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Introduction Reasons for selection of Topic Aims Objectives Scope Limitations Methodology Case Studies Basic Space Requirements About the site Undertaking

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Pablo Picasso

India the colorful and vibrant land is as diverse as its people. The mosaic of art and culture, the potpourri of tradition, India stands as one of the oldest living civilization which offered to the rest of the world the elemental sound aum, (om) , the concept of zero and the richness of yoga. Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music, literature, photography, sculpture, and paintings.

The meaning of art is explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics. It offers a Kaleidoscope of crafts people and glimpse of the varying traditions in the cultural life of India through regional cuisines and cultural events. The concern for the village and its environment works as the backbone of this complex. It not only provides an improved working environment to artists but will also contribute to the urban level functions that a living city requires. For a living, the artists here practiced as art teachers in schools or as designers but they were permitted too little time for sustained creative work. Part time work of two or three hours a day where the artists could freely extend their art on to a congenial craft of utilitarian nature appeared to be the answer.

The Indian art and craft makes India a famous tourist destination. People love to shop in India for the variety it provides in art and craft. Every region has it unique creative art and craft.
Reconciliation artisan village is a centre or platform through which culture and art can be promoted. To provide an amalgamation of handicrafts, food and cultural activities.

Reason for selection of Topic:

It is a centre which creates an environment that is educating the public on the indigenous traditions and at the same time to bridge the gap between the craftsmen and the purchaser, giving better opportunity to the artisan/ craftsman for marketing.

Reason for selection of Topic: To create a space for recreation and interaction, where the
general masses can come, see the displayed art form, watch the performing art, interact with the artists and get informed in the general sense of the word about the art and the artists currently practicing it. The connections between the rural and urban centers and the poor infrastructural set up leave the customers with limited choice to explore all such diversified handicraft items. On the other hand, interest in Ethnic Gujarat is growing day by day in the foreign and Indian tourist sector. Hence the artisans development is necessary and has been selected as the cornerstone of this Thesis project. Hence the artisans development is necessary and has been selected as the cornerstone of this Thesis project.

Aim and Objectives:

To highlight the quantity and uplift the quality of art works and promote the appreciation of art in the city. To establish a centre for the preservation and promotion of traditional performing and visual arts. Various art-forms in the traditional idiom will also be promoted as part of the centre cultural programmers. To establish, equip and maintain schools, auditorium, libraries, archives, museums, studios, workshops and other facilities necessary to fulfill the above objectives and provide recreational facilities. To create an environment for the preservation of the traditional crafts which are fast dying due to the onslaught of industrial products. In the pursuit of this aim, it would further be necessary to establish a direct contact between the craftsmen and the buyer by removing the middleman.

To understand relationship between built and open spaces. The design would focus upon landscaping and would stress upon the relationship with its immediate surrounding.

As the project contains an apparently vast infrastructure variety of functional components. Thus, it would not be possible to stress upon a particular component of its functional utility.

Hence needs team work and a multidisciplinary approach, which is difficult because it is being handled individually, with in a limit time period, within a limited time period. But an attempt will be embedded to these units in one scheme and identity shall be of the project as a whole


1. Objectives and data collection
2. Study of site and analysis of available information Collection of basic information about the project Case studies Case study Literature study Comparative studies between case studies and literature study Concept formulation of design ( sketches, 3ds, concept model) Develop integrated design solution . Refinement of conceptual design Defining of movement patterns, open spaces, zoning of various functions Detailing of building blocks Landscape planning of internal and external spaces

3. Concept design development 4. Final design development

Case Studies and Literature Studies:

Global Art Village Delhi Anandgram Delhi Garhi Village New Delhi Shilpgram Udaipur Cholamandal Chennai

Basic Space Requirements:

Administration Artist Condominiums Workshops Festival/ Concert/ Performance Grounds/ Amphitheatre Art gallery Dance/ drama/music classes

Basic Space Requirements:

Cultural and social spaces. Mela ground Theme parks Library Parking Display Kiosks Food Courts Pantry Toilets

About the Site:

Site Location
Jaspur Village Vadodra Gujarat

Site Area 17941.37 sq metre = 4.4334 acres

Jaspur is a small village in the western state of India called Gujarat. It has one of the finest location since it is on the bank of river Mahisagar which has a great panoramic view.

I Ankita Sharma do hereby pledge that the information submitted by me is exclusively by my own efforts and is not partially or totally a copy of either some academic efforts by someone else in the past and present. I also promise to immediately submit any literature or material of similar academic thesis. I also agree if I should be found guilty of using unfair means in completing the thesis either by copying or trying to copy someones else academic content , I shall be instantly debarred from further continuation in thesis.

SITE LOCATION Tropical Drive Mehrauli Gurgaon Road Ghitorni Delhi 110030 India 282943.2N 770900.8E SITE AREA 106m X 170m = 18020sq.m = 4.5 acres

Reconciliation Artist Village

Ankita Sharma, BECM, 0908802003