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ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION STATE OF CONNECTICUT [=cieceeuree ees SDCRAMDREY 1008 SUPPORTING AFTIDAMTS SEALED COS 62 ces ‘SUPERIOR COURT [Cl ves hw | AGENCY NO. | Now Milford Police Deparment 08-283-WA “TOWNE AND RESIDENCE (Tome) OF CUBED ‘GOURTTOREREIDAT Tew) GANO. MCGOWAN, JOHN 05/29/1966 BETHEL | bantam iGAis” APPLICATION FOR ARREST WARRANT TO: A Judge of the Superior Court ‘The undersigned hereby applies for a warrant for the arrest of the above-named accused on the basis of the facts setforn inthe: AFFIOAVITBELOW. —L). AFFIDAVIT(S) ATTACHED. oaveano | amar “EPRI NEE FROSESIING ADTHORTTY signature | 7/7fos | | Dawe Arcee 645.4. AFFIDAVI ‘The undersigned affiant being diy swom, deposes and says: 4, That |, Investigator Carls Tenoza, am and have been a Police Officer for the Town of New Milford for approximately 8.6 years and at all pertinent times mentioned herein, acted in my official capacity as a member of said department. The following facts and circumstances stated herein are from personal knowledge, observations and investigations. 2. That, on 10/22/08 at approximately 1838 hrs, Officer Krider and Officer Hannan responded to the New Milford Hospital Emergency Room to pick up en evidence kitwhich was related to a sexual offense. Upon their arrival hospital personnel advised them that the viciim wished fo speak to them. ‘The Officers then met with @ female party who is identified furinermore as Victim pursuant to C.G. 54-860. Also pursuant to C.G.S. 64-86e; Vietim's boyfriend will be referred to asVictim’s Companion 3 That, when asked what had nappened, Victim explained thet she had gone fo @ house with jnaie party whom she had been acquainted with for the past eight months. Victim identified the male 2s John McGowan of Bethel, CT. Unsure ifthe street name was Juniper Lane or Juniper Drive, Viclim explained that the strect was located off of Mist Hill Drive in New Miliord, CT. Although Victim and McGowan began their relationship on a professional level, Victim explained that their relationship became more intimate in the recent past 44, That, Vielim explained that on the evening of October 20, 2008, she left her car in Bethel as McGowan drove her to the Feith Church in New Milford to attend @ church business meeting group. ‘After the mesting, Victim explained that she and McGowan drove to Subway in Brookfield before: bringing their meals back to Juniper Lane. Victim advised that McGowan was in the process of building a Rouse, According fo Victim, she and MoGowan arrived at the house around 9:20-40pm. \Viellm informed the Officers that she and McGowen ate their meals, began playing some strip poker, and then began having consensual sex before things turned non-consensual. (rhisiepage__1_ ore "8 page Aftiovit) DATE AND. | PAT SIGNATURE | 2 />/o4 SSSR ub FIO BEFORE NEON Tay Gl SURAT FINDING “The foregoing Application for an arrest warrant, and affkiavi(s) attached to said! Application, having been submited to and consideres by the undersigned, the undersigned finds from said affidavil(s) that there is probable cause to boliove that aan offense has been committed and that the accused cee therefore’ fiat probable cause exists for 4, the esuance ota warrant forthe arrest ofthe above-named aot Se oe ee | 4 bt hee rota waif teenth stove ontene, | ear. lap pas Ce 7 ARREST WARRANT AFFIDAVIT INSTRUCTIONS: STATE OF CONNECTICUT CONTINUATION PAGE ‘ne jal to be cangled for esoh page ofthe ade decease ne: The psocoterial otc and jpop tal ote ao fo ase SUPERIOR COURT esuae he Sm aril ene page fo atcars that they have eviwod Peer See 96-1 36-2 963 ANE AND RESDENGE Toma) 0* ACCUSED ] COURT TORE HELO AT Teen) SRN MCGOWAN, JOHN 06/29/1968. BETHEL | BANTAM LGa1s AFFIDAVIT “The undersigned aifiant,being duly swom, deposes and says: 5 That, Victim stated thet they ate their meals and played strip poker for about half an hour. After playing stip poker, Victim stated thet she began fo give McGowan oral sex. Victim explained that the eel eax was intially alright; however, McGowan began to push his penis further into her mouth and ‘down her throat towards the end. Although thase actions caused her pain, Victim advised thet she Was alright with the oral sex as she belioved that some guys tked oral sex like that MeGowan did not ‘climax from the oral sex, and Victim explained that she laid on the floor (on her stomach) to rest. AS ‘She did thi, Victim stated that McGowan laid on top of her and began to have vaginal intercourse with ‘het. Victim stated that she felt alright with this type of intercourse. As McGowan continued; however, Victim stated that he began to puthis fingers in her anus. Victim Stated that she could feel McGowan Wvetina’ himself and her anal area before: he pushed his penis info her anus. When he did this, Victim stated that she asked "What are you doing" and "Stop." Victim stated that she arched her back e she intially struggled to get him out of her. When she did this, McGowan put his right arm around her neck and put her in a headiock. Victim stated that the anal intercourse was causing her gteat pain, Vielim stated that McGowan pulled out and put his penis back into her vagina. Victim was not core Ir MeGowan intended fo go back into her vagina because he pulled out and inserted his penis pack into her anus. After struggling, Victim stated that she was trying to relax herself to ease the pain While having anal intercourse, McGowan also pulled her hait, and made comments fike, "Who's inside of you" and "Tell ma | can do this fo you whenever | wani." Vietim stated that McGowan ‘eventually climaxed; however, she baliaved that ne may have partially ejaculated inside of her Viclim algo stated that McGowan did nat use condoms because he told her that he could nat climax wwithone on 6: That, Victim stated thet after McGowan had assablied her, hé laid down next to her on the floor Gnd asked if she wanted to know what he would do to her when he had her tied up the next time. Victim stated that she did not want to ge into thal conversation, but McGowan told her that he could kidnap her for three days and there was nothing that her husband could do about i._A short while tater, Vielim stated that she heard (what she thought) was the sound of someone trying ta get into the house. Noone came in, however, Victim heard a vehicle then pulling out of the driveway. Victim was nervous 28 she fait that McGowan may have contacted a third person to come and also have sex with her. 7 That. Viotim slated thet after returning to her carin Bethel, she told MeGowan that he really hurt het. MoGowan asked hier not to be angry, and asked her to call him the following day. The following Gay, Victim stated that she was stil in pain. Victim stated that she went to MicGowain's business in Bethel (Black Gold Oi) and left hitn 4 note to advise him that she attempted to ceil him earlier, but Gould not because her cell phone stopped functioning. Vietim stated that she did not want to see him, put she left the note for McGowan because she felt it would buy her some more time to figure out how. fo deal with what happened the nighl before. Victim stated that she decided to go to the Danbury Women's Shelter for advice on October 22, 2008 and spoke to a representative who encouraged her to goto the New Mitford Hospitel for a sexual assault evidence collection kit. The Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit was seized and later placed in the NMPD Evidence Room to be forwarded to” the State Forensic Laboratory for analysis. (This ts page__2 of _13_ page Afidavit) DATE AND. SIGNATURE ARREST WARRANT AFFIDAVIT Sem een Seater ee ed ee a ieee iat SUPERIOR COURT cas.gsez ‘nd Sign or ntl each page to inate that Bey have reviewsd @ NAMEAND RESDENCE (Tow) GFACCUSED | COURT TOBEREIDAT Mmm)‘ GAN, MCGOWAN, JOHN 05/29/1966 BETHEL | BANTAM igais AFFIDAVIT ‘The undersigned affiant,being duly swom, deposes and says: 8, That, on 10/24/2008, at approximately 1915 hours, Victim came into the New Milford Police Department to tum over the clothing she had been wearing on the night of this incident, Victim brought the clothes in two plastic bags. Victim also brought a piece of tollet paper that she had used the night of the offense alter getting home. These items were seized as evidence and placed in the NMPD Evidence Room 8 That, on 17/7/08, | met with and took a sworn statement from Victim regarding this cate. Victim brought with her 650ml botties of an alcohol type beverage called Jekyll & Hyde that she claimed McGowan had gvenher when they were shopping for fabric for his cable television show set design Victim stated that McGowan had offered her the beverage while they were seated in his truck, but that she refused to drink it ting that she rarely drinks alcohol. Victim stated that she also felt uncomfortable alone with McGowan in his rack. Victim stated that McGowan insisted that she take the bottles home; which she did and placed in a cupboard. Victim stated that she later realized that the bottles hhad been opened before McGowan gave them to her, and she was concerned that he may have put something in them. Victim requested that the bottles be tested for any foreign substance in light of her suspicions of McGowan at this juncture. The boitles were seized and later placed in the NMPD Evidence Room. 0, hat npr is tives tgcio he llewdng enern nilonatalement 1177/2068, tear to the New Mfr Police Deparment to Speak wth InvesbgatorTencza in regards to an ieklent tat cocred on October 20,2008. My name vet The Wik cuits Cyr panera tare meet tte been with for 25 years. We never actually got married but | refer to him as my husband. Appronimatay Apt or May, 2008 he se) << oT : I vic arerolng fat ces nete een iarneried Jo) Mebolen, deur had eckesdea snes tire eter hy es hiad Srcs inadibontinadcned i: aa MEMBEEIEINE | cvortuclly accepted his invitation to Decome pert oF NS MNT began (aeted oe fom Amr or Hay Soogn Criobar 0G eee John ‘asked if | would be interested in doing snd we had begun meeting at various times other than the (EEE )}23. Sometime mid summer, either July or August, John and | arranged to meet to discuss his Ill [HME on this specific occasion, another woman (Barbara Keidel) that worked in his crew called my husband to, Fe rm inet Jotn rc {le gether to meal pveloy. Afound iat sare trie Berbera had been mating comments regarding John's character and his health, telling me that | don't know who he is. Initially | got the impression that Hotiera Was looking oul for me Because she i older han (ain andl thought she wae belt protective. |s000 dottho foetig (nat rev ocousy wen Ivohied) When 'eventnl) ested Jor ou Sarba’s. hn pevar adr od fo hang a relationship with Barbara, but he eluded to the fact that she may be jealous of me. John eventually had Barbara Femoved from the production crew. After Barbara had been old not to return {ofA she came back to III on one occasion and I heard her yelling at John ta leave me alone, that | was a nice person and that | had children. Sere paid bee cult becarseare cee nea uoegenait he cilia Oo ennjnatserer adr utaecion leh eventually about the comments Barbara had mage regarding his health, and he stated that he had a history of hez prohiene among ober tikes, My relationship with Victim's Companion was a bit rocky and we had been experiencing difficully for the past year. The phone calls from Barbara only made matters worse at home. Approximately two months ago, near the end of (This ispage 3 ofa __'3_ page amidevit) DATEAND. |S "| BONED (ata SIGNATURE P/efop | ‘SUBSCRIBED AN SWORN TO BEFORENE ON (er) | 5h JURAT Te | r Ee