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Nothing Ever Happens at Crestwood School

Grade: 3 Subject: English Language Arts Unit: Writing Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

OUTCOMES FROM ALBERTA PROGRAM OF STUDIES General Learning Outcomes: Students will: Listen, s ea!, read, write, "iew and re resent to manage ideas and in#ormation$ Listen, s ea!, read, write, "iew and re resent to enhance clarit% and artistr% o# communication$ Listen, s ea!, read, write, "iew and re resent to res ect, su ort and collaborate with others$ Specific Learning Outcomes: Students will: demonstrate attenti"e listening and "iewing wor! in grou s and collaborate with others lan to gather in#ormation organi&e, record and e"aluate in#ormation LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students will: '$ (ecord obser"ations #rom di##erent areas around the school$ )$ A l% the as ects o# the stor% their obser"ations$ 3$ Listen to instructions and the end o# the stor%$ ASSESSMENTS Observations: Key Questions: Are the students on tas! while Are the students able to record all o# the the% are recording in#ormation in#ormation around the school* around the school* Are the students wor!ing coo erati"el% together* Are the students being silent obser"ers during the mini #ield+ tri * Written/Performance Assessments: ,-othing E"er .a ens at /restwood School0 student wor!boo!. LEARNING RESOURCES CONSULTED esource !": English Language Arts 1rogram o# Studies esource !#: ,-othing E"er .a ens at /restwood School0 student wor!boo! esource !$: Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT % ,-othing E"er .a ens at /restwood School0 student wor!boo! % Document outlining the three grou s$ % Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street PROCEDURE Introduction (2 min.): Hook/Attention Grabber: As! the students to gather on the car et and get read% to #inish the stor% we started last da%$ Assessment of rior !nowledge: As! the students what we did %esterda%$ "#h$ is it important to be

%reative and inventive during %reative writing&' E(pe%tations for )earning and *ehaviour: Students will listen attenti"el% to the stor%, artici ate in #ield+tri acti"it% and listen to instructions$ Advan%e +rgani,er/Agenda: E2 lain to the class that toda%, we will be #inishing reading the stor% Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street and then e2 loring our school to #ind out what is going on here and recording in#ormation about what we see and hear$ -ransition to *od$: As! the students to gather on the car et and get read% to listen to the stor%$ Body (25 min.): Learning Activity #1: (ead Stor% 33 mins4 5nce all o# the students ha"e gathered on the car et, #inish reading the stor%$ As! the students to a% attention to how E"a gets her creati"e writing ideas$ A#ter the stor%, e2 lain that E"a was engaged in creati"e writing$ ".reative writing is when $ou take an idea and write a stor$ about that idea using $our own thoughts/ 0t goes outside the bounds of most t$pes of literature1 so the stor$ %an be almost an$thing $ou want it to be2' While the students are still on the car et, begin a class discussion about the stor%$ As! 6uestions li!e: "#ho were the four people who gave Eva advi%e while she was writing&' #h$ is it important to ask the 3uestion 4#hat if4 when writing1 like Eva did& At the end of the stor$1 Eva announ%ed that her stor$ will be even better on%e she re5 writes it/ #h$ is it important to re5write or edit $our stor$&' #hen Eva took the advi%e of the %hara%ters in the stor$1 what happened to her writing assignment&' "Even though we are not on 90th street like Eva1 what %ould we do to help us improve our %reative writing&' .hoose the students who are sitting 3uietl$ on the %arpet and %ompliment their behaviour 6positive reinfor%ement7 88Award a point/ As!, "+ne person we have to find and observe is the %ustodian/ #ho is the s%hool %ustodian& #here will we find him&' E2 lain, "#e must also sit outside the offi%e1 in the %afeteria and g$m/ #hat do $ou think we would see1 hear or smell in those areas& #hat are $our predi%tions&' Sa%, "#e will be going into areas that are familiar with $ou like the reading resour%e room1 librar$1 musi% room and %omputer lab/ 9ust like Eva1 we will be using things that we know/ So when we are in these pla%es1 this ma$ be a good time to be %reative' Assessments: Listen to the students7 res onses to the te2t and encourage discussion surrounding creati"e writing$ Learning Activity #2: 8ini 9ield :ri 3)0 mins$4 As! the class hel er to ass out the ,-othing .a ens at /restwood School0 wor!boo!s$ Go o"er instructions #or the assignment$ E2 lain that we will be going to eight di##erent locations in the school and listening and watching during that time$ Sa%, "-he first 3uestion asks us to follow the %ustodian/ Are we :ust going to write down what he is doing1 or should be in%lude what it smells like1 does his e(pression seem like he likes his :ob& #hat is he using and what does is look like or smell like&'

5rgani&e students into 3 grou s, one grou will be with 8rs$ 1ruden 3; students4, one grou will be with 8r$ Smith 3< students4 and the third grou with 8iss 1arsonage 3< students4$ Each grou will rotate through the di##erent areas o# the school to collect all the necessar% data$ 1ull u the document outlining the three grou s and leaders on the board$ As! the students with 8r$ Smith to go stand in a nice straight line b% him$ 8rs$ 1ruden7s grou ma% go stand b% her and those with me can stand b% the car et$ Stress that we are going on a silent wal! so we must be roacti"e and begin with the end in mind$ We must be loo!ing #or obser"ations that will hel us write a aragra h ne2t class$ We will be silent ghosts in the school and be "er% res ect#ul$ Students will ta!e a encil along with them and record what the% see, hear and imagine$ Stress the im ortance o# including details, using old words in new wa%s, stretching their imaginations and adding something to gi"e the stor% some action$ Send grou =' 38rs$ 1ruden4 to see! out the custodian and begin with ,A0$ Send grou =) 38r$ Smith4 to the ca#eteria$ Grou =3 38iss 1arsonage4 will begin in the librar%$ As! each grou leader to record a time o# ) minutes at each station and then mo"e on$ As! all grou s to return bac! to the classroom b% ':)> whether the% ha"e gone to e"er% station or not$ Assessments: 5bser"e students7 abilit% to wor! together and as! #or in ut about the other two grou s #rom 8rs$ 1ruden and 8r$ Smith$ Learning Activity #3: Grou Discussion 3) mins$4 5nce all the students ha"e returned to class, as! them to return to their des!s and o en u their obser"ation sheets$ As! #or in ut #rom each grou and encourage students to record others7 obser"ations on their own sheets$ Assessments/;ifferentiation: ?uestions as!ed during discussion$ Listen and res ond to the students7 res onses$ (e"iew the student wor!boo!s a#ter class$ Closure (3 min.): .onsolidation/Assessment of )earning:As! the students i# the% ha"e collected obser"ations #rom all o# the areas around the school* E2 lain that just li!e E"a in the stor%, we #ound out that there is things that are alwa%s ha ening, e"en i# we don7t reali&e it$ As! the students, "wh$ in %reative writing is it important to in%lude lots of detail1 use $our imagination1 adding a%tion and using previous knowledge in new wa$s&' <eedba%k <rom Students: (es onses #rom students during the recording acti"it% and closure$ Also, the written obser"ations #or each 6uestion$ <eedba%k -o Students: E2 lain that the% did an e2cellent job being in"estigators o# creati"e writing$ E2 lain that creati"e writing ta!es lots o# ractice$ @ ha"e been ublished in a boo! ) times and @ had to write man% oems be#ore @ #ound one that was reall% good$ -ransition -o Ne(t )esson: E2 lain that ne2t class, the% will write a stor% about their obser"ations just li!e E"a in the stor% Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street/