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CITY JOURNAL Scoo There’s a Good Dog Can cute photos change a city law? Pit bull owners hope so. 12004, after string of violent incidents Involving pit bulls, Boston imposed ‘myriad restritions on the breed's own- rs, including requiring them to muzzle ‘their dog, post a warning sign infront oftheir home, and send a photo of thelr ‘animal to authorities each year. In that lastrule, Some owners have found away to actualy defend their pet: They've taken to submitting pictures of overtly ‘nnocent-Jooking—and frequently sily- costume-wearing—pit bulls inthe hope {hat the images will show thatthe dogs are lovable, not fearsome. “A ridiculous ‘ordinance deserves an equally ridiculous photo” says Juliette Hannan, owner of ‘Mighty (shown top right, amid other pho- tos sentin by pro-pit bull subversive). ‘Asthe city gears up toreview ts pit Dull regulations—its now forming. com itt for the task—the snapshots have at Teast softened the heartof one ofthe dogs’ biggest rites: Charles Rudack, who as animal control oficer tol the ity coun- cilfour years ago that pit bulls aretime ‘bombs that “Kill and wil kill again" He's since become the departments acting director, the guy recelving the entesy pictures. And although he still no pit Dull lover, Rudack admits the snaps have ‘changed his thinking. "There are lot of ‘good owners, you can tel he says "ve realized Thave to keep avery open mind? Onthesisthflcorofanonde- _standards—has produced eght scriptbuildingattheedgeofthe _ msjorbreakthroughs nthe past ‘Massachusetts GeneralHospital decade, including thelaser‘based ‘campus, doetorshavespents2_trestmentofkidneystones. But, Yyoarsquietlydevelopinglfe-__enrllerthis year withthe lneq war ‘outthemoney.Now the hospital's alstarteamofMDaissoram- tothetuneofaboutsgrmilion _blingtosaveits work, ‘annually That sum—meager ‘Thelaser studies arelimping bbypharmaceuticalresearch —_alongonreserve funds nowt UNDER SIEGE “————_Local researchers’ battlefield breakthroughs are in jeopardy. jutneweash the program could beshuttoredbyanuary.That ‘would end someverypromising research suchaslarerworkthat ‘apalsseverednervesby fu Ingtomn flesh kills bctera that Infect upto 40 percent of military ‘wounds and withthe devie pic ‘uted evenhelpsmediesstartiVs dduringsandstorms. ‘The Mass Coneralteam ian sing up pursuing other grants cvenasithopesregimechange inWashingtonwilleadtomore ‘money by20%0 Stil. the inter. ruptioninfundingcouldhaves lastinglmpact."etakentwo ddocadesto get thoes top doce togethor"saysDr Lynn Drake, ‘aMassGoneraldermatologist affliated withthe program. "Now theyre goingtotakeotherjobe and disperse, andwellnever got ‘them back” Brigid Sweeney