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a (a) Which brackets represent lines (1 Pt), which brackets represent planes (1 Pt) Say Ueu-e. Spiitet Coy (b) Sketch the following lines and planes and state if each isa line or a plane G Pts each): @ ©) bee Peue 2 Cres Xe at r (030) yok Y a eZ aX I b /%, wo Vs dy [fot] Splewe line a Ht in ot om v “Lot gw & Q2 A gear made of 1020 Steet (0.20 wt% Carbon) is to be gas-carburized at 927° C, Calculate the carbon content 1.0 mm below the surface of the gear after an 9,0 hr carburizing time. Assume the carbon content at the surface of the gear is 1.20 wt%, D (Ciny iron) at 927° C =1.28 x 10 m/s. [10 Pts} Cs" = a _ Coat wt = ert ise yl C, =0-2uh%, Cs -Gy se ee or 7 er ) & = A-Ohvs = 32K00 Z= 0 20. FHA D = 1-28 0 wth Z /1-2B 0 | i y bee oe 3 erta jrom table < O-FR Cy-Ce - O.FR mm Ole e OBCG-G) Cs -Cx O:-F3Cs ~O F¢ Ce - Co (Cg - 0-236) 40 -78G =C @:-72 Cy, +0°73G = Ce | 2xO2F 4 O-F2xO2 =Ce Cx= 0-42 wth Coorauble because Our fo yreute- tluin Co but leo them Cs Example Midterm Questions Qs. Failure Theories W The lever shown is subjected to a certain force P; (P:=0 N). The lever is made from a 2014 Aluminum alloy treated to obtain a specified minimum yield strength of 276 MPa. Using the maximum distortion energy what is the maximum load P; that can be applied for a safety factor of 2. [16 Points} Fora ductile material with the same yield strength in tension and compression describe the Tresca and Von Mises yield criteria and compare them graphically [4 Points}. = =k Tt “ys E Te oo! (G*+ 340") oar = 6. “% aha - (2379 _ jsp aw AY Tak ZA BQ