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Mathematics 110.

Third Exam (First Semester, AY 2002-2003) Sample Exam

Justify all answers and work independently. 1. a) Is A = {(a, a)|a Z} a subring of Z Z? (2 points) b) Is A an ideal of Z Z? (1 point) c) Show that if n and m are non-negative integers, then nZ mZ? is an ideal of Z Z? d) List down the distinct elements of the factor ring (Z Z)/2Z 3Z. (2 points) e) To which known ring in d) isomorphic to? (1 point) f) Dene a ring homomorphism from Z Z to some ring R such that 2Z 3Z is the kernel of and (Z Z)/ker = (Z Z). (1 point) 2. Describe all ring homomorphism from 3Z to Z. (2 points) 3. Let R = Z6 Z10 . a) What is the characteristic of the ring R? (1 point) b) Find all the units in R. (2 points) c) Find all the zero divisors in R. (2 points) d) Find a non-zero element that is neither a unit nor a zero divisor in R.(1 point) 4. Give an example of a ring with innitely many units but is not a eld. verify that your example works. (2 points) 5. Give an example of a ring with innitely many units and non-zero characteristic. (2 points) 6. If a ring is nite, must it have nite characteristic? (2 points) 7. Show that if the left (multiplicative) cancellation law (i.e., if a = 0 such that ab = ac, then b = c) holds in a ring R, then R has no zero divisors. (2 points)

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