (Issued under Presidential Decree No. 1586)

I;CG Ref~ Cod~.: O'9~rJ··90a-~520

THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT THE PROPONENT, NATIONAL IRRIGATION ADMINISTRATION (NIA), as represented by its Administrator, Mr. Carlos S. Salazar and its Regional Manager-NIA Region V, Mr. William P. Ragodon is granted this Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for the LIBMANANCABUSAO DAM PROJECT located at 8gy. Malaguico, Municipality of Sipocot, Province of Camarines Sur by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (OENR) through the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB).

SUBJECT to the conditions and restrictions set out herein labeled as Annex A and Annex 8.

This Certificate is issued for theLIBMANAN-CABUSAO DAM PROJECT, with the following details.


The proposed dam project is to be located in 8gy. Malaguico, Sipocot, Camarines Sur with coordinates at Latitude 13deg 47min OOsec and Longitude 122deg 56min 28sec and with the following components:

1. Construction of a concrete diversion dam and its appurtenances in lieu of the existing pumps;

2. Construction of 10.28 km diversion canal and its appurtenances from the dam to drop at the inlet of the existing pump station;

3. Construction of new and the rehabilitation of existing irrigation and

drainage facilities to serve four thousand (4,000) hectares; and

4. Construction of 10.75 km service road and 1.95 km of access road.

This Certificate is issued in compliance to the requirements of Presidential Decree No. 1586, in accordance with DENR Administrative Order (D.A.O.) No. 2003-30. Non-compliance with any of the provisions of this Certificate shall be a sufficient cause for the cancellation of this Certificate and/or imposition of a fine in an amount not to exceed Fifty Thousand Peso (PhP 50,000.00) for every violation thereof. The EMB, however, is not precluded from reevaluating, adding, removing, and correcting any deficiencies or errors that may be found after issuance of this Certificate.

Issued at DENRJ Quezon City, Philippines, this APR 2 0 2009


Recommending APproval:

APproved by:

O. AMADOR. Director, E.MB

. ATIE cretary

~ '" RePUbliC Of the Philippines




Republic of the Philippines

Visavas Avenue, Dillman. Quezon City 1116 Tel. Nos.: (632) 929-66-·26 to 29 • (632) 929-65-52 92~~-66-20 • 929-66-33 to 35

929-70-41 to 43


I, IY,Ir .. Carlos S., Salazar I I~r. Wililam P., RagQ.gon, proponent of this LIBMANAN-CABUSAO DAM Project located at Bgy Malaguico, Sipocot, Camarines Sur take full responsibility in complying with I conditions contained in this Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).





.r !Y /!

Subscribed and sworn to before me in this day of 2009, the

above-named affiant taking oath presenting his/her Community Tax Certificate (CTC)

No. issued on 2009 at .

Signature of Administering Officer

... 11:

Annex A



All commitments, mitigating, measures and monitoring requirements, especially those contained in the EIS, particularly in the Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), including all their modifications and additional information as approved by the EMB, shall be instituted to minimize any adverse impact of the project to the environment throughout its implementation, including the following:

1. Implementation of a Watershed Ecosystem Management Planl Program;

2. Undertake an effective and continuing Information, Education and

Communication (IEC) Program to inform and educate all stakeholders, especially its local residents, on the project's mitigating measures embodied in its EIS and the conditions stipulated in this Certificate; A public hearing/consultation shall be conducted to disseminate to the affected communities and ensure the implementation of EMP as contained in the EIS document;

3. Implementation of a Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) and Indigenous People Development Program (IPDP), in which the Plans! Programs shall be submitted to EMB within thirty (30) days from receipt of this Certificate;


4. Follow an appropriate dependable flow to be released at all times for the

environmental requirement and protection of flora and fauna downstream at the point of diversion;

5. That proper drainage canal, concrete culverts, and other flood and erosion control/surface estabilization measures needs to be provided to adequately receive and channel the silt-laden runoff to the nearby receiving body of water;



7. The project operations shall conform with the provisions of R,A. No. 6969 (Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990), R.A. No. 9003 (Ecological Solid Waste Management Program Act of 2000), and R.A. No. 9275 (Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004);

8. The proponent shall set up the following:

7 .1. A readily available and replenishable Environmental Guarantee

Fund (EGF) to cover the following: a) Expenses for further environmental assessments b) compensation, indemnification for whatever damages to life and property that may be caused by the

project c) rehabilitation and/or restoration of areas affected by the

project's implementation;

7.2. A MUlti-partite Monitoring Team (MMT) composed Of

representative(s) from the proponent, EMB, a local environmental Non-Government organization (NGO)/people's organization, a Barangay representative in the primary impact area, the LGUs

Where the project is Situated, and other concerned government aqencies Shall be organized. The MMT should primarily oversee the compliance Of the proponent With the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP), other commitments and mitigation measures that are contained in the prOject EIS documents and the ECC conditions; and

7 .3. A replenishable Environmental Monitoring Fund (EMF) to cover all costs attendant to the operation and monitoring activities of the

MMT including but not limited to capability building, training, actual sampling and laboratory analysis. Said provisions must be consistent with the DAO 2003-30.

The amount and mechanics of the EGF, EMF, and the establishment of the MMT shall be determined by EMB and the proponent in consultation with EMB, through an integrated Memorandum of Agreement which shall be submitted to the EMS within sixty (60) days upon receipt of this Certificate;

9. Organization of an Environmental Unit (EU), which shall completely handle the environ·ment-related aspect of the project. In addition to the monitoring requirements as specified in the EMP, the EU shall also monitor the actual project impacts vis-a-vis the predicted impacts and management measures in the EIS. This shall be included in the Environmental Monitoring Report for submission to EMB (CO & RO V);

1 O. Ensure that its contractors and subcontractors properly comply with the relevant conditions of this Certificate;

11 . The Proponent need to address environmental risks and come up with contingency measures in case of accidents, equipment malfunctions, machine failures, and other emergencies.


12. No oth~r activities should be undertaken other than what was stipulated in the EIS document. Expansion of the project/construction of other structures or any change in the activity beyond those stated in the EIS document shall be subject to a new Environmental Impact Assessment; and

13. Transfer of Ownership of this project carries these same conditions and restrictions for which written notification must be made by herein grantee to EMB within fifteen (15) days from such transfer.

O.R. No.

Date Processing Fee

· 5858158


. ~4~720......-.!172"""'O~a9""-

.. ----

: PhP 6l000.00

Annex B


For the assistance of the Proponents and Government agencies concerned in the management of the project and for better coordination in mitigation on the impact of the project on its surrounding areas and to the environment, and by way of recommendation, the following have been taken notice of by the EIA Review Committee and are forwarding these recommendations to the parties and authorities concerned for proper appreciation and action.


1. Proponent need to comply with:

a. Sanitation Code of the Philippines

b. Labor Code of the Philippines including occupational health and safety standards.



C. Dam structures, canals, drainage system and appurtenances in accordance with the Building Code of the Philippines


2. Solid Waste Management System need to be in placed in coordination with LGU;



4.Proponent needs to establish appropriate number of permanent monitoring plots immediately adjacent to the project areas or ecotones to address terrestrial flora

regeneration and biodiversity; ,

5. The proponent needs to protect the headwaters and natural springl wells within the project site that are being utilized by the community. Should the development activities affect the headwaters and natural springl wells, the proponent shall immediately provide alternative source of potable water to the affected community;

6. Proponent needs to give priority employment to qualified project affected residents particularly the affected communities. Adequate public information for jobs available to local residents in the affected areas needs to be provided;

7. Proponent needs to commission an independent third party auditor to undertake an environmental audit, including a continuing study on the effects of the project on the health of the workers and affected residents. The result of the third party environmental audit, including the auditing of risks and hazards of the project shall be SUbmitted to EMB While the result Of the continuinq health study Shall be SUbmitted every two (2) years to the Department Of Health (DOH) for evaluation;

8. proponent needs to desiqn and construct roads With minimal land and ecoloqical disturbance and With adequate drainage. proponent need to implernent a Roadway Maintenance and Transport Management Plan, which Will include maintenance Of access roads and other PUblic/private roads Within the project Site to Offset impact Of heavy vehicle traffic and nuisances/ damages to the peOPle and properties, as well as provisions for reqular water sprayinq and requirinq vehicies to maintain lOW speed in dusty roads:

9. In cooperation with the Government agencies concerned, the proponent need to plant with appropriate species in the idle/ open areas in the sites.


OIC~ Chief -----



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