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A Good Man is Hard to Attract & Easy to Lose!

Can You Really Afford to Wait Around and Hope for the Best? Dont Grow Old Alone, Keep Reading

From Renee Wade Sunny Melbourne, Australia Hey lovely! I know your time is precious and valuable, so lets get straight to the point.

This is not your typical dating advice website where you find cheap common-place dating or relationship advice your school friends could have given you. This site will teach you something very different; something very POWERFUL. So before I go on, I must give you this WARNING. This isnt like those other dating / relationship advice websites out there pushing useless advice that tells you that you should not call a man first so that you can attract a man. If that is what youre looking for, then move on. This site is not for you. On this website, you will learn the exact (and scientifically proven) attraction triggers to make almost any man fall into a hypnotic trance of attraction for you. (You will probably even turn gay men straight!) But with knowledge comes responsibility, and this information should definitely be handled with extreme care. Ok, so lets get into it My name is Renee Wade, and you are about to become at least 5 times as attractive as you ever have been, double your sex appeal, and have hypnotic and mesmerizing influence over any man. As crazy as that sounds, it is VERY true. So make sure you pay full attention. Did you knowevery single man on earth has genetically pre-programmed cues and triggers for attraction? (Its hard-wired into every male on the planet and if you are not using these attraction triggers, then you are losing to someone else who is!) And if you didnt know about these hardwired male triggers Then dont worry, neither did I until my fat and dateless friend Lisa explained them carefully to me. Now Im not talking about cheap relationship advice like make sure you have things in common, or what to say to men to make them like you, Im talking Instant Attraction Triggers that will literally make men tremble with desire for you. And when you hear about Lisas rollercoaster story, you would probably do exactly the same as what I did (and that is pick her brains to find out all the juicy details!!!)

Lisa was this shy, nerdy and overweight girl back in high school. In fact, she was somewhat unpopular, she didnt have many friends especially guy friends. And none of

the guys wanted to speak to her. (You know what guys can be like, they dont want to speak to the unpopular, overweight girls, especially in high school.) So when I met up with Lisa many years later after school, and I was shocked to see her! I did not even recognize her! She had turned herself around 180 degrees and was now an absolute Bombshell I was completely blown away by her transformation. As any normal curious human being would I asked her how she went from this unattractive boring-looking girl to this hot, seductive temptress.she said this to me The only difference between how I am now, and how I was back in high school, is that NOW I understand what makes women attractive to men and what really captures a mans attention AND his heart. Its all about the science of Evolutionary Psychology. Evolutionary Psychology? I was a little bit confused She went on to explain how evolution has hardwired men to react to certain Attraction Triggers. These triggers are instinctive cues for men to perk up and get excited. And once you know how to USE these Attraction Triggers, then men will automatically feel attracted to you on a gut level, and sometimes they wont even know why! You see, at that time, I realized that Lisa has something that a lot of women are missing, and that is choice. The choice of whom she wants to date and be in a relationship with. (Because now, men are lining up just to spend some time with her!) So we spent the next three hours in Starbucks in deep discussion, with me picking her brains to find every single little detail about these Attraction Triggers. I wrote everything down feverishly, not wanting to miss a single word And (Jeez) was I shocked to hear what these triggers are!!?! I knew instinctively that they were true, but stillsometimes, its the truth that is the most shocking to hear

Or maybe you will be turning heads so fast that men will strain their necks to notice your every move. But seriouslyheres how powerful these attraction triggers are to men. (and keep in mind that scientific studies have literally proved these attraction triggers again and again without fail) If you are dating right now, and you are in a social situation where there is another woman who is using these attraction triggers (and you are not), then you will lose a mans attention to her every single time without fail! Why? Because men are genetically hardwired to pay more attention to these triggers! If you are in a relationship right now and not using these attraction triggers on a regular basis, then you will lose your boyfriend, fiance or husband to another woman who is using these triggers. (Remember, it really isnt your mans fault, hes genetically programmed to look for these triggers.) So I want you to think back to a moment in your own life Havent you also had men in the past who havent been attracted to you??? (whats going on there?) So let me share with you why women in general are totally failing to attract men

Lisa was by no means ugly but she couldnt seem to attract men for so many years The only boyfriend she had years and years ago, left her out of the blue. Abandoned her after everything seemed to be going well Why? What made the matter more frustrating for her was that she looked around her and saw that other women who were average looking were able to attract high quality men. Whats going on there? Think back for a moment have you ever wished that a particular man would hopefully feel attracted to you? Maybe you tried to act a certain way around him or impress him to get his attention, but eventually you found out the unfortunate truth he somehow WASNT attracted to you? Listen, I know how terrible that feels. Ive been in that same boat. Thankfully Im no longer in that boat and therefore I can help shed some light on this matter. Here are the top 3 reasons why so many women fail to attract men

Women are afraid of being women Lisa was scared of being her true self for many years, in fear that she will be judged for being a woman! How crazy is that!? But thats how women feel these days, right?! How many times have you seen or heard of women who are uncomfortablejust BEING THEMSELVES? Its almost like as if they dont have their own permission to be themselves Perhaps you know someone, intimately, who has done this?! (ie. YOU?) Well, really it isnt your fault. Sometimes, by being an authentic woman, you can really get yourself into dangerous situations if you were to bring attention onto yourself. (Im sure you know other women who have been taken advantage of!) You see, men have preyed on women for as long as weve been around on this Earth. (Not all men, thank god!) So its totally justified to not be comfortable being a woman. But heres the problemif youre not comfortable being a woman, (and men are attracted to women), then how are you going to be able to attract men? How will you be seen as attractive to men? How will men find you desirable?

They cant. So its time for you to get in touch with your true feminine side again and be ok with the fact that you ARE a beautiful woman. And of course, its very important for you to stay safe, but dont let that stop you from being the woman that men are attracted to.

Women have been habitually masculinized by the modern society. Many women today live a very masculine life. They take on a masculine job, speak in a masculine tone of voice and act and hold themselves as if they are competing with other men. Theres nothing wrong with this by the way, its our birthright to achieve the results we want; just as good and better results than me are. However being in the masculine energy will instantly kill the attraction that most men will feel for you. Why? Because theyll feel like youre just like another guy friend and there would simply be no polarity. For attraction to occur between a man and a woman, there has to be the masculine-feminine polarity. And without it, you can still be great friendsbut achieving attractionis impossible. So most of us women (who have learnt to get a good paying job, secure that careeretc) need to come back to our feminine core and spirit. Its that femininity that sometimes we have lost touch with that will be most attractive to men. This is not to say we need to give up our career, it just means that you cant always live in your masculine mode all the time. You have to achieve a balance between femininity and getting results in your career/business.

Women Dont Understand What Naturally Triggers Men to Feel Attraction! You see we live in a society where most of us are utterly confused! Research shows that all of us are being bombarded with over 10,000 sales messages every single day. No wonder sometimes we get unsure about what to do! Theres simply too much clutter around us! Have you noticed that common-sense has become rather uncommon? And worst still, a lot of us women have lost our natural womanly intuition and we are confused about what actually makes men attracted to us and what doesnt make men attracted to us. With all the assault of advertising in this 21st century, theyve really tried to confuse us and keep us feeling insecure so that we collapse under their control. (Im talking about the media here, the big corporate industries who only care about their bottom line of sales) Its time for us women to take back control and empower ourselves. Its time for us to re-discover these Natural Attraction Triggers that men are genetically hardwired to react to. Once we discover and put these Natural Attraction Triggers to use, us (the lucky ones) will never run out of men who are attracted to us, who want to be in committed relationships with us, and want to take care of us for life. And by the way, you dont have to be physically gifted. Attraction Triggers work regardless of who you are, (or who youre NOT), your age, your height and weight, regardless of whether you think you have the ability to attract men or not. They work because it is genetically hardwired in men to seek out these specific triggers. These Attraction Triggers are like natures scientific laws, as consistent and as reliable as the law of gravity.

It doesnt matter if you apply them, or I apply them, they will work. And if you do apply them, then they will work for you also.

For the average woman, of course a good man is difficult to attract! Not only do good men have many more options in women, they tend to get snatched up quite quickly. You see, lets get inside the mind of a good man for a moment. Lets see if we can figure out what he would be thinking If you were that highly sought after man, would you want to date just a mediocre woman? Would you want to settle for a woman who is just ok, someone whom you may not have the spark or the chemistry with? And most importantly would you commit your precious resources and energy to a woman whom youre only so-so attracted to? Or would you go for a woman youd truly call a goddess? The answer I think is obvious. At the end of the day, attraction is everything. Having the power to trigger attraction, you will have the men of your choice, and you will have his attention, desire and presence. Without the power to trigger attraction, you will sadly watch that Mr. Right leave with another woman, as you become the target for bottom dwelling jerks and losers.

So naturally the question becomes, what does it take to attract a good man? And not just some sleaze bag, loser or jerk? The answer should be obvious an attractive and radiant woman is needed to attract a good man. But heres the good news No matter how unattractive you have felt in the past, or how little confidence you have with men, YOU can become that radiant and attractive woman whom men call a goddess. Its not difficult, but you have to understand this Men have attraction hot buttons. There are certain attraction triggers that cause a man to instantly feel desire

and attraction for you at a gut level. It doesnt matter what age a man is, or what cultural background, ethnicity or education, these hot triggers will always work to get his blood pumping uncontrollably under his skin. Why is that? Its because these certain attraction triggers are hardwired into a mans nervous system. This literally means that men are designed to look for these triggers whenever they meet a woman. Men will even consciously or subconsciously rate a woman upon the presence of these attraction triggers. So the point is, in order to capture a mans attention and get him to FEEL attraction for you, you have to make good use of these triggers that Im about to show you.

Look, Im not here to tell you that its your fault if youve ever experienced pain with men. The truth is, I believe you are already a goddess inside and out. I believe you are already a beautiful soul and a beautiful spirit deep down inside. It may not always show up from moment to moment, but it is inside of you. And you dont ever have to change that! But the problem is, too many women today dont know how to push a mans attraction hot buttons and emotional hot buttons. They dont understand these important facts about men, about dating and relationship. In my opinion, women today, rely too much on getting advice from other women whom have dysfunctional relationships themselves! Not only do they not get the right information, they get influenced by women with the wrong types of information and knowledge. This is, in my honest belief, the primary reason why women have problems and pain with men, dating and relationships. By the way, this is also why I do what I do! I have made it my mission and my lifes goal to share with women, these important pieces of knowledge and information so that they can easily capture a mans attention, get him to desire her, fall in love with her, and ultimately be lifelong committed to her.

Look, I dont have magic powers. But I do have the knowledge and skills to make you the MOST desirable woman in any room and have mesmerizing influence over the man of your choice. What makes me so confident? Nothing but the fact that everything is based on proven science. This is not a bunch of anecdotal stories and ideas, this is scientifically proven, and as potent as they come. Love and attraction is a science. There are things that will always

work and there are things that just simply DONT work even if you look like the wicked witch of the west, or have level 99 men repellent abilities. So this is why Ive put this together for you. Ive spent dozens of hours looking for the most powerful attraction triggers that will instantly get a mans heart pumping for you. So far, I have found 17 of these triggers. There may be more, there may not be, but regardless I want to show you what these triggers are Now, dont be fooled into thinking that you need to embody all 17 of these Attraction Triggers to be remotely attractive that is simply not true. All you need is to work on 2 or 3 of these at any one time and I can guarantee you will have twice the level of desirability and attention from men. Its not rocket science, its the science of attraction.

Ok, so Ive put these 17 Attraction Triggers together for you in one easy to read book. I will walk you through what these triggers are, WHY they work, and also the KEY actions steps to take you from a bashful beginner to a foxy bombshell. Now before I let you have it, I must give you a warning

This is not for everyone.

If you think you are already have the knowledge and skills to find and most importantly KEEP a good man by yourself, then you probably dont need this. After all, you doing great for yourself. But in my experience helping and coaching thousands of women in the last several years, more than 95% of women dont truly understand what makes a man tick, what a mans emotional hot buttons are, and what makes him truly fall in love with you. So what you will truly need, is treasure map of how to instantly become desirable to the man of your choice,

push their attraction buttons and have them invested in you. Heres a small sample of what youll uncover in the 17 Attraction Triggers

Discover the 2 biggest facial attraction triggers and how to improve them to bring men in from every direction. (believe it or not, a mans eyes will focus on these 2 areas more than anything else on your face, 95% of the time). Women think that men are interested in boobs WRONG! Truth is, men are fascinated with something else that is way more powerful to get his blood pumping. Discover the most popular location for women to get their first tattoo and the real hidden reason behind it(and how it instantly catches a mans attention). Female hitch hikers are twice as likely to be picked up by men if showing this attraction trigger. (this was scientifically proven with over 100 female hitchhikers) Discover how to move your body in a way that triggers men and use your number 1 asset as a woman to your advantage! (This is so over-looked by everyone but scientifically the most important). Learn how to use the largest organ in your body to give men the appearance that you are fresh and desirable. Discover how to make 2 simple changes to your posture that will instantly make you appear 5 times more attractive and 3 times more confident. Learn and master this (secret) trigger and have the ability to make men to feel unknowingly attracted to you over the telephone! Discover what your lips say about you and how to use them to get a mans full attention without any lip surgery. Learn the naughty trick to do with your tongue that makes any man weak at the knees And theres a lot more in the program itself To point of the matter is, if you want to get your Mr. Rights attention and make him WANT you, then you need to have this knowledge and learn these skills.

You walk into a room, and you instantly catch the attention of men. They wonder who you are and they want to get to know you more. They want to take you out to dinner, romance you, take care of you, and commit their time and attention to you. So what is it worth to you, to have men turning their heads and dropping their jaws just at the sight of you? What is it worth to you to not have to be lonely anymore? Or be afraid that you might grow old alone by yourself? I dont know about you, but I would never want to grow old alone. HOW ABOUT YOU?

You are not alone. Men are hard to understand, not because theyre complex like us women, but because theyre built totally different to us. Because of this, it is very easy to find that there are no more good men out there, and instead, attract losers, jerks and men with big life problems. Look, heres the truth. Any woman can attract jerks. Theres no skill needed! Very few women can attract high quality men who are committed and loyal. I used to think that the difference was some women were just born luckier, or born more beautiful but looking around me, I quickly realised this was not true. In fact, this is FAR from the truth. There were so many beautiful women who get dumped by men, and end up growing old alone. Think Halle Berry, think Meg Ryan, think Jennifer Aniston. Yet there were these other average looking women whom seem to be able to attract and keep a committed man. What is the difference? Its that this small percentage of women know how to push a mans attraction hot buttons and emotional hot buttons! Keep this though in your head how to push a mans attraction hot buttons and emotional hot buttons! This is the knowledge that I want to share with you.

So youre probably wondering how much do I have to pay to have this? Well how much WOULD you pay for having a hypnotic influence over men? How much would you pay for having a loyal man by your side, feeling attracted to you, wanting to be with you, and protect you? How much would you pay for knowing with certainty that you will always have endless options with men, and that they wont take you for granted? How much would you pay for having the skills and knowledge to build a safe yet passionate relationship that all your girlfriends envy?

I know this is stupid, but look. Ive had celebrities pay me over $1,000 an hour for my coaching and advice. Ive turned down more interview and consultation offers than I would like to remember. The truth is when I send you this ebook, it doesnt cost me very much because its a digital delivery. Theres no ink, no paper, no delivery man. Thats why, I want you to have this 17 Attraction Triggers ebook for just $1. (One single dollar, thats right!)

Look, heres the thing. I cant promise you this price will remain tomorrow, or the next day. The nature of internet businesses is that we need to test prices often. So if you also think Im stupid for making this offer, then take me up on it before its truly gone.

Ok Ill confess. There is a catch. Ive made it only at $1 because it is my little bribe for you to also try out my amazing monthly program Attraction Control Monthly. (Ive made the first month free for you to try!) As you would probably agree, attraction is one of the most important elements to anyones love life. With an abundance of attraction in your life, you will feel happier, more confident and enjoy every single relationship you have. You will be able to attract strong and caring types of men into your life and repel insecure men. Without attraction, a relationship simply dissipates in to a friendship. Without lasting attraction in a relationship, passion will wane. If you lack attraction in your life, then you will feel miserable inside, have no self esteem and worst of all, youll attract insecure, selfish people. So this is why my man David and I have created this coaching program. Attraction Control Monthly is a comprehensive, ongoing monthly coaching program, giving you the education and training to build long-lasting magnetic attraction in your own life. Contrary to popular belief, attraction is something that can be maintained and created. You absolutely do not have to lose that spark. People think it dissipates and they cant do anything about it.

Well, usually, these are the people who have never experienced lasting attraction and passion for themselves, and they usually do not have the best tools and skills to use to actually create and maintain attraction. In our society, we are not given any necessary tools, and we are not given any necessary insights in to how women and men work, and how to maintain a long-term relationship. Worse still humans are not actually designed to be in long-term relationships. We are designed to pro-create. So, what actually creates and maintains attraction with a man is something that is counter-intuitive. If you are like the majority of women in this world, you will never be taught what truly creates attraction. I dont want you to be among this group of average people, and that is why I even made this program in the first place. Whether youre single right now, in a complicated relationship or a committed relationship, it is essential for you to learn how to create and maintain attraction for life. Attraction Control Monthly is the ONLY training program on the market to help you create this gut level attraction in your life. So this is a one-of-a-kind coaching program and I guarantee youll love it!

Now read this carefully, this is how it works When you place your secure order for your copy of 17 Attraction Triggers Ebook, you will also receive the first volume of ACM (Attraction Control Monthly) for free. The first volume is called Attraction is Not Your Choice. Well look into the paradox of attraction and why sometimes attraction and relationships dont work out. By the way, as an insider member of our exclusive Attraction Control Monthly, you will receive exclusive content and discount offers on all my other programs to help your love life. So it really pays for you to stay subscribed) Now, if you like this comprehensive coaching program Attraction Control Monthly, then do nothing and stay

subscribed. A new training volume will be sent directly to you every single month, and we will bill you $29 monthly (Worth real world value of $50 per volume). There are 12 months in total. Each month we tackle a new facet of attraction and keeping a man committed to you. If you dont want to continue Attraction Control Monthly for any reason at all, its super easy to cancel. Just email me, contact me via my helpdesk, or call me. Just let me know somehow and Ill take you right off the list and stop the billing. No hard feelings, we can still be friends and you can keep all the material youve received so far. Let me quickly share with you some of the things we cover in Attraction Control Monthly Were going to reveal things like The 3 contradicting types of LOVE that you have to understand in order to overcome any period of disconnect with men, and times where a man pulls away from you. Were going to show you exactly what innate femininity really is and how to bring it out of yourself, because your true inner femininity will attract masculine men like bees to honey. Did you know that there are 8 different types of feminine roles that men innately desire and are attracted to? We will break all these down and show you what these 8 roles are and what types of men each of these 8 roles will attract. And this is a critical piece to know as a woman, because different roles will attract different types of men. How to overcome those under the radar obstacles to open up to the possibility of true love with a man. How to make a man feel deeply connected to you by specific ways of strengthening the bubble. We are going to show you how to become a high value high status woman so that no man will ever take you for granted and no man could ever reject you. And let me tell you this, There is nothing that works quicker to attract men than showing up as a high value, high status woman. Plus a ton more! At the end of the day, I want you to live a life that is full of joy and passion, and I have 100% confidence that Attraction Control Monthly will help your love life.

Seriously why should you settle for less than you can have? Why would you not want the best for yourself? I personally think you deserve the best. And I can offer you the best by inviting you to our Platinum Membership. Ive recently created this special membership for those who want the best treatment and want to be on the fast track. Heres what is included in the Platinum Version that isnt available in the basic membership

So what are Attraction Pebbles? Attraction pebbles are little phrases that you can say to a man, or little gestures that instantly get a mans attention and escalate his desire for you. It is literally like throwing a small pebble of attraction that plants a seed inside of a mans mind. This seed is small to begin with, but it eventually grows into a large network of attraction references inside a mans head. My man David is an expert on how to create attraction. He knows his stuff and he will be teaching these sessions in HD video inside the platinum members area. He will teach you WHAT to say, and more importantly, HOW to say it, in order for men to feel really connected to you, and want to chase after you. These pebbles will make you look like THE most interesting and high value woman in the room, even if you are in a room full of Victorian Secret Models. These attraction pebbles can be used as a sms text, an instant message, an email or as verbal communication. It doesnt matter because the power of these pebbles lie inside certain language patterns. Were talking about language patterns that make men feel connected to you, make men value your time and attention, make men desire you and want to be with you. Knowing how to throw these attraction pebblesa truly powerful skill to have for any woman, and I want you to become that woman that men adore! Every month, David will teach you a new type of Attraction Pebbles. He will share with you the theory behind how it works, and then give you a few pre-proven examples of what to say. For example David will explain to you

The push and pull attraction pebbles, that will instantly put a man off balance and get him to be interested and invested in you. The high value attraction pebbles, that forces a man to see you as high status high value, and stops him from taking you for granted. The 5 questions game attraction pebbles, which instantly shows how intelligent you are and how cool you are. The cat string attraction pebbles, which gives the man something to chase after every single time. The us against them attraction pebbles, the challenge attraction pebbles And many others that I wont mention here. Also inside the platinum members area, you will receive our monthly Attraction Control Insights Series

So what is this Attraction Control Insights series? These are exclusive high quality interviews that my man David and I recorded in search of answers from leading experts. Heres what I believe. If you want to learn something quickly you need multiple perspectives. You need to hear things from different people in different ways. You want seek out different ways of looking at the problem. So this is exactly what David and I did. We went and searched for leaders in the field of dating and relationships and understanding men, someone who has some profound insights. Then we asked, pleaded, and sweet talked them into sharing their knowledge and expertise with us. Dont get me wrong, sometimes it wasnt so easy and we had to metaphorically twist their arm in order to secure an interview, but we did it. And I really think youll love the content in this series of Attraction Control Insights. So every month, you will get an exclusive interview that covers a special aspect of men, dating and relationships. Were going to compress the experts 10 or 20 years of experience into an hour of insights. And youll learn valuable insights such as How do I overcome those hidden obstacles and open myself up to the possibility of love? How do I tap into that innate femininity and attract a masculine man into my life? How do I enter this dating game without getting hurt and disappointed over and over again? Of course, this is only included in the platinum membership because it is only for those whom want the best and want to be on the fast track.

Thats right. I want you to take home both the first episode of Attraction Pebbles, and the first interview in the Attraction Control Insights series for FREE. All you have to do, is to order the 17 Attraction Triggers for a measly dollar and choose the platinum option. All I hope for is that youll absolutely LOVE the content and want to continue on with the subscription. Of course, theres no obligation. Thats how I like to do business. The platinum membership is worth at least $120 per month, and not only will you be able to access the first month for free, but you will be able to continue the subscription at a much discounted $49 per months.

Look, I know its scary to think that you may have to grow old alone. I know that it really feels terrible to feel unattractive, and undesirable to men. It destroys your self confidence, self esteem, and self value. But remember, this is not how it ends. Oh no way! You are so much more than what you give yourself credit for. This is the beginning of a new journey for you and I, whereby you will start to feel worthy, attractive and happy at last. So heres the way it works I want you to try this 17 Attraction Triggers program, (and also the first volume of Attraction Control Monthly program), absolutely risk free. All its going to cost you is a dollar. Simply try it all out, and if you like what you see, do nothing. I will send you the 2nd volume after 30 days and I will bill you for the 2nd volume. (The basic membership is $29 per month after the first 30 days and the platinum membership is $49 per month after the first 30 days) If you decide for any reason at all, (or for no particular reason at all,) that this is not for you, then just let me know. You can do this via email, our helpdesk or even call in. I dont care how you do it, you just have to let me know! We will immediately cancel your subscription and take you off of our Attraction Control Monthly subscription program. You can keep everything anyway, because theres really nothing to send back. This is like going to your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite meal and if you dont like the taste of it, then you can walk out without paying. This is probably the best, most RISK FREE deal youve ever seen. The only question left is will you choose the basic membership or will you spoil yourself and go for Platinum?

What are Attraction Triggers? What Will I Be Getting Today? What is Attraction Control Monthly? Should I Go With the Basic or Platinum Membership? Will These Attraction Triggers Work for Me? Can I Pause Attraction Control Monthly at Any Time? What Will Happen Once I Order?

If youre at all skeptical about this, I understand. You have every right to be. Ive seen the garbage thats being sold out there on the Internet. Most of it is pure rubbish. This is different. This is the real deal, no B.S. advice. And of course, try it out right now risk free. You really have nothing to lose. Again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn about this. If you have any questions at all, or any problems, you can contact me via my helpdesk. (Click here for the help desk) I look forward to hearing all the great results you achieve and also look forward to helping you in your love life for years to come!

P.S. As I mentioned above, this particular offer is not always going to be here. So if your gut tells you that this is something you would like to try, then I suggest you trust your gut, since your gut feeling probably hasnt let you down in the past. You will always be protected and valued doing business with me. P.P.S. Try it out for 30 days, give me some feedback, and if you dont like it for any reason or no particular reason, then just let me know! Theres no obligation for you to stay on the program, even though you will love this so much that you cant wait to receive the next volume.

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to both you and David for sooo much material and putting your whole being into it. I have greatly appreciated all the content. I have a lot of info and will continue to read and frankly I am still digesting it all. After a break up I am planning to Date for awhile and really try some of these things out- give myself a chance to see what different men are like. Thank you- I will get on your blog Renee when I have something to report. thankyou a thousand times Carol LA

That is amazing! Thank you so much for this precious information! Renee you have taught me so much in such a short amount of time! I wouldnt know where Id be without you Stephanie J.

Hi Renee, Its been over a year now since Sean and I have met, things are going really well. Your programme helped me to understand the balance between male and female and how to use it to become a better person for me and my family. Thanks for helping me see the man of my dreams who i would have probably rejected in the past. It was not easy in the beginning but now we cant help but feel united with each other and have love, support and admiration towards one another, something that is totally new to us. Reem

Im lovin this program! I found that to be very valuable. As there is so much female negative information out there to make you doubt your own instincts. I now know I was right, and more importantly, why. Thank you for that. Lily

The 17 triggers were very good, You will get some good insight as to how men think, and you will be able to use that knowledge to your advantage in dealing with men. though they had serious points to make, it was done in a light and sometimes funny way. Im looking forward to the next program, to see what it offers. Georgia T.

I really think every woman ought to read these 17 attraction triggers because this is simply the truth and not knowing this truth is not utilizing what God has given you. Kara H.

Hi Renee I am not a paying subscriber to your programs as I am not in a financial position to afford them but I can tell you that just being a subscriber to your blog posts has changed my whole perspective on Men and how to find and keep my very own Prince And after kissing many frogsI can finally say that I have put your advice into actiontaken a step back and tried to understand love from my mans perspective and voila I now have an incredibly committed man who I know is so in love with me at

the deepest level possible and it feels absolutely incredible I would love to have done your commitment programs etcmaybe it wouldnt have taken me so long but I just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving some of your advice out for free too Im sure there are many women out there who you are helping enormously. Keep it up you definitely know what you are talking about! Many thanks Natalie

Thank you so much for this little series! I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and even in that short amount of time I have taken your advice and applied it to my everyday life. I cant believe how much of a difference it makes! And its not just with my romantic life either, I feel different as a person. I feel happier and more comfortable in my skin. And I have the mindset now that I have something to offer, and so I do and people respond so greatly to it! Greater than I ever thought! Its such an amazing feeling, so thank you for helping me to realize that I can be a high quality, feminine woman With love, -Gracie It means everything! Keep doing what you are doing because it makes such a difference!

Wow this was such an eye opener! I never realized that this could be damaging to my relations with men until I read this email. I stepped back and really thought about it for a while and all the moments my guy pulled away just clicked! You are really opening my eyes to things I never would have guessed. And every single piece of advice you give, I try out, and it has all worked! I have told tons of my girlfriends about your blog and Im sure they will get the same results as me you do! P.S. I want to do one of your programs, but I am a broke college student and will have to wait before I can do them all. (sigh) I was wondering which program you would recommend doing first?? Best Wishes, Joy Again, a big thanks for what

Hi David & Renee All the material has been really surprising so far in terms of effectiveness I have always felt attractive and confident, but now Im the bomb! My man better snap me up! The pebbles seemed bizarre, but by making them a version of my own Wow! They really work!!?? Look forward to more from you two! Wishing you a growing beautiful relationship . Stephanie Levin

Renee, I want to let you know that your emails have really helped me to understand men so much better. For the last five years, it has been my mission to learn as much about attracting and keeping men as I possibly can. Back in 2008, after a string of bad relationships, I began reading anything I could get my hands on that pertained to Male Psychology. I wanted to know everything about men, attracting and keeping them, what men want, etc, etc. I read books by different people, male or female, about how to be the kind of woman that make men swoon and what I learned finally paid off when I met Michael, my late husband. Sadly, he passed away a year and a half ago and we werent married long when he died. But what time we spent together was such a blessing and he was so good to me. He always put me first, he treated me like a lady, put me on a pedestal and he worked hard to make a life for the both of us. And I feel like none of that wouldve been possible if it werent for people like you. You are a blessing, Renee. Keep doing what you are doing. A lot of women can learn from you. And I thoroughly enjoy reading your emails. Thank you so much. Cherie, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Dear Renee, After reading lots of your e-mails and reading a few of your books, my love life has changed drastically (thats an understatement). Im proud to say that I finally understand men. I understand that I must be a high-value woman in order to draw in the right man who will commit to me. Days after I had this break-through, Mr. Right just appeared! And I even had random men approach me and notice me which NEVER used to happen. Not to mention the bitter, man-bashing women in my life began to grow very jealous and resentful of me and my new found positivity/compassion towards men. Lets just say I now only surround myself with positive women who are very appreciative of the men in their lives. The current relationship Im in is unlike any others I have been in (and I have been in way too many terrible ones). This man worships the ground I walk on and does the most romantic things for me every single day. We have an intense connection and are ridiculously attracted to one another. Not once do I feel compelled to act out of a place of desperation with him. When he pulls away, I no longer see it in a negative light. I support his me-time, guys night time, etc. and simply let him be. Even if I dont hear from him for hours or even an entire day, I feel no sense of worry or dread. Instead I do great things for myself and focus on my hobbies. When we do see each other again, our attraction/connection is even more mind-blowing. It makes me happy to know that he has his life and I have my own, but we can share our lives too. This sort of respect isnt something Ive experienced before. He keeps on telling me that he never thought a woman could actually get him... he literally thinks Im a different species of woman! My fears of getting cheated on, mistreated, etc. obliterated. My extremely negative misconceptions of men dont taunt me anymore either. However, there is no way I can take full credit for this remarkable transformation. You, Renee, opened my eyes wide. The information you share is *extremely* valuable even if some of it isnt exactly

easy to hear. Every woman should know about you and the amazing wisdom you have to offer. All these informative messages have been a true blessing to me. Thank you a million times! Sincerely, Eva

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