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Projects and Activities Spring 2014 Book Reviews (15%) You are required to read two books for

each genre we discuss in class. You will share each of your books with the class by giving a brief summary, review, and an explanation of how you would use the book with students. On the day that we share our book reviews, you must bring the books to class. If you do not have the book in class the highest grade you will be able to receive on that book review is a C. If you are not actively participating in the group sharing the highest grade you will receive is a C.

For each book you will need to do the following: 1. List the title, author, illustrator, genre, theme, format, reading level, interest level 2. Supply a one to two sentence summary 3. Type a one-page response for each book you read. Your response should include: Reasons you would use the book with students Ways you would use the book with students Connections with other books that you read Specific thought provoking questions you might ask students You should use .5-inch margins all the way around and 12 point font Your Book Reviews must include two Newbery winners/honors and two Caldecott winners/honors. You may not use Disney books or Golden Books. The goal is to read books that are currently on bookshelves in schools and libraries. I will also assign you one class period to read a picture book aloud. You must follow the read aloud procedure provided to engage everyone in the story that you read. You will be allotted 15 minutes to read and engage students in your book. That may mean that you will not have the opportunity to read the entire book.

Website Review (5%) Seek out and analyze one children's literature website. Create one activity to go with the website that students could use in a learning center. A 5-10 minute presentation of the website and a copy of your activity for each person in the class will also be required.

Book Trailer (20%) This project is two-fold. First, you will work with a group of students in our class to create a book trailer for an assigned book. Then, you and a partner will work with a small group of students in second grade to create a book trailer for a book they are reading in their class. The Education Program mandates eight hours of field experience. These hours will be completed with this project and the Bookapalooza project.

Banned/Challenged Book Activity (10%) You will be required read a novel that has been banned or challenged. Along with reading the book, you will need to research why the particular book was banned or challenged. You will receive a rubric that will guide your research. Genre Activity (10%) With a partner you will create a power point presentation on a specific genre that includes the following: Define the genre Specific characteristics Identify criteria for evaluating the genre Identify categories within the genre Identify specific information related to the genre Utilize books to provide examples of the genre

Attendance/Participation/Preparedness/Novel Assignments/Text Assignments (15%) You are required to come to class and be prepared and engaged. Please do not get up in the middle of the class and walk out unless it is an emergency. Unfortunately, in the past I have had students do this while another person is sharing. There is a lot of sharing and it is common courtesy to not get up and leave. You may miss one class without penalty (unless you have something due or it is a book share day). However, you will automatically receive a C if you miss two class meetings and an F if you miss more than three. Along with being in the class you must be prepared and participate in the discussion. There will be times when you are required to complete homework that is related to one of the novels you are reading. That work will be collected and checked. Bookapalooza Project (10%) This project is centered on a picture book. Your job will be to choose a picture book and create an activity to go with it. You will share your book and activity with approximately 100 students in grades K-4 on April 3rd from 6:30 8:30. For this project you are required to attend the Bookapalooza on April 3rd.

Literature Circles Project (15%) Your final project is the creation of a unit to use in literature circles. You will choose a novel for this unit and create a daily schedule explaining what the teacher and students will be doing. In this unit you will include questions for each chapter, activities you want students to complete and an assessment piece.