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aren Sehuunga of ese ‘Tracy Montgomery of ‘Tuscaloosa have something =12, fooeoe anne ‘beccoom condos | havedealt with seousill ‘hurigus Guteice | nessesand families that accommadalons | hove been cared forby the + Great amentios Chiléen's Harbor Rally ; Genes ‘The center provides free Maumee | pena Sands cial work, education, and ‘support services to children. 4-800-824-6462 | being weated at children's Hospital andthe families aa ets irae UR ete ees ie SOUTH NEWs Schuttings losther 4-year-old daughter, Cas- sidy, to cancerin March, ‘The Schuttingas were living in Florida when they re- ‘ceived the news that their ‘daughter needed surgery. ‘After commuting for severat ‘months from lorida to Children’s Hospital in Bi ‘mingham, the stress be- ‘came too great and they ‘hoved to the Birmingham, area, ‘Their son, Caleb, who is ‘how 9%, isan adorable, ac- tive child. Zmethira in the ‘all at Children’s Harbor. slained that Cassidy's death let the en- ‘irefamily devastated, but Caleb was especially a= fected. Through weekly the- ‘apy al Children's Harbor, +e and his family have been. able to begin to heal to: _ gether. Schuttinga told me thatwithout the care they all ‘eceived at Children's Har- bor, she doesn’t know how they could have gotten: MAKING A DIFFERENCE ‘through thet oe : ‘Montgomery has a iy diferent scenario wither son He was ag: ‘nosed with eystie Mbrosis before birth andisan ong- _olng patient at Children's ‘Hospital with occasfonal ought ofiliness that re- guie hospitalization. Mont- _gomery and her family also Teceive counseling at Child. en's Harbor to help cope ‘with the 24/7 task of carin Gracia winihstypect ‘This place humbles your” shesaid. "You see so ‘many families here whose situation is worse than Yours. 1am so thankful for Wednesday, September23, 2009 «Tim Ray, the center's exec tive director, sai ares imog ‘neil takes a special sort of etson to workin this par= | Seularheathseenano. Housed within the center are an indoor basketball ‘our, computer areas, al Drag afl state icten, levsion sets, a game 100m, nap tooms,alaundiy, beauty salon, therapy ‘Toots, afitnese center, pri- ‘vate phone areas and pr vate consultation rooms for talks with doctors. The com- passion, dedication and love are apparent fom all stat members. Children’s Harbor was founded in 1988 by Luanne and Ben Russell In addition ‘othe family center at Child- en's Hospital, the organiza- ‘ion runs camp on Lake ‘Martin, 15 miles south of - ‘exander City. ‘This beautiful ‘campus is home to Church inthe Pines, Harbor House, ‘Mariner's Adventure Camp, ‘Mariner's Retreat Center ‘and Time Capsule Park, and serves as headquarters for the organization, Formore information or tomake a donation, goto ‘, or eall 939-6123, The simple act of caring ix heroic.” ~ Edward Abert Tohelp tell about the good things goingon in the Bir- sing Hower mato area plane become a mer- ie Making a Differ- erty ceing pis soudneusrlisaty- ‘mailcom FOR YOUR INFORMATION POLICE BLOTTER Information on Southern res police activity comes from po- lice and shenff'srepors on fl: ey nents The riders ‘tentematn under evestigation, Delis of the incidents and pos- sible charges may change before final disposition, Today's erime listing includes reorts led ‘Sept 106. HOMEWOOD en, ‘West Valley Avenue, 100 block, patkinglot Sept 12,6 pm-B40 Ein. 1999 wreckvaluedat $106,000 taken ard tecovere Bag ‘Tamworth Lane, 500 block es- dence Sent 1630-845 pm, oh ‘sion valved at 200 akon, ‘Raleigh Cowst, block Gallsted, ‘Auto theft, receiving sto- property lo-feet by 6factcoveredtraler vied a5.000,carpingequr ment valuedat $2000 een, ‘Theft by deception 29th Avenue South, 1900 block, bank March23 May reported Sept9 $5207 casa, Robbery Brookwood Vilage, 700 block, ‘aliparkergiot, Sept. 3,740 ‘im. purse, valet S035 sabe ard wo credit cards camera ‘valued a S100, personaldenti= ‘ation set ofkeystaten, ‘Monszsas Drive, no block given, ‘Sept, 40pm-2am, patkinglot castoten, iy S ‘Meadows Drive, 500 block, Sept 0-2 R30-D30 pm. spartnent/tennouse elev $n laptop extern hard ve akan ‘Attempted murder ‘Alton Road a Alton Cour, Sep 6pm, srect. eo Homestar ree