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For use in Healthcare and Professional Beauty establishments when sterilization in a rapid contact time is required Gea e SPOREDAL 0 in a7) TUBERCULOCIOAL (20min. 2 nan megs LIS) Yo g 14Day Reusable Solution — 20-Minute Chemosterilant BALL em og xootent Eteacy “wet 2 int chonetrn’ wh 7% Hyaegon Pao, No Active Resse eee ‘cote Heat & Safety ‘aye dapaed acca whic ngans Fron ‘Environmental Sound ie congue aay ase wt ce ‘asym nat ns i ran ah at coat ective iorupto doy Une psec ara ok | aptamer he ie Cleaner & Disinfectant for Foot Baths and Hydrotherapy Tubs ACCELERATED® (RGROGEN PEROMDS le QENERAL VRUCIOE MIN. A 200 ‘rose eanentr ate ikon eT a Sain necator Heat Not Required Dues clean ke ah oral Foreman emgerte anata onowe ‘azar Heath & Sato rote ‘czars and oon we a pare Ra chara ‘sam ager agai he YoteGeCorpeuns OCH, Woy pone i eis wi a om rome eee chconpoe pays wane ater ety Sse! ‘hs a seal appease ened oral poeta