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eH Le UR Oe = 1 1 Oe Oe oe eo Os oh a Ae ae ESSEIMUNDO Lie Se wie POV Mia v Ue arse (ete) EOD NMA Mier elev) 2010-PUCRS-BRAZIL SEMINAR VENUE The ISTE 2010 will be held at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, The University has 25 000 students. It was the best private university in the South Region of Brazil in 2008 by the Capes Evaluation. The university have 40 graduate programs, 23 Master and 17 Doctor Programs in the more diverse areas, The University has an important center of technology called Tecnopue, that established partnership with several companies such as Dell, Microsoft, HP. CALL FOR PAPERS Educators are Invited to submit abstract for paper presentations. Submit abstracts online , as as e-mail sending them to (this e-mail will be active only in second semester of 2009, as well as the order address) or by fax to 5-51 33203635 The abstracts should be short maximum 300 hundred wards, and submit by November 15, 2009 Acceptance of your abstract will be sent by e-mail by December, 2009. Full paper with maximum length of 20 pages, font Times New Roman 12, space 1,5 should be submitted by December, 15 to be includediin the CDRom to be published PRESENTATION CATEGORIES Inclusion and Teacher Education Learning to live Together Evaluation and Teacher Education Sustenalbility and Teacher Education innovative Programs and Teacher Education Research and Teacher Education Teacher Education and Indigeneous Knowledge Distance Teacher Education REGISTRATION FEES The registration fee includes one year ISTE membership accommodation seminar activicties and materials, and ail meals. The registration fee will be around USS 1500,00 Canvenor Marta Luz Sisson de Castro oF) iS ACCOMODATIONS Celie dcr scit The accomodations are planned for a local hotel near the university. NDT Vales ey ec Transportation will be provided from hss lle ee the hotel to the university, the presentations CAE CTA EOC) and meetings and lunchs will occur MONDAY, APRIL, 12 within the university context. Se) Dinners will be offered in different settings. (eats eee) We are studying the possibility of using the Keynote speaker 1 facilities of a Sheraton Hotel in the Moinhos nee! de Ve i eres le Ventos area near a Park, a very sophisticated Lyles Syik area of the city of Porto Alegre. Cea 18.00 to 19.30 TUESDAY, APRIL 13. Tour to Gramado of to VISA INFORMATION In general countries like United States, Pelee saad Canada, Australia, Mexico need a visa Visit to school in Canela to get in Brazil, Most European WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, countries do not require a visa, please i eee ks eon check the need for a visa . Lest ters Pai cS FOR MORE INFORMATION LL ACV) i SUE Tce) Site on line will be available on Es ape the second semester of 2009 Heed panel TEC Ur Cuniec ric ig Www. erecta. mail i CRuieeanie nate) E-mail Chie (eared alt tier, Telephone 55 51 33203620 # 8247 Coit ey es ccuey ADDRESS Dinner at cTG 35 ISTE seminar 2010 FRIDAY. APRIL, 16 Pds-Graduacao em Educacao ee Pontificia Universidade Catdlica EX hc) gfe, do Rio Grande do Sul pa TE Av. Ipiranga 6681, Porto Alegre-RS Piece 90619 900 Brazil. ewer oats 15,30 to 16.30 Evaluation ca Iste 30 year book launching SATURDAY APRIL, 17th oer en us per isi ty