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® Volume 4, No. 1 ‘Omibayog City PPO first to conduct TC Training (Mhase 1) for VPAS in the Region saltyog City PPO under the leader- bY of OIC/PPO II Myma Tecbobolan 1 Sssilly conducted a five-day live-in 7 Trafsing (Phase 1) for their office's Vs, « fst in Region 8. Nineteen (19) rate! VPAs with ages ranging 35 to 1 ars old remarkably... Zo page 8 PPA-DOJ 8 Women The Tacloban City Parole and Proba- ie Offfee, under the leadership of Chief revently Official Newsletter of the Parole and Probation Administration, Region VIII January to June 2009 National Executive Conference of PPA- DOJ Directors in Region 8 a success RD Gabrieles welcomes the Regional Assistant Regional Directors and Division Chiefs to the 2nd National Executive Conference held in Naval, Biliran Province Region 8 has once again shown the overwhelming support of the community to the Parole and Probation Administration in the recently-concluded Executive Confer- ‘ence of Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors and Division Chiefs of the agency in the Region, making a mark in the history of PPA-DOJ. .. To page 11 Regional Director Arturo Gabrieles took his oath as Vice-President for Region 8 of the newly-created Visayas Seafoa Saou Cot (VREC) of Landes deri the ‘9 Resident Ombudsmen and Regional Executives Con- vention on June 22-24, 2009 at the Sabin Resort Hotel, In his communication, Hon. Pelagio S. Apostol, Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas said that the objective of this creation is to strengthen partnership with the na- tional agencies, state colleges and universities and the lo- cal government units in their campaign for good govern- ance. This is one of the activities To page I BATINGAW, i