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BOUNDARY PARK OLDHAM G. BARLOW & SONS Ltd. Personal Aftention SUPERIOR SALOON COACHES FOR ALL OCCASIONS WEDDINGS FUNERALS HIRE UNION STREET WEST GARAGE OLDHAM Phone: MAIn 4301 ACITITLT Agila | smashes the price barrier ! ONLY £7-19-6 High quality—high performance—British made—low, low price ! 2 Six-month guarantee covers labour and parts in Britain and abroad. 3 Micro-miniaturised for biq-sot power, small partable size. %& Built-in carphone for private listening. 2 Groat reception of long and medium wave stations such a3 Luxembourg and Caroline. 3 Push-button wavechange. Numbered volume control, 2 Choice of smart 2-tone colour schemes—grey or brown, See this and other PHILIPS ‘NEW WORLD" PORTABLES at WILDBORES (RADIO) LTD, 76 YORKSHIRE STREET & MARKET HALL Telephone MAI 7907/8 APPOINTED DEALER FOR & PHILIPS - tre friend of the family — OLDHAM'S LEADING SCHOOL OUTFITTERS | G. K. DUGDALE STOCKISTS OF UNIFORMS FOR MOST OF OLDHAM'S LEADING SCHOOLS 294/6 MANCHESTER ST., WERNETH, OLDHAM TELEPHONE : MAlIn 4309 The following bus roures pass the door : Nos. |. 98. 7, 8, B.G. & D, Coppice Street Stop: aho at 8 and A within 200 Yards